Welcome To The Easter 2012 Week!


21 Responses to “Welcome To The Easter 2012 Week!”

  1. Ivaaa Says:

    aww sweet I love it 🙂

  2. tasos Says:

    i dont like new things,i dont like it!! ;( i want old things

  3. Blue Sylph Says:

    Im pretty bored of food clothes! ):

  4. andres valdes Says:

    when hideeni will return

  5. mello-cat Says:

    OMG THE SNOW CAT ahhh <3333

  6. Bonzy Says:

    meh. the crafting stuff is fun but i’m tired of the donuts thing. i was hoping for more chocolate and clothes that were more “easter sunday-cute” and less “bakery”.

  7. skye Says:

    where are the new petlings u havent had any since last year, come on we want a new a petling, a cute bunny would be cute, come on pet society people

  8. skye Says:

    u should make some new petlings, to keep us interested, like a wolf , monkey ,snow leopard, tigers, panthers

  9. Sweet Pea Says:

    All this is cute! Love the bunnies 🙂

  10. rafael Says:

    All this is cute! Love the bunnies ^_^

  11. luissimon Says:

    me encanta

  12. Gabrielle Styles Says:

    i really like this theme its perfect for my new kitchen im doing 😉

  13. Εινα Ϝȋđεια☺ (@elvaeh) Says:

    why you no add april fool’s week?

  14. Debbie Christian Says:

    Love the snow cat 😀

  15. Debbie Christian Says:

    Which is website ??

  16. paul Says:

    j cj

  17. paul Says:

    det är bra att hå det

  18. skyisakura Says:

    No Hideeni ?! (I am looking for anything related to Hideeni and his outfits)

  19. edu Says:

    Come on, please make a plant in coin. I really tired of plant in cash.

  20. sebastian vergara Says:

    is amazing game

  21. Easter Bunny 2012 | Horny Rabbit meets Annoyed Cat | Cute Animals | Funny Pet Video Says:

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