Twisted Christmas Week


26 Responses to “Twisted Christmas Week”

  1. Wendy Duty Says:

    I am sorry, and I know you worked hard on the theme but the twisted Christmas items I hate… I love the regular Christmas items but to me Christmas is beautiful and fun not twisted.. I spend alot of cash money on this game but I will not buythe items that look twisted.Please next time rethink the twisted theme and stay with the beautiful items you guys always have available to us.Also would be greay if we could rotate the items different on the sides so we could use the whole room. Thank you for listening.. Love this game …

  2. raven Says:

    i love twisted xmas! i love the nightmare before christmas take on everything & will be buying lots of the items! thank you for not being too boring abiut xmas.

  3. jello Says:

    Quite a few people don’t like the Twisted Christmas theme, but personally I think it’s a great theme. I mean think about it, there’s only so much variation a person can do with the standard Christmas items(traditional food, Christmas tree, tinsel, baubles, wreaths, presents, Santa stuff.. that’s about it). Would we really be happy if Playfish just gave us four whole weeks of that?

    Plus I’m pretty sure Pet Society is saving tons of traditional Christmas stuff to be released next week or Christmas week itself.

    So kudos to the Pet Society design team for this week’s update. The colour pallet is really vibrant and varied: especially love the Xmas trees and coin elf outfits, and you’ve taken a risk by offering some non-traditional stuff.
    Although now I must say… you guys have really gone overboard with the Playfish/blue coin items this time. Selling ALL the reindeer items (even the plushie!) as well as the first Santa outfit of the year for real money is a low blow.

  4. Nightkumiho Says:

    i think it’s cute and, I love it… it’s a more Chrismas version of Nightmare before Christmas 😀

  5. Cyrina Ba Says:

    guys d o you know how much the santa skeleton reinedeer does cost ? LOL its 27 CC , and its a TWS item , so deifinately ,if u were not in bankruptcy last halloween , you will certainly be this Xmas, and its such an annoying thing lol

  6. Ace Says:

    I love this theme! :3 It has the fun, more ‘Twisted’ items for the people who like them, and some sort of traditional items for others. I don’t see why people don’t like them, this is pretty much week 1 of 4. Show a little Christmas spirit!

  7. katie Says:

    i dont like the “death themed” items with my xmas items, they are not xmas for anyone unless you are a fan of the nightmare before xmas…the twisted items with a death theme need to go…they kinda suck!

  8. Susan Shaw Says:

    Halloween + Christmas = Hollow-mass…..I’ll keep saving most of my coins in hope the traditional shows up next time. I’m really tired of skulls on everything. Christmas is about life.

  9. pika!envy Says:

    I LOVE the new “Twisted” theme!
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have loads of traditional items from the years before and I’m happy for the change of scene.

    I’ve been wanting to redo my pet’s entire house into a whimsical theme and the recent “wonky” items that have been released are just so creative and fun. As an inspiring Graphic Designer, I applaud you for taking a step out of tradition for at least 1 out of the 4 weeks for Christmas.

    Just because there are skulls does not mean that they represent death in the most pessimistic way possible. Skulls can also be a celebration of life; take Day of the Dead for example.

    I’m excited to see a mixture of wonky and traditional items this month. 😀

  10. heather Says:

    Why can some people already get all of these items but most of us can only get a few items (Hindeeni & poo only so far). . . none of these items are in any shops and nothing new on my hammer/collaboration items…. 😦

  11. heather Says:

    GREAT theme, btw! I love it! 🙂

  12. Pixiefolly Holly Says:

    Very cool i love it!
    I don’t know why some people dislikes it…
    And how great:You give those with cash special and cool items,and the rest of us…
    Give us more coin items than cash…THAT is the christmas spirit,otherwise you look like the Grinch! I’m so sad…and other people too! Thanks for reading my comment.
    Afterwards i LOVE the rest!
    The snowman,the sled…good work.

  13. TTTrow Says:

    Must have purple christmas treeeeee oooooo @.@

  14. Grifit Says:

    I totally hate christmas but a TWISTED CHRISTMAS??? LOVE IT!!!! I want the skeleton reeindeer!!!! wujuuu!!!!!

  15. Parsley Says:

    HATE the twisted Christmas theme.

  16. Nicole Angela Says:

    so sad…i got no playfish cash!u put too much playfish cash items!

  17. A-Nonymus Says:

    QUITE not twisted.. nice but the coin clothes are hideous!!!

  18. Luciana Says:

    I love this theme!!!! Finally a little diversity for Christmas!! ❤

  19. Akira Says:

    The fact that this time Hideeni gives no completation reward just SUCKS. -_-

  20. alexia Says:

    Will there be any normal xmas items next week??? i don’t like those twisted items…

  21. cherrd Says:

    sucks that we do not know what christmas tree we will get and it is collaborative I think that kind of sucks as we do not know what to get

  22. heather Says:

    PLEASE fix the collaborated trees! I would love to have one of each color… but I’d say about 80% of the “received parts” I get never show up:( 😦

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