It’s Community Appreciation Month!


What makes our games great? The people who play them! To say a big thank you to all our community members, we’ve come up with a whole month of giveaways, competitions, fun and frolics to show you how much we love you. Welcome to November, aka “community appreciation month”!

Go to the forum now to sign-up and see what great free gifts you can claim! >>

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10 Responses to “It’s Community Appreciation Month!”

  1. Raven Says:

    How nice!

  2. A-Nonymus Says:


  3. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    jeje me gusta

  4. RayOom Al-Sheef Says:


  5. Marina Kowalski Says:

    Would be cool if the forum would connect with facebook again. It fails every time i try it…>__> Or do i have to make an extra forum account now?

  6. hrychacha Says:

    woow me quiero registrar! mola

  7. Andhar Anax Stansa Says:

    Dunno @@”

  8. Tipsy Belle Says:

    So the game suddenly drops into maintenance mode when I’m trying to get my daily rewards, and the forum isn’t available either? At this point all these errors, bugs, and glitches are NOT ACCEPTABLE. How are you spending all of our cc money? Trust me, I won’t be buying anymore!

  9. lia Says:

    I cannot enter in the forums, it fails….

  10. A-Nonymus Says:

    ahy is it I dont experience problems with Petsociety.. I dont even buy PSC … and I very seldom expereince problems.. you just keep complaining.. its not their fault

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