WWF Final Sale Now On!


The WWF Sale is now on in Pet Society and it’s your last chance to buy these wonderful items before they leave the Boutique!* Thank you for all your support of the WWF in Pet Society!

Visit Pet Society now >> http://playfi.sh/mZYH0Y

**Edit** Due to technical issues with the latest game update, the WWF items will remain available until AM Friday 21st October.

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10 Responses to “WWF Final Sale Now On!”

  1. Jennifer Leah Says:

    LOVE IT!

  2. Jennifer Leah Says:


  3. speshell Says:

    Why are the WWF items leaving???

  4. G Says:


  5. Maureen Nicole Peñailillo Acevedo Says:

    is so SAD that pet society DONT support WWF anymore :/

  6. Breezee Says:

    omg, why WWFs are the only things i buy if they will be gone i wont soend any of my money :\

  7. adkin??? Says:

    pleasee!!!! i dont wanna it!!! i want to get the wwf wing!!!!! please guy buhry, or the playfish corporation!!!!

  8. Angelica ^^ Says:

    Waaa.. I miss them already.. T^T
    I’m glad that I able to buy two items as a remembrance for all these cute items.. ^__^

  9. Pet Society Addict Says:

    So the WWF will NEVER come back? So sad…

  10. Khaira Hudna Says:

    Its so cuteee

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