Dark Swan Week!


Greetings! We hope you are in a mood for digging this week because we have some exciting news for you! Have your shovels handy so you can dig out all 7 components from the Town Forest to get your very own EXTRA ROOM! Act fast though because this item will be available for a LIMITED time from TODAY to March 01 only! Please note though that you will get only ONE Extra Room from the Town Forest. Multiple Doors Will NOT unlock additional rooms!

We have something else you could look forward to! Pet Society is giving away 4 PSC for FREE to everyone collecting their DAILY BONUS between Feb 27 00:00 GMT to Mar 03 00:01 GMT! LOG IN and PLAY NOW!


26 Responses to “Dark Swan Week!”

  1. sophiscated.me Says:

    wow,i totally love this week ❤ ballet was one of my favourite dances 🙂 love the coin outfits and also the extra room 😀

  2. samanthafierce Says:


  3. elie Says:

    yeah! flat 4 pf cash for free! :DD

  4. Bee Says:

    Finally, something good! I’ll actually play this week!

  5. nemanja Says:

    the best

  6. Grifit Says:

    I collected today my daily bonus and I just received 2cash…. liars

  7. vivian Says:

    i dont see any requirement on my pink box for the banner

  8. Cheryle Sigurdson Powers Says:

    Grifit, I think what Pet Society people are saying is once the clock turns to the new shopping week and then when we get to the 5th day we will get 4psc. I’m only guessing tho. I have been let down many times on promises made about the game. Would be nice to get something bach..:)

  9. Pet Society Says:

    @Grifit it’s between Feb 27 00:00 GMT to Mar 03 00:01 GMT

  10. mystery person Says:

    its because it starts onthe 27 not 26

  11. elmaruth kyle gepna Says:

    a got 5 cash

  12. anggun Says:

    lave of bitul

  13. Carla Runs Says:

    i dont get the extra room thing?? i have been digging like a nuts

  14. Lilly Says:

    Can the mannequins wear wigs and masks? I’ve tried but it doesn’t work :/

  15. gatalmita Says:

    is fantastic!

  16. rhaya Says:

    Collected my bonus and did not receive ANY cash. Hmpf.

  17. Susan Shaw Says:

    The Dark Swan mask is HUGE!! It covers most of the pet’s head. Guess I’ll use it as a decoration. 😦

  18. Frustrated Says:

    The seven parts in the town forest is rigged. I went into the town forest a total of 8 times with 4 items found each time, and I still could not find 1 part of 7.

  19. lollz Says:

    THAT ROOM IS SO HARD TO GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hustý Přísný Says:

    Im very thqankful for the lottery. I hope it will stay like this, very fifth day a small cash. Thank you PS!

  21. Rita Says:

    The extra room seems almost impossible to get, regardless of the 100’s of extra shovels people are buying. It’s just a huge silver coin drain and big frustration. 😦 A rare few actually have it but not one friend of mine or those of my daughter’s are even half way finding the parts! Considering how may of the usual forest collection we can make, this one appears rigged to appear far far less often. It’s not like we could get numerous free rooms from them… Very disappointing. 😦

  22. No One Says:

    Where to buy the Ballet Bust Mannequin?
    I’ve been searching it for 1 day!

  23. No One Says:

    It’s possible to get that room.

  24. roselle Says:

    I got a question everyone how do you part of GMT in pet society ??

    plss help me

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