Let’s Rock! It’s Prehistoric Week!


Welcome to Pet Society‘s new look blog update! Here are a selection of items that will be available during Prehistoric Week!

Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

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85 Responses to “Let’s Rock! It’s Prehistoric Week!”

  1. Ranny Says:

    many coin item….

  2. victorina pineda Says:

    only those things??

  3. Siska Soc Says:


  4. lia Says:

    horrible new layout. and what does “and lots more” means?? If I am here is to see EVERY item…really, I don’t see why u should change the layout..

  5. Alyssa Castro Says:

    Oh yeah! Thank you Playfish! I love them!♥

  6. bryan Says:

    Why nvr show all

  7. majka krajcirikova usalova Says:

    waw tesim sa …milujem pet society 🙂

  8. fir1012 Says:


  9. Christian Marvic Den-Ben M. Marquez Says:

    its nice

  10. Chandana Devi Says:

    wow great.

  11. Arisa Asahara Ĺõve Pïńkž Says:

    Cool ><
    Pertamax #1 wkwkwkkw

  12. blahblah Says:

    Do a Lolita week!

  13. Alexis Leet Says:

    I like the new layout- great being able to tell immediately where every item comes form. Oh wait- did I say every item?

    Yeah that whole “Lots More” part sucks. I look forward to the update all week and now I feel like I’ve been shorted. Or did you guys just get lazy?

  14. Ben Says:

    yay drum set tuesday

  15. Momin Wantida Says:


  16. simona Says:

    Why “and lots more”?????
    I don’t like that at all, it should be like it was until now, there should be every item listed!
    This is stupid, can’t see a point of it, the thrill on Monday isn’t any less if you show us all the items on Thursday!
    Now you just ruined Thursday 😦

  17. jeanette Says:

    love the dinosaur theme , pebbles is cute

  18. *********** Says:

    i wan 2 buy now
    y wait….???

  19. no one 123 Says:

    the coolest

  20. Mopmop Rode Says:

    cool items i love them all especially the new fishes

  21. milka zinedine Says:


  22. Dwinaya Naya Says:


  23. sanie sunny Says:

    so cute… i love it >_<

  24. Susan Shaw Says:

    Even though the layout is kind of weak/sparse, I really like the upcoming theme! After playing since the game’s beginning, this is finally something different and imaginative…thanks, PF. 😉

  25. marcela iametti Says:

    me gusta mucho lo nuevo

  26. marcela iametti Says:

    i like the new itens

  27. Hika Góngora Serrano Says:

    love it all!!!

  28. Jango Pop Says:

    i love that new petling! Love love love!

  29. Nme Says:

    I love next weeks theme!!! but i really dont love the “and more” part. As a dedicated player I like being able to look up items on the blog and be able to see which week it was, which shop it was in, and the other items released along with it….. Petbook is not as useful as the blog for that when the items are no longer considered new…. i know “and more” might make things be surprises on monday, but later on ur blog wont be as useful to ur long term players. im not sure that it allieviates any last minute pressure on ur designers since most of the designs have to be done and uploaded to game on thursday with mbs even if they arent accesible till monday-hence thursday maint- right? Please go back to showing all items! thanks for all u do ps!!!

  30. swann Says:

    WOOOT!!! YAY!!! I LOVE it!!!

  31. Jasper Brian Ramos Says:

    dont like!!
    but like the accesories

  32. Kathryn Says:

    I guess there are some more items which are not shown here…at least doors and coin windows

  33. Shaina Estévez Says:

    I don’t like the layout :/

  34. 克萊兒 Says:

    i like it

  35. Jaynie Says:

    Are you serious? I like how they are separated into boxes now, but I want to see EVERY bit of next week’s items. I want to see what shops they’re in, what type they are (OWO/Just Arrived/Special for __ days). Not just this load of items with names and o shops with it :/

  36. Gina Says:

    Love the new format! Very clear and pretty!

  37. Lovely Luna Says:

    wow really cool items i like the pet cash items more they are awesome can we get more coin items please because i don’t have much ps for buying all these cute stuff thanks

  38. Lovely Luna Says:

    i want more twilight theme items for my new room plz

  39. Lilly Nessa Halliwell Says:

    ‘Lots more’? Its like ‘We don’t have it ready yet’ or ‘you’ve to load the lag shops to see’?

  40. Alley York Says:

    I want a triceratops but it says I have to many pets to buy a lil pony pet I wanna be allowed to have more petlings 😦

  41. bee Says:

    So ugly…the only thing I might get is the win or lose box..

  42. Natoshia Mesarch Says:

    wtf – i’m here to see what is coming out next week, not just some things…cause let me tell you very little of what’s up there makes me want to sign in and get them.

  43. Jlr92 Says:

    Agreed, I always go back and look, maybe a month from now to see the items that were released. It is not going to be less exciting if all the items are shown here, often it is more exciting. I look forward to Thursdays and seeing the upcoming items. If its not broke, don’t fix it. The blog is a great reference even after weeks have past. Thanks for the good upcoming theme though, ps.

  44. kspiroleta Says:

    more more coins 🙂

  45. Pixiefolly Holly Says:

    I cannot wait! 🙂 but everyone hates the part of ”and lots more” 😦 but,i guess if some cool items will be for coins and not pet society cash! I don’t like it the next week’s theme so much but it will be a good week!

  46. 'Luca Longobardi Says:

    nooo =( avete cambiato le caselle non si puo fare piu copa e incolla per fare le immaggini =( potete rimmetterli come prima_? ora copia tutta la tabella

  47. Astrid Verónica Pérez Pérez Says:


  48. Slightly Irritated Says:

    Next week theme does look nice even though I personally might not use a whole lot of it. Though like many others, I do not enjoy the new ‘And lots more!’ part of the preview. I love seeing everything we are getting and which shops to check in for what I’m interested in. It also is nice to see it that way because my computer can only deal with loading a little bit of PS at a time, so I would head for the shops that had what I wanted first instead of having to hunt through shops and deal with very long loading times. Please consider changing it back as it is very obvious that this is not a popular change.

  49. ForTheLoveOfOmega Says:

    Nah. I liked this week’s layout better. (As in the Silent Hill and Alice Madness Returns referencing costumes) Maybe a Shakespeare themed one could be funny. Or a Halo themed one, that’s different.

  50. BreeBreeTM Says:

    im sure theyll fix it. last time when they messed it all up and didnt show all the items. we all freaked, and then the fixed it. so hopefully the same will happen again. or it better.

  51. Linda Rae Rumblefish Says:


  52. LIGIA Says:

    ohhh my! i hate them…sorry guys, it’s not my favorite week including this week.

  53. kyanpadero Says:

    wow yeah cool so many coin item

  54. gigi Says:

    bedrock! twist twist! lol cool & I like the new visual — very efficient & helpful

    • gigi Says:

      on second thought if they’re not going to list everything all at once that’s a little counter-productive… :\ Plus what’s up with all the items not even being interactive — tv, radio, phonogram… bah… they just sit there like background – utterly lame

  55. Kate Flint Says:

    As long as lots more doesn’t mean any item peraining to cash, I’ll be satisfied. If that is what it means, then I can finally say thank you for not over doing it with cash items. I’m more likely to consider purchasing an item now and then, but not if everything is bum rushed, I’ll simply hold off, which means my money gets to you a heck of a lot later.

  56. Ming Says:

    I was hoping for more… Autumn themed purchases. I want to give my house a warm and cozy look :/

  57. Kobane Says:

    I came here expecting to see something better than a “And lots more…”. Really!?

    What a horrible “summary” for this week. Anyway, I don’t like the theme of this week, so I’m not missing much. I hope we don’t see another “And lots more” the next week because all you’ll be seeing will be “And lots less of people checking the blog”

    The best thing of this week: I’ll be saving my coins and cash for later 😀

  58. moises beltran mecado Says:


  59. Isis Says:

    Hate the ‘and more’. As others have said, I use the blog to cross reference past week’s items I want to get later on. And if it is Community Month, listen to your community of users and keep the blog showing everything.


    me gusta, el nu
    evo tema es la prehistoria¡¡¡¡¡¡

  61. Cutie-Fluff Says:

    I like to decorate my rooms according to themes, so I use the blog as a reference. Now that Playfish is too lazy to list out all the items, I’m going to have a harder time decorating my rooms.

    I agree with the above comments. We visit the blog because we want to see all the items released each week.

  62. Bintang11 Says:

    I never did like The Flinstones… and now I don’t like The Blog.
    Why do you have to mess with things so much?

    I agree with everyone else here… the loading time (and the lag it creates) just isn’t worth the hassle of going through each department of each shop. I use the blog posts to track down the items I want quickly.

    Guess I’ll have to go look at spoilers to find out what’s coming each week instead now.

    Oh… and btw… that thing from the Blue Mystery Box looks like someone vomited a load of orange juice and chocolate!

  63. Green Says:

    Please can we have a wallpaper that looks like the front of a house that we can put windows and a door on and park a car outside in a garden? A bit like the wallpaper for the xmas toy shop but just the one house rather than two 🙂 Thanks x

  64. Ivan Scheward Perez Says:

    whats the new contest?

  65. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    no me gusto esta semana pero m acostumbrare

  66. Koromi Ko Says:

    i like the new layout of this blog =D

  67. gladys Says:

    me gusta¡¡¡, pero por qué no puedo tomar foto ami pet……..

  68. patricia Says:

    yeah i like this prehistoric week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  69. Jplayer Says:

    Great! Now we won’t know which one is OWO items?

  70. lillyhalliwell Says:

    Now I can’t even make my shop list anymore =/

  71. patrick Says:

    pogi ako

  72. Neus Galla Says:

    oh que mal, compre mi traje de pteradactyl y me falto el pico, malgaste mi monedas de cash

  73. Alfredo Arellano de Ramirez Says:

    wow lo conseguire todo

  74. Luna Liong Says:

    i cannot play petsociety TT
    got maintance???

  75. Sylvia Wen Says:

    God, this is one late comment but, i think Playfish is getting lazier and lazier each week on their themes. The coin wig seriously looks horrible, disgusting and terrible. The dress looks like some paper bag, except with polka-dots on it.

    I mean, Come on! Does anyone still remember the days when Playfish didn’t have all those fancy playfish items? like- there was never playfish wigs every week! But now, all the beautiful, cute and cool items are for playfish cash.

    I seriously think that once per every… like month of half a month you should have a theme that doesn’t have any playfish clothing in it.

    Also, i agree. The new layout of the blog is horrible! People just check this website to see the next week’s items, but you just cut it off short now. The purpose for me, of checking this blog, is so i can see if the items next week are good or not so i start saving up coins for it.

  76. mark francis tapay Says:

    i like this 😛 or NOT!!!! 😀

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