New Years Masquerade


20 Responses to “New Years Masquerade”

  1. Mili Says:

    Awesome great things but cash

  2. Bintang11 Says:

    Love the idea of a collaborative room, but 30 requests???
    We only get 50 a day!

    And can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have the old style blog back with the individual shops listed? With all the loading and lag and save faileds, I REALLY don’t want to go loading all the shops just to try to find one item!

    • Funny~ Says:

      I agree!!! T^T

    • jajaja Says:

      Me too!!!!

    • jello Says:

      This new blog style has really pushed me towards alternative sources for info on new items. In fact, these sources even turned out to be better than Playfish/EA themselves as they not only list all the New items themselves but also their prices and even which items are Last Week in Store.

      So Playfish/EA I really suggest that you bring back the old blog style where all the items are listed, you are making this blog redundant.

  3. Shaina Estévez Says:

    Love the colors!

  4. Blue Sylph Says:

    New Age theme please! 🙂

  5. mona Says:

    woooow the coin outfits are UGLY!!

  6. Greg Says:

    lol! it’s a masquerade, and there are only 4 masks x)

  7. Stacy Says:

    i love the new years eve stuff, but i hate when they don’t show all the new things, they put me in suspense. 😀

  8. patricia Says:

    wow i want to make the santas grotto to have a extra room and i want the outfit :D!

  9. Pixiefolly Holly Says:

    Wow i love it,but i don’t like the outfits,i believe i’ll match clothes in my wardrobe!
    Afterwards i’ll buy the outfit,maybe i’ll use later. 😀
    And happy new year everyone!

  10. TTTrow Says:

    Masquerade ball def an awesome idea but did ya really have to slap a mask on everything we like stuff we can re-use for decorating !!

  11. Fachrul Nax Pencinta Petsoc Says:

    always many cash items 😦 😡

  12. no one123 Says:

    where is the pet society items that are coins for three days?

  13. Ichigo Sawada Says:

    que ayan mas cosas que cuesten coins y menos que cuesten play fish porfabor n.n

  14. A-nonymus Says:

    ok… not really amazin’

  15. heather Says:

    anyone else having issues w/the collaborative items? I “receive” say 10 pieces, but then go into the pet workshop and it’ll say I have one piece… can we not request multiple items at the same time or something??? It’s been like this for weeks:(:

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