Kingdom Of Cards Week!


17 Responses to “Kingdom Of Cards Week!”

  1. matt Says:

    wow cool

  2. Ivaaa Says:

    hate it -.-

  3. cherrd Says:

    alice in wonderland theme feeling haven’t we had enough, boring!!!!

  4. Olatz Perez Arruabarrena Says:

    Potatoe week, total rubbish

  5. Says:

    I think it is the greatest theme so far !! 🙂 all the items are gorgeus

  6. toodles Says:

    sucks. same door as alice in wonderland pretty much. boring!

  7. Blue Sylph Says:

    AGAIN?! ):

  8. Don Says:

    Mas de lo mismo, por favor sean mas creativos, por que estos tipos de tema son cartuchos quemados y da flojera entrar a jugar.
    Por favor hagan una week theme de moda queremos mas ropa, vestidos y accesorios para nuestros pets.
    Gracias 😦

  9. Vain Jayne Says:

    ANOTHER Alice in Wonderland week? I’ve had over 200 PFC sitting in my account for a month now due to lack of imagination on your part. C’mon with it.

  10. Bintang11 Says:

    Does anyone else think “Spade Monkey” could be seen as rather offensive… dare I say a racist slur?

    • Deborah Says:

      Racist? Intentionally? I doubt it… Careless and unfortunate? Yeah… Because you’re right… it could be seen or used that way…

      But unless someone at PS is looking to embarrass their employers and wants to be fired… No company in pursuit of an international market is going to throw around racial slurs intentionally… and without the intent it’s not really racist just an awkward oversight.

      It’s gotta be a pain to keep track of all the racial slurs used in different parts of the world and at different times. And ‘spade’ isn’t used much anymore in that way… at least not that I’m aware of… I don’t know if the younger generation would even pick up on it given the popularity of other slurs nowadays.

      Hopefully it gets harder to keep track of all our slurs for each other as we all get smarter about ourselves. When we stop using slurs we’ll all be forgetting what all was ever in the list… so maybe it’s actually a good sign that no one in PS caught it…

      Besides… as I see it we’re all human genetically, racially, culturally… but metaphorically… we’re all still a bunch of ‘monkeys’ doing all the silly things that silly monkeys do. Like use racial slurs… or see them when they aren’t really there…

      Sometimes a spade is just a suit of cards and a monkey is just a cartoon primate dressed up in a silly costume. 😉

  11. Amey Farrell Says:

    The only thing I really like this week is the heart headband, heart dangler, the grandfather clock, and the girl’s wigs.
    Even though you haven’t done a cards week I feel like most people will think of our past Alice in Wonderland themes because of how related to cards it was.

    • Deborah Says:

      I like the headband and the dangler too… and maybe the wall paper and floor… I’ll have to see it in a room.

      And I agree… I didn’t see is as another ‘Alice’ week either, but I can understand why people feel like it is.

  12. Ivaaa Says:

    Can we have like McDonalds week?? We could call it McPets :DD

  13. Toni Lyon Says:

    I like this week actually! Yes if you think about it another Alice wanna be… Totally didn’t pick up on the spade thing. Don’t really think others will unless they read the comments. I like the wall paper and especially the floor, the heart dangler and hoping that the new fish tanks are NOT HUGE! The ice cube one was gigantic! The developers need to remember size here in the rooms and not everything has has to be big. Some small items are really quite nice to decorate with and that brings me to why I like this game. I get lost in the planning of a room and adding and changing to my mood.

    I think a Monsters week would be wonderful with Godzilla and the ape, giant lizards etc, kind of a grown up Flintstones which when they did that I really enjoyed the decorations. They could build on the theme and really get creative!

    I don’t like rooms that I have paid for being taken away tho and I hope that has been fixed. I give this week a thumbs up!

  14. Pâmela Says:

    Acho que vocês deveriam por um tema sobre cinema ou TV,seria legal ver uma semana com grandes seriados televisivos, ou sobre a a história do cinema!

  15. lucas cofre veliz Says:

    estoy deacuerdo con mcpets week 🙂

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