Strawberries and Cream!


Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

21 Responses to “Strawberries and Cream!”

  1. Bintang11 Says:

    Oh great… the guy in charge of the pink palette is back from holiday, is he?

  2. Bandarrita Says:

    Ditto. I really hate the pinky stuff!!

  3. Sidi Says:

    yuck … too sweet, too sticky and waayyy too pink

  4. mona Says:

    yuck yuck …..skipping the week!

  5. TTTrow Says:

    really dont know how i feel about this week, i hate it when u cant use the stuff outside of that weeks theme i doubt i will ever again need a wig with chocolate syrup on top

  6. Susan Shaw Says:

    Not a fan either, but for those little girls whose mommies let them play the game, they should love it! Maybe I’ll do some remodeling of my pet’s home while saving up the coins this week. Can’t please everyone 😉

  7. Kate Says:

    Wow I’m not seeing anything I like besides that Town Forest Update…good week to save up coins haha

  8. matija Says:

    I like it, it’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jlr92 Says:

    lovvvvvvvvveeeeee ittttttt!

  10. Lorna Victoria Fitzgerald-Cowle Says:

    More pink bakery stuff? Sooooo not cool :-/

  11. Alex Says:

    Other week with TOO MUCH pink, and other week for girls…the boys can’t buy anything this week :@

  12. cherrd Says:

    too pink for a boy pet

  13. Candy Coco Says:

    I was looking forward to a candy theme! OMG STRAWBERRIES MY FAVOURITE 😀
    yeah it’s actually kinda unfair to guys playing pet society.. because those pinkish items don’t suit them o-o

  14. patricia Says:

    wow i like the strawberries and cream week!!! 😀 and strawberrie is my favorite fruit!!

  15. Ace, Says:

    Love this week! 😀 I especially like the wigs, their adorable! ❤

  16. mademoiselle Says:

    love love love so sweet!

  17. 紀欣 Says:

    i like this week so much!!! ❤ 😀

  18. Akemi Vuong Says:

    I’m savin’ up for mystery evolving patisserie wig 😀

  19. Amy Says:

    My Strawberries and Cream wig wont evolve 😦 and neither will my rainbow ponytail wig -_- happening to anyone else?

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