Valentines Week!


19 Responses to “Valentines Week!”

  1. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    I’m so going to enjoy this week.

  2. Cyrina Ba Says:

    the items are way cute, but I think that u never listen or care about what we say concerning the prices, the whole set of cc items cost around 21 cc , and its not really nice to make limited edition items for 21 cc once again , most of items are overpriced a bundle with horse and carriage costs around 43 cc!! that’s called greed ! and PF you need seriously to consider your prices since you already increased the price of PFC in real life !

    • Lala Says:

      I think it’s because it’s not Playfish anymore, it’s EA 😦 I agree though the prices are going higher and higher. I know it’s a free game and I really have no problem buying things to help support it and keep it running, but the prices are getting too high for me to want to do it anymore.

  3. alfre Says:

    estos iten estan ermosor lo de estas cemana

  4. Bintang11 Says:

    Even though it’s Valentine’s week, there is WAY too much pink… and it’s not just pink… it’s BRIGHT pink!!!!

    Oh, and that male alpaca looks like the morning after a bad night of bad beers and REALLY bad curry!

  5. Susan Shaw Says:

    Some cute items, but have to agree on pink overload. I think I may have some red Valentines items stored away from previous years though, so I’ll still have fun ❤

  6. cherrd Says:

    too girly for valentine if you have a boy pet guess i will pass the shakespeare week and the valentines week

  7. jeanette Says:

    is there a new valentines poo this year xxx

  8. NotFromMars Says:

    TOO PINK. There are BOY pets, you know. CASUAL CLOTHES FOR ONCE PLEASE!!!

  9. Toni Lyon Says:

    Love it! New Poo?!! Last year’s was great so I am in anticipation for this year’s poo! Gee how many thrones does one person have to have? Love the cash outfits!

  10. no one123 Says:

    completely amazed,its so perfect for the theme valentines

  11. Ben Says:


  12. Yuliana Vasquez Says:

    Me gusta me encanta pero creo que también deberían colocar las demás cosas en coins por que hay personas que no tiene playfish y anhelas las cosas por eso les pido Thank

  13. mademoiselle Says:

    this is perfect!i’d say best valentine week ever :3

  14. Lala Says:

    Once again I don’t really like anything. I passed on the baby week, the Shakespeare week and now this. I don’t like how everything is big and princessy. Bleh

  15. Stacy Says:

    i love the valentine stuff, since i love pink 😀

  16. hrychacha Says:

    amor amoor!

  17. me Says:

    i’m quitting pet society ;:(

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