It’s Fuzzy Friends Week!


22 Responses to “It’s Fuzzy Friends Week!”

  1. Shaina Estévez Says:

    No words can describe the disappointment but i’ll try: Why can’t you make original themes without using brand marks? Also without repeating them cuz this week is so similar to the Teletubbies one. The outfits are kinda cool, if you take off the nose of course.
    You don’t want to loose players, I’m not saying I’m quitting out of disappointment, but i’m kinda getting bored and don’t play as often…

  2. Susan Shaw Says:

    “Relmo”…*snicker*. What happened to St. Patrick’s Day? Pots of gold? Shamrocks? Leprechauns? Irish dancing outfits? Good thing I have plenty of green saved from previous years. My favorite year that your game existed was when you did international themes and holidays. The designs were far more intricate and detailed…less puffy and fluffy and pinky. Still, I enjoy PS and one thing that I really appreciate is when you let us non-cash players slowly collect PSC to buy a few unattainable items…for that I thank you!

  3. anıl Says:

    superrrrr =)

  4. Grifit Says:

    I just like this because of the Elmo… I mean Relmo, you should try to stop copying so much tv shows and movies, I was reading the comments above and I support the idea of bringing back international weeks, they were awesome and cultural at the same time, I’m glad you brought Russia and Brazil this year (and obviously the Dia de los Muertos from Mexico, which I scream with excitment), but there’s plenty of countries you haven’t touched, I must admit that I would like an Iran or Irak week, but I think that is too soon yet. By the way, love the film related items, because I love movies, but you have abused on the theme.

  5. Eiko Says:

    This week looks really lame. Please stop copying existing shows.

  6. Bintang11 Says:

    People have been saying for a long time that this game has become so much more “childish”… well, I guess this week just proves us all right… and now it’s not just about the appearance and design of the items, the whole theme is based on a tv show aimed at 3 year olds, and most of the items are just rehashed from older ones… a slide, a drum kit, a puppet show, a frog outfit…..
    And when are you gonna come up with a theme you DON’T rip from someone else’s idea?

  7. matija Says:

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Josmary Ochoa Says:

    that is good but not too much classic and it needs to be inspired to us.Need more ideas i could give you some i have a lot of ideas.Like st. Patrick day,Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) 4th of July or some thing that shows that America has freedom.Something for the president election and i have lots more

  9. A Says:

    This week is a disappointment. I don’t like these fluffs. 😦
    A bit too kiddish. The Table lamp, Puppet theater & Lady Pops are the saviors for me.

  10. BunnyWii0217 Says:

    What you should do is on a day (without saying) which but blog it, let the pet society cash turn into normal cash in the game and let maybe the cheap things be free for a DAY 😀 then you mite catch people’s attention. post it on facebook and see if they would wait for the day by playing everysingle day well just an idea and thier rite its starting to get boring……………….. -.- ………………….-_____________________________________-………………. :/…………………. D: ………………………..BORING I SAID BoRiNg

  11. Susan Shaw Says:

    Here’s an idea…March is windy…kites, sailboats, pinwheels, windbreaker jackets, windblown wigs, clouds that move around the sky, etc.

    OR..birds! Hideeni could give away all kinds of birds…we could get flying birds (without real cash or very few with real cash)…bird cages of all sizes and shapes…binoculars for bird watching, bird costumes with lots of wings and masks…giant bird swings in trees….and eggs that hatch.

    Just a couple of ideas if you’re looking for something not taken from TV or Hollywood.

  12. nora Says:

    This is horrible and i love this game so this is a disappointment!

  13. Fåchrül Sàpùträ II Says:

    vocaloids week pleaseeeeeeeee

  14. Bee Says:

    Missed your target audience by oh, 20something years. Where the hell was st. Pattys? You guys really fucking suck this last year or two. Theres a reason I have no active players on my list anymore.

  15. Pixie Says:

    I can’t believe how many people are complaining how childish that this is! I also can’t believe that one of the comments sort of direct it towards ONE show aimed at 3 year olds *snort*. It’s a mix of all muppets, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, and oh yeah THE MUPPET SHOW! I think it’s undeniably awesome and for some of us, it is a remembrance of our child hood. And let’s remember, the Mupper show has touched all generations…not just small children. As an adult I can appreciate how awesome this is for that reason! I love it! And “tubby” week was much different as it was NURSERY week. It wasn’t just about Tubbies.

  16. Hermione Everdeen Says:

    Please !!! have a HUNGER GAMES WEAK !!! thank you !!!

  17. Exo Tic Says:

    I like this weeks concept! love the relmo plushie!it’s so adorable!

  18. Sasha Says:

    Why should pet society change their playcash items to coins? Didn’t they give u changes to win playcash every 5 days? Didn’t they given you % more on cash when you purchased it? even threw in a sale STILL you ungreatful babies still want more
    If these guys were so lame & blah blah then hy you idiots taken the time to post up all over the place telling them they are this & that must be nice to have pet society and other games on your minds
    BWAHAHAHA……oh wait hold up next weeks theme is being posted up soon how many idiots are going to flip over that theme? LOL oh its too much,oh its in playcash,Oh i can’t afford it yet its only as little as 5.00 oh i didn’t get the free playcash
    Keep up the work pet society 🙂

  19. bee Says:

    @Sasha 1/10 shit troll is shit.

  20. Indahprikitiew Siartissedangmelajang Says:

    I like all the requested one

  21. Indahprikitiew Siartissedangmelajang Says:

    why cash my pet society there should be nine to zero, plis return my cash again I ask

  22. AARON Says:


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