New Daily Log In Bonus!



Greetings! We have a BRAND NEW VERSION of the Daily Log In Bonus for you guys! Now you get not just FREE Coins, but FREE mystery boxes, coin shovels and cash shovels too! Log in EVERYDAY to get up to 5 Pet Society Cash and up to 5 Cash Shovels on day 5! Make the most of this awesome new Daily Bonus by logging in daily!

Remember! If you missed logging in even one day in between, then your bonus would roll all the way back to day one again!

28 Responses to “New Daily Log In Bonus!”

  1. gladys Says:

    me parece bién.

  2. Grifit Says:

    awsome, I was afraid we could not get cash any longer but it’s even better greatttt!!

  3. sara Says:


  4. Isis Says:

    THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THE CASH BONUS. This is the best news I’ve had lately!!

  5. Kate Says:

    Haha this is quite the incentive to keep people playing! I’m in :3

  6. 102212yuri Says:

    i thought it will not eat voom

  7. NotFromMars Says:

    This is awesome, thank you! 😀 ❤

  8. waouma Says:

    that’s great i lov it ❤ 😀

  9. ars Says:

    sorry for misunderstanding,, now I understand, we don’t need to wait until 5 days! thanks pet society 😉

  10. Tosh Says:

    Okay that’s great, except for the past few days my bonus is being blocked out with your adds to go do other things like collaborate. Am I still getting my stuff? Cause I keep going to another room thinking it’ll pop up but it’s not.

  11. Says:

    finally 🙂

  12. Ingrid Mayes Says:

    Cash Shovels should be permanent weather you didnt use them one day or not. The new daily login bonus is awesome 🙂 Thanks.

  13. Giann woody Olmos Says:

    hi friends

  14. Norris Says:

    el cash bonus me ha vuelto a reenganchar al pet como el primer día! (y ya llevaba tres años, ojo). es maravilloso, por favor, no lo quitéis nunca. para los incondicionales de pet society es una recompensa genial

  15. jeannette guzman Says:

    a mi me quitaron mi primer día y no me lo tomaron en cuenta, y eso que entro varias veces en la noche y por la mañana, que pasa, gracias por atenderme

  16. skyisakura Says:

    I can’t collect my bonuses ANY DAY (^^^)

  17. petbest Says:

    should make the money normal or yellow weekly

    where allcost money normal and the playfish cash too cost money normal

  18. Melissa Says:

    Muy..buena..promoción,pero,,ya..que,antes,no.. podí!

  19. Jade Moon Says:

    It disappears before I can pick if I want to claim or roll it over- and NEVER COMES BACK! It always happens when I have gifts or other items that cause other boxes to pop up and then it shows day one every single day even though by now its day 2 or 3.

  20. pigsy Says:

    I never got lottery again since it changes… me and many players are reporting this awfull bug to playfish staff but it hasnt been fix ….
    the lottery just doesnt appear, we try to move to other room and still nothing… the coins ARE NOT added to us and after 5 days we DID NOT GET the cash…
    Is it fair with the palyers?
    why still play a game we are cheated by the game?

  21. Melissa Says:

    Hola..otra..vez,hoy..tengo..una..petición,íº,2º..y..3º..lugar,por..ejemplo,el..primer..lugar.. deberí$,el..2º..lugar..debería..


  22. Sue Says:

    That is great news. But I still can’t play the game. It comes up with an error. It has now been 3 weeks. Please help me

  23. suzanne Says:

    wonderful but need we need quests!

  24. Roxana Says:

    this is really awesome

  25. kirsten grau Says:

    There is still problems, when you log in… sometimes, the pic disappears, before you can click on “sharing” your daily bonus, and I have been cheated for the cash coins at least 3 times now……

  26. Yesse Sanchez Figueroa Says:

    HI! I want to know what are the exact rules for the daily bonus ’cause it says “up to 5 psc” but it always gives me 1 psc in the 5th day’s log in. Please I just want to understand it. Thanks

  27. John Kelvin Gregorio Says:

    am day 4 now tomorow i want to get my cash bonus and the cash total is 5 + 2000 coins 5 cash shovels + mystery boxes

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