Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving!


Hooray! It’s time for some turkey in Pet Society!

Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

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26 Responses to “Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving!”

  1. The boys Says:

    ว้าวววว ! l;p,kd

  2. jello Says:

    Of course all the chicks would be coins. Sigh right after being stupendously generous on Halloween, EA goes back to being greedy.

    I can see why you would charge CC for the evolving wings and the secret garden but good games need balance, selling some nice items for yellow coins and some for cash will ensure people keep playing the game. Plus it’s Thanksgiving after all, isn’t it? (:

  3. Jojo Says:

    Ah, I love the new items!! The Autumn colors are so cozy… need to make a shopping list for Monday right NOW! 😀

  4. adkin?? Says:

    but i thing, this week is not really elegant….

  5. Ace Says:

    Thanksgiving already passed for me. :/

  6. Cyrina Ba Says:

    items are nice , but i ned to see the price first for the chicken coop etc, I believe the eggs will be yellow coins, or so, anyways i realy like that garden , its reminds me a fench song of Joe Dassin about indian summer, french name ” l’été indien” :)))).
    I also like the collaboratives in general 🙂

  7. Rico Says:

    I love the orange-ness of it all! I love Autumn! I love next week! Those wings are gorgeous!

  8. cherish Says:

    Again,PS Do not hear ppls comment what is the meaning of “AND LOTS MORE ON MONDAY!” ..

  9. Sondos Adel Says:

    i love the oufits but i reely want the wings too bad i don’t have playfish cash

  10. kat Says:

    i want twilight!i always come back to pet society so i can purchase twilight themed stuffs!

  11. gladys puentes navarrete Says:

    me gusta , es muy alegre la fiesta pet

  12. bee Says:

    another shit week

  13. Bintang11 Says:

    It’s nice to see we’ve been ignored AGAIN on reverting the blog to the old style.

  14. Parsley Says:

    Love all these items!!

  15. Minarn Says:

    YES! A theme that will allow me to make a cozy, comfy Autumn home ❤

  16. chely jhonas Says:

    me encantan todos los articulos nuevos

  17. julie Says:

    I like how the blog was before and we could see all the items, I have to look at another website for sneak peeks now

  18. Marina James Says:

    It would be nice if you people do something different every once in while. All I see are updates based on movies and such. Why not try cartoon series like, “Monster High” or the pink panther.

    MOst of the items now are Pet Society cash, why is that? You are definitely losing player daily if you keep this up.

  19. no one123 Says:

    love the new items.

  20. Sasha Says:

    Why is it u guys are ALWAYS trippin” over things that are in playcash/farmcash & what not.I’m sure you knuckle heads can fork out TEN DOLLARS for game cards.
    Didn’t pet society gave you guys alot of coin items? YET you guys STILL WANT MORE COINS.
    Now whos ripping who off?
    and then have the nerve to threaten them like who died and made you guys have all the control over this game?
    boohooo pet society is this n that then why play it?
    ITS A GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  21. A-Nonymus Says:

    oohh i love it!!

  22. Sc'f Yuting Says:

    I love Thanksgiving~! 😀

  23. Széles Gábor Says:

    And where are the turkies? Besides the Stadium…

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