American Old West!


24 Responses to “American Old West!”

  1. no one123 Says:

    like the new items,really kinda cool but i hope it will never be repeated again…………..

  2. Chairman Meow Says:

    Welp, looks I’ll be saving my coins for a different week! Seriously – this is ugly.

  3. Bintang11 Says:

    Cowboys again?
    I didn’t even buy much in the first one.

  4. Cyrina Ba Says:

    i think we already got this them before, i see almost the same items every week, I just don’t understand the problem with PF team designers, i mean if they miss inspiration, why they simply don’t look at the suggestions’ section in the forum? there are loads of interesting ideas, we’re tired of the same weeks, snow white, 7th japanese week, 3rd chinese week, a brazilian week would be great for exple.
    And by the way , we’d like to see the past LE items cash ones, its good to put them in boxes for exple, not everybody did afford the last year train station (20cc), so we’d like to see them again if its possible

  5. Lala Says:

    Booo more cowboy stuff. I don’t want anything this week 😦 And I saved up so many coins too!

  6. TTTrow Says:

    Lame. More coins and decorating time for me. Can we pleez pleez get a slumber party week!? With jammies, and movies, and friends, and pizza and games and all that good stuff!?! Im making myself excited 🙂 u can even use ur pink palette if u want just give us some fun stuff quit re-using the old unless u really have some new kool items.

  7. Lily Says:

    Cool! I wanted more cowboy stuff to add to my old stuff! I like the bolder blue color, i hope you make more items with that color combo.

  8. clare Says:

    Not nice

  9. Jann Says:

    I love the Old West Cowgirl Outfit, it looks like Jessy from Toy Story, but is a shame that the Old West Cowboy Outfit doesn’t look like Woody’s outfit.

  10. Shaina Estévez Says:

    OMG COWBOYS WEEK! Such a cool theme… the first time you did it >.>

  11. Bandarrita Says:

    I have to disagree with most comments. I love it!

  12. NotFromMars Says:

    I like the colors… but…
    I’m a girl, but my pet is a BOY and some tshirts, sneakers and NON-SUIT clothes would be really cool. I have 14 suit/tuxedo style tops and there’s even more I didn’t buy! And if you count the more costumey styled, there’s like twice that!!!

    Some nice gender neutral stuff maybe??
    I love this game, I’ve spent money on it, but D:!

  13. ash Says:

    both weeks have been repeats so boring why cant we have normal items for once im so sick of themes that cant go with anything else

  14. Pooo Says:

    this has been done before but a while back :/

  15. ZinChrizt Says:

    This week was so UGLY VERY VERY UGLY!
    Cowboys again?! errrr!

    We all SHIT BRIX!

  16. A-nonymus pet Says:


  17. Says:

    nooooooooo….sighs…oh,well,means i can save more money 🙂

  18. Catherine Says:

    For those of you who say it’s ugly, think before you post anything, drawing these items must have taken several days since I myself work in this field. Have some respect for Playfish artists’ work please.

    This week’s idea may not be the best (we’ve already had cowboy weeks, I agree, too much girly stuff, yes, and the theme could have been about the upcoming Chinese New Year…), but I’ll still give a big round of applause to the PS crew.

  19. Nightkumiho Says:

    Wait, don’t we get to celebrate Chinese New Year?

  20. Blue Sylph Says:

    How about the Chinese New Year theme!!!! D:

  21. ALI Says:

    Why is everything with playfish cash i don t have 1 even!?!

  22. ALI Says:

    im trying to get rthese treat pets for 2 playfish got 1 of em at last

  23. ALI Says:

    Cowboys again ahhhhhhhh

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