Garden Paradise Week!


NEW FEATURE finally here in Pet Society – CRAFTING ! This exciting feature offers really cool items like the Garden Grand Entrance Gate for FREE if you are able to craft all the components of that item before they expire!

How it works: The player needs to collect all parts to craft an item. When he collects part 1, part 2 will start building. It will take each part a certain amount of time to build. Once the part is built, the player can collect this part. This item is available for craft for a LIMITED period only. All parts need to be collected so that the player gets the item. After the time for crafting expires the item can be bought for cash. Individual parts may or may not be available for cash.

Its time to wear on some gloves and begin CRAFTING! Have fun with it!

Also Introducing  A NEW DIGGING SITE! Head to the Treasure Map to check out the Garden Paradise Digging Map! You will need to craft the key to unlock this map, which is the Garden Light Statue I. Some real gorgeous treasures are in store for you!

48 Responses to “Garden Paradise Week!”

  1. Amey Farrell Says:

    Wow, I’m actually really impressed with this theme! A lot of items here are very useful for modern decorating and there’s not too many CC items. Looks like a great week!

  2. breyner Says:

    me parece unos itmes muy bonitos pero no me gusta que nos pidan cash para poder entrar a la nueva excabacion

  3. Ryanne Moore Says:

    looks cool but doing this has made my secret garden disappear and I paid a ton of cash getting Dr Pepper codes for my Dr Pepper apple tree that was in that room… I hope you plan on giving it back!!!!!!!!

  4. jesed montes Says:

    😀 esta hermoso todo

  5. Jake Says:

    would like to see a little more originality in items – how many gnomes / ladybugs / mushroom tables and chairs / racoons does a pet need?

  6. Ivaaa Says:

    OMG! *O*
    Amazing!!!! Can’t wait to buy EVERYTHING *______*

  7. Dulce Maria Dorantes Navarrete Says:


  8. sam Says:

    Cute!! I love the flower wig!

  9. Jackie Says:

    To quote Wheezy from Dragon Tales…”LOVE IT!”

  10. oswaldo Says:

    Woooww that seen soo nice *O*

  11. adriana Says:


  12. lucita Says:

    me parece todo muy bonito y muy adecuado para la primavera

  13. belinda boelman Says:

    so so pretty. i cant wait for this theme. i love it. i have seen others with these rare flying butterflies and have wanted them since i started. so excited. i better save my money.

  14. Heather Says:

    Cute but I better get my secret garden back!!! That was a lot of pf cash!

  15. Maxine Tropper Margolis Says:

    Where has my secret garden gone

  16. Jake Says:

    SO FAR I HATE IT!! Every time I go to a different room, that stupid pop up telling me about the freakin’ crafting etc comes up EVERY STINKIN’ TIME – what, are we so stupid that ONCE per session isn’t enough for us to get it? Yes, I am EXTREMELY annoyed – I hate having to click click click. I am trying to see if I lost my garden, and the names of the rooms don’t show when I hover (I don’t know why not) so I have to click into each room.

  17. SK Says:

    where can i find the banner? The one that shows when the game is loading. I’ve look for it everywhere and so far no luck 😦

  18. Mona Says:

    I would love it if there were more ways to earn paw points. I like the foot races to earn extra coins. Also would like more shoves per day.
    Thanks, its a cute game and I look forward to it every day.

  19. mello-cat Says:

    this is so great..o my god… words cannot express

  20. Rosa Maria Dalmau Says:

    No estoy de acuerdo con que me haya desaparecido mi garden secret, me costo mucho cash en su dia comprar las tres hadas para tenerlo y encima he perdido los dos arboles alli plantados.
    Piensa Pet Society indemnizarnos con cash esa perdida ???.

  21. Laura Says:

    this is becoming like the sims social……….. WHAT.

  22. Tristan Jo P Says:

    another useless thing by wasting pfc

  23. Sweet Pea Says:

    This is an awesome theme – I love ALL the items!!!

  24. Beebop Says:

    do we really have to wait for such a long time if we’re the cheapos who dont like do waste our cash on the collecting stuff XD?

  25. Olga Ricci Says:

    Hoy 15 de marzo me salio un aviso que eliminaban mi JARDIN SECRETO, en el tenia arboles comprados con pets. (uno de arcoiris 9 pets y otro de 7 pets gif con flores naranjas-magical plumes-) TODO HABIA SIDO COMPRADO CASCH…por favor devolver!!!!!!!!!!
    Facebook. Olga Ricci- Nivel 82- mascota “Linda” “Pet Society”

  26. Deborah Says:

    I’m really underwhelmed with the consistency and quality of the art in pet society lately. Even when I enjoy something its often incomplete or miss matched with other items released the same week.

    I wish I could say otherwise but I’m seeing very little here to get excited about. :/

  27. Jen Says:

    Why did we have to lose our garden?! That is so stupid! They shouldn’t have to take away anything!

  28. Nichole Says:


  29. Carolynn Says:

    Where are the trees I had in my Secret Garden??? They are not in my chest, I want them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. tala Says:


  31. tala Says:

    please enter a comment

  32. blanca benitez Says:


  33. tala Says:

    cpaftlng rare composle

  34. TilllieReads Says:

    The secret garden we had was taken away, and they say all items were put into our inventory. What about the cash we used to pay for the garden? shouldn’t we be reimbursed for it? Or is it because we can now “collect” cash once a week, that we don’t get reimbursed for the garden?
    I’m really disappointed.

  35. Helen Melon Redshaw Says:

    I love this theme but am annoyed that the update has taken my Secret Garden away AND the trees planted in it. Please fix this urgently. Also please stop the pop up from appearing EVERY time I go to another room in my pet’s house, its doing my head in!!

  36. no one123 Says:

    well,this theme is far more cool than the last week theme…..and i thank you for letting us craft the garden grand entrance gate…..

  37. jlr92 Says:

    what an absolutely beautiful week in pet society, this has got to be my favorite in a long, long, time, (besides the disney-themed weeks). i can’t wait! 😀

  38. bee Says:

    lol, reasons why I don’t put money in fb games.

  39. samanthafierce Says:


  40. daphne Says:

    there should really be a hunger games theme or an anime show theme like soul eater , inuyasha , bleach . Oh and cute theme but i wish the tree could be more creative i agree with jake ( the second comment )

  41. daphne Says:

    There should also be more maps like junk yard , hair stylist , and camelot. There could also bbe a place called the movie theater.

  42. eklektike Says:

    I like it so much! ^_^

  43. Roxana Says:

    this week is awesome ! The details are amazing!

  44. Toni Lyon Says:

    What is going on? First my Secret Garden is taken away and “all the items placed in my chest”. I paid for that garden. Then I see my Romantic Garden is taken away!!!!! I am angry! I paid for those stupid things. You don’t make people pay for the stuff then take it away on a whim! This game is getting a little tooooooooo expensive. Tho I love to play its starting to not be much fun.

  45. Raquel Michelow Says:

    Tony: I got my secret garden back (trees included), with an apology from PS, and 2 garden gazebos to compensate the “disappearence” of the garden.
    I hope you got your romantic garden back soon.
    I agree this situations are, at least, very annoying-

  46. Al Says:

    I have not been able to get into ANY of my rooms for a week, I can go into town and my friend’s house, but all of my rooms look like the generic blue walls white floor NO decor.

  47. kirsten grau Says:

    I agree with Helen.. It’s realy anoing with the pop up all the time.. Also I have to reload my game EVERY DAY, cause the daily “lottery” does’nt show when I open my game..

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