It’s Snow White Week!


Hi ho! It’s off to Snow White Week we go in Pet Society!

Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

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53 Responses to “It’s Snow White Week!”

  1. lia Says:

    wth????? again with this layout and “a lot more items” even if a lot of ppl told u that it was annoying?? good job,. don’t listen to player’s opinion.

  2. Isis Says:

    What I was about to say. It’s community appreciation month, and they can’t listen to what the community says about the blog?

  3. John Says:


  4. Arenea Says:

    what they is appreciate is our money, its all about money = =”

  5. Shaina Estévez Says:

    All items are really cute but this theme is repeated, we already have Snow White Items. You have been repeating themes all over dudes. When will you get back to being original? If you don’t have ideas you can look in the forum for suggestions, there are a lot of great ideas, original and unique ones…

  6. Jenna Says:

    What I want to know is why there’s always all these repeats!! Why can’t we have something new, instead of pricey copies of what we already have? Thanks to community appreciation month I have tons of coins, but thanks to this week I have nowhere to spend them!

  7. Cutie-Fluff Says:

    “…And lots more!” is code for “We’re too lazy to write any more!”

  8. Bintang11 Says:

    Oh dear God…
    Did we not have enough of the Snow White items in the Mystery Eggs?
    Now you have to do an entire theme of it???

    And what’s the point of promoting your Community Appreciation Month when you aren’t listening to your community and many of us can’t even log in to the game???

  9. Susan Shaw Says:

    Nice, but been there,done that. I like the 7 dwarves collected from the previous Snow White theme much better (less bulby/cartoony). However, I can see where this might be nice for players who haven’t been with the game as long as many of us….provided they come with their wallets for the cash items….Not sure what “community appreciation” is all about…the Flintsone theme was great though, because it was different and there were plenty of non-cash items. Can’t please everyone, I guess.

  10. ash Says:

    ugly and i hate the design

  11. bee Says:

    Another lame month.

  12. Stacy Hirsh Says:

    i love the deer petling but unfortunately it has to be a pcc cash item 😦

  13. Hanz Montemayor Says:

    pls make a chirstmas theme!!!

  14. Slightly Irritated Says:

    If you really appreciate the community, then please listen to what they have to say, especially when it comes to changes like the item preview layout. Many people were disappointed with it last week, and I’m sure they are still this week. Please appreciate us for more than our wallets.

  15. Galactic Ninja Says:

    Can we have a Ninja Week next week?

  16. lillyhalliwell Says:

    took all the fun and expectation for the new items. good job! keep up the great work playfish/ea! You’re driving pet society to the same way you did with Country Story. Is it all to promote the Sim game? So you think if you dislike it we’ll go for another game made by you? really?
    oh and i almost forgot! thank you soooooo much for the appreciation you’ve been showing to our community! its touching! ❤

  17. Parsley Says:

    I think the items are very cute; even if you don’t want a Snow White theme, there is still a lot of scope for the imagination 🙂

  18. blah Says:

    ugh there is already SOOOO much snow white stuff on there already!! i got all the snow white mystery eggs so i already have an entire snow white room. please think of something better next time.

  19. AWESOME! Says:

    Good to see you’re listening to the players. Finally clothes that aren’t pauperish when compared with the theme. I’m really glad the clothes aren’t lame for Snow White week! YAY!

  20. chichisakura Says:

    sigh….i agree…why repeating the same theme again…. the fun part of this game is we can show off some of the “old” items that the new player don’t have…but with this repeated and “upgraded” theme…our old items just look old…..
    so sad….i used to enjoy the game so so much….

  21. Emma Says:


  22. cherrd Says:

    guess i can save up some money from last week and this week, repetitive themes are really boring, tired of those fairy tale themes not suited for a boy pet

  23. Ranny Says:

    bisakah kamu menangkap semua ikan tersebut
    aku bisa!

  24. secret :P Says:

    oh ya? siapa tanya? 😀

  25. Jo Defensor Perez Says:

    this week and next week’s theme is so lame.. lots of cash items again.. might join those players who stop playing pet society.. 😛

  26. Misha Says:

    Please. PF should stop adding new trees every week.

  27. Lorna Victoria Fitzgerald-Cowle Says:


  28. Vanessa Kim Says:


  29. Sherry Says:

    all items: corny, hideous, ugly, overpriced.
    would you EVER listen to us??
    the theme is repeated, the items are ugly,
    everything nice costs pet society cash,
    seriously?? I’ll be telling you something.
    we are not opening our wallets to some ugly theme like this.
    we all request more free pfc, prettier items with no repeats,
    faster service, better ways to the game ( like how all our items disappear sometimes, right?? don’t pretend not to know about that.)
    and, you did china, malaysia, and japanese this and japanese that.
    do you know there’s a country called Korea in Asia?
    since K-Pop is all up these days, you should make a Korea week.
    so I expect to have a Korea week soon, or you are not listening to us at all.
    we were all disappointed by the last 3 themes.
    it’s time you got some new ideas,
    and listen to what we actually have to say.
    because we are not going to open our purses until we get what we demand.
    we are the ones who play this game. we expect to be recognized and respected as your customers, not ignored and stolen from.
    we out ouy time and money into this game.
    so once in a while, LISTEN TO US.

  30. Dwan Lopez Says:

    I really hate it mayor if you can read this.I think I will quit already because most of the players in Pet Society is asking for more playfish cash,but you can only give us up to five and mostly we can only get 1 or 2 but you know I suggest after a few years or months the people playing Pet Society will be all gone…or if you still want us to stay or play this game each player should get enough playfish cash like the coins you will get playfish cash EVERDAY not every % days only 😡 and i’ve read the comments of the other users. they were right you should have new ideas and put Korea or Asia week and if you will not give or upgrade this I will quit Pet Society I will always be here reading the comments of others and if I need to comment I will. So make the changes already and maybe I might get interested again to Pet Society :-/ I will quit after 2 months unless you upgrade it and put Korea and Asia week (make your pet Society fans or not fans happy. ) and you know mayor your theme keeps on repeating on and on and on 😡

  31. sirmata Says:

    hmmm. the dolls are hideous ! 😐

  32. catalina Says:

    señores de pet en la apertura del juego jamas me dio los playfish me estan engañando siempre da 500 y nada mas espero me contesten a mi pregunta gracias

    • :/ Says:

      sólo tienes que apretar el botón derecho que sale de color gris, no el verde que dice recolectar ahora, tienes que esperar 5 días y no obtener dinero durante esos 5 días, cuando te dan pet society cash te lo van dando de a poco, para alcanzar a tener 5 pet society cash tienes q hacer eso durante 2 semanas creo……
      lamentablemente este juego esta cada día peor y solo nos tratan de calmar ofresiendonos dinero “gratis”

  33. Jlr92 Says:

    Super cute items, I am excited! Love adorable themes. Thank you ps 🙂

  34. Toni Lyon Says:

    Well I didn’t like the Snow White stuff the first time around and still don’t like it now. Graphics are cool tho!

    I would like to see some really different ideas. You support WWF how about a Humane Society theme? How much is that doggie in the window? something really different. Or something honoring the military? Thanksgiving is coming up in the US. Maybe have a fashion design week where the costumes are all separates and can be used together in various themes of our choosing.

    There have been some great stuff tho and I have enjoyed that. But I got to say its really cheap when you charge a 1,000 coins for a machine you need to pay 5 PFC to get the item. Greedy, Greedy, Greedy.

    Because of the cost I have been playing not so much. I do love the game but when you are on a budget its hard. Also, all the little kids want you to gift them stuff and I can’t afford that either.

    Thanks for listening!

  35. A-Nonymus Says:

    cute… but no more see more stuff on monday… it really ruins everything

  36. Me Says:

    pls… a Breaking Dawn theme…..

  37. Elena Says:

    Based on the TV show Once Upon a Time and the upcoming Snow White movies? Sigh

  38. Eljude Franz Solis Says:

    yes just finished the fishing challenge ^^

  39. ivine Says:

    I would like my wicked witch with apples please

  40. elphie Says:

    I don’t mind the theme but.. “And Lots More?” I love coming to the blog to see ALL of the upcoming items, and even more I like to look back on past months to see what the items were! Like the other day, I couldn’t remember what was in the mermaid mystery boxes.. the blog is perfect for that. Really, really not a fan of leaving out items here.. why wouldn’t you just put them all up??

  41. Lucy Says:

    I have fished all the fishes of the fishing challenge yesterday and I didn’t get my reguard!! what could have happened? What can I do?

  42. Gabriela Nortian Says:

    This is really good week;)But I have a PROBLEM with buy GRUMPY MINING SWARF!!!!!!!!!I CAN’T BUY IT!!!!When i’m clicking on him.I see that i can buy a diamont, but not him!!!!!!!!I whant him- hi is my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please do something with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. ana carolina Says:

    Me harías un favor?, ingresa a esta aplicación
    e ingresas a la “Galería de Portagonistas”, allí buscas “ISABELLA CHEDRAUE” y depositas tu voto, perdón si te interrumpo:) NECESITO 333 VOTOS DIARIOS PARA PODER SER PARTE DE LAS DOCE BEBES DEL CALENDARIO GRACIAS

  44. gigi Says:

    of course they won’t listen… they want people to actually play and buy more stuff… it’s a classic [and transparent] marketing tool. eh, whatev… I’m kinda digging this theme because there’s a show on ABC Once Upon Time that’ss basically Snow White with a twist… it’s inspired me for room decoration

  45. jashca libres Says:

    can we have a Japanese week!

  46. Epir Cayang Celalu Says:

    hariiiiii ini ue sngeng baend
    bisa bercanda sma dya

  47. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    I really like this method of blog updating,it looks cool and neat.

  48. Sasha Says:

    I love the pet society theme even when the items were mostly playcash it made my room(s) & others who purchase playcash different from others now it sort of sucks most items are in coins.
    I do wish to see more rooms we can purchase lol used up all the rooms for purchase need more lol.
    Theres two themes I wouldn’t mind seeing is the smurfs & brady bunch lol or star trek.
    Keep up the good work

  49. Pets & Stitches Says:

    COMMUNITY APPRECIATION MONTH eh?….why don’t they give a playfish cash giveaway instead?…..and the game are now..duh!!..

  50. Pets & Stitches Says:

    they aren’t listening and you know what’s more?Its community appreciation month and they are giving a snow white tool as a gift 😐
    Bored and tired of this….

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