Winter Wonderland


20 Responses to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. NotFromMars Says:

    Awesome stuff! I LOVE the cozy winter hat!
    But… TOO MANY SANTA-LIKE OUTFITS. Could we have some more casual clothes please? Like cute winter coats or sweaters or tshirts or just something not elf, santa or tuxedos/dresses!!!

  2. Veerle Says:

    Oh my god, those items are amazing ❤

  3. John Says:

    Its awesome!

  4. TTTrow Says:

    oh damn i hate complaining on here but how do u not know what we want !? quit giving us the same stuff re-invented (like a balloon chair WTF is a balloon chairs purpose?) I like the ball candle and the cozy winter hat other than that everything is well pretty boring and lame, Yes we want traditional christmas items but new ones, and what is with the clothes being so basic this winter? the last two weeks both of the new coins outfits for both guys and girls look like paper clothes u would attach to a paper doll……come on PS.

  5. Bintang11 Says:

    When are we gonna get the old blog back? The one that shows us ALL the items being released?

  6. Julie Gibson Says:

    I like the Christmas candle ball, stockings and cozy winter hat. The paintings are good although for cash and I like the ear muffs but otherwise not much I would want. I agree we have so many elf and santa type costumes by now that some nice winter clothes which are not snata themed would be nice. A skating outfit was a nice idea but why must it look like a santa costume?

  7. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    I fell like melting because I see a lot of cuteness. *__*

  8. Nightkumiho Says:

    Wow! A dye table for collaborative! That’s really awesome! ;D

  9. Moxie Bell Says:

    I ♥ this theme so much that I had to comment!


    Btw: I really like the collaborative items lately.

  10. mademoiselle Says:

    please ,please,please make a sweet lolita theme! i’ll love you all forever!!

  11. Hika Góngora Serrano Says:

    Yay!!! Sweet lolita theme as mademoiselle said! *-*
    With dresses like the Angelic Pretty brand has!!

  12. Hika Góngora Serrano Says:

    thanks for making a dye table for collaborative!
    Could you make one with yellow dyes? My cousin ask me always to dye her wigs and I’m with no more blue coins at this moment T.T

  13. Cristina Reyes Says:

    todo es lindo pero no tengo el tiempo sufisiente para recolectar todas mis monedas seria lindo que ubiera alguna manera de recojerlas todas de una sola forma y si lo pueden aser pues estare muy agradesidisima gracias

  14. ash Says:

    i LOVE the mon petit wig

  15. akobudoy si vince Says:

    i want the hair dye and the ginger bread house and the clothes! 😀

  16. patricia Says:

    i want the hair dye and the ginger bread house,inflatable santa,snow mayor,christmas tree balloons,the dress nad the gold mystery box! :D!

  17. airali Says:

    But where is the christmas tree and the lights, what kind of christmas is this?

  18. Pixiefolly Holly Says:

    Gaaaah…so cool! 😀
    I like the new mystery thing…ULTRA cutie!
    But simplistic items…hmmm…think,think PS! More cash items,less fun!
    Make a Sweet lolita week!
    I watched past posts and everyone was angry for cash items.
    PLEASE make sure you watch people’s comments.-

  19. jello Says:

    Can’t thank you enough, Playfish team for giving us a collaborative wig dye table! For this batch of items, the Christmas chair and bunny are really cute.
    And Mon Petit Cherie Victorian Sweetheart outfit and the Paintings bundle are just absolutely gorgeous ❤
    Also +1 for a Sweet Lolita week 😀 You'd be raking in loads lol. I mean for example, Victorian Sweetheart is the first cash clothes bundle I feel is a must-have. But do it well, with a balance of coins and cash items and with better design than Harajuku Week!

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