Shakespeare Week!


10 Responses to “Shakespeare Week!”

  1. Bandarrita Says:

    Nice one!

  2. Cyrina Ba Says:

    nice theme, but the cahs coins limited item costs 21 cc !!!! the most expensive item ever released in PS !!! , also the boxes cost 8cc instead of 7cc, and the cc price has increased 260 cost 30€ now !i think you should may be drop your prices dear PF team

    • jlr Says:

      i agree! i’ve stopped buying completely. it’s getting ridiculous. i love the items, but they’re not worth going broke over it.

  3. no one123 Says:

    love the playfish cash item,but the coins items it to the are terrible.dont take my comment to the hoping next week will be better,…….

  4. Susan Shaw Says:

    NIce theme, just wish there were coin outfits, but I’m happy to see something that isn’t a redo of a former theme. Good job, Playfish 🙂

  5. Says:

    no coin outfits? ): what’s my pet suppose to wear this week?still,at least it’s a new idea 😀

  6. jello Says:

    Wonderful theme, especially love the cute prop tree, prop sword, collaborative throne(btw thanks for all the great collabs lately!) and classy Weekly Digging item heh. The star crossed lovers at the balcony and global theater stage are pretty adorable too.
    One thing though, the CC limited item is way too expensive. Sure, it’s pretty and sparkly but in no way is it something I’d spend 21CC on. I’d say something about the CC clothes bundles(namely they’re not that unique to be CC) but they’re obviously too lucrative ;D

  7. aaliyah Says:

    last strawberry week in pet society i buy i dog when i feed in when she grow up she was pink dog and so cute so i name in starawberry

  8. aaliyah Says:

    reply me if you love pet society

  9. denisse Says:

    me quede sin dinero nesesito trabajo 😦

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