See the Halloween Outfit 2011 Competition Winners!


Thanks to everyone who entered our Halloween Outfit Competition- there were so many wonderfully creepy and imaginative designs! We’re sure you’ll agree that the winners below are most deserved! The outfits will be available in Pet Society soon- look out for them!

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83 Responses to “See the Halloween Outfit 2011 Competition Winners!”

  1. Giselle Says:

    Please in coinsssss thx

  2. 紀欣 Says:

    = =

  3. Shannon Crystal Says:

    Awesome. I love Stitches!

  4. Ellie Says:

    awhh i wanted cute outfits not scary and evil 😦

  5. Ayub Says:

    pertamax !!


  6. Sherrie Casta Says:

    Whoot! Congrats Everyone! So glad to see Edgar Allen Paw!!!

  7. pinkie pie Says:

    i like pariedolla bundle i wanna buy it so much please make it be with coins

  8. Anastasia L Says:

    Wow, Pareidolia Bundle look so cute <3.
    I hope, those are coin items. 😀

  9. Jenni Chua-Mcleod Says:


  10. Jhoshua Maestre Says:

    El 2do lugar, es el peor diseños ¬¬ Claro, todo para q ganara el mejor. Huvo diseños q estuvieron mas q a la altura de ustedes,y decidieron obviarlos porq nos les daria buena publicidad ¬¬ Son un asco de verdad!

  11. Ara Alfia Ghostpsac Says:

    aaa really love it

    congratulation! ❤

  12. Lindsey Ricard Says:

    WOW! I think Poe and Lyliana should’ve won! Those are PHENOMENAL! I especially love the Poe one, I’m such a huge fan.

  13. jigsaw Says:

    so creepy here

  14. Hmmm Says:

    Poe and Lyliawna are done nice and look professional, 2 others are really lame. There were way better outfits, shame on you payfish

    • Mendolyn Skye Says:

      agree, these choices … idk i don’t want to hurt anyones feelings but they’re boring. there were soooo many really interesting and unique outfits, what happened???

  15. Maximillian Aswie (@Maxizmaxi) Says:

    love the first outfit
    Hope it’s not PSC
    at least coins for first 3 days O.O

  16. Paula Gonzalez Says:

    quiero la ropa del chicoooooooooooooooo

  17. Paula Gonzalez Says:

    yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo me encanta¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  18. toni Says:

    i like third prize oufit…..

  19. Grifit Says:

    Poe was the best, Iy should have won the first place, the other ones suck… and suck hard, there were better

  20. maria f Says:


  21. divyanshupetsociety Says:

    woah!all r grt…..but…HOW DID U SELECTED THE FIRST WINNER?Thhhat dress isnt too good

  22. Violet Says:

    PLEASE let stitches be for coins!! xD

  23. mika Says:

    yeaaayy !!
    congratz !!

  24. lolita2309 Says:

    awesome but the only 2 I like was 3erd place and forum winner… others 2 are ok

  25. Pattyta Premios Says:


  26. QUEEN Says:

    What a shame!!! There were better outfits. I think this decision discourages participants who really strived to submit a GOOD outfit.
    I was really waiting for those cute outfits I saw in the competition, like “Deadly Lady” and other ones so good.

  27. Deirdre Says:

    Super choices! I adore, adore, adore that Raven. I especially wanted the Poe one to win, and the first place winner really tugged at my heart when I saw the entries – I wanted that to win so badly. I am not disappointed in any of the choices.

  28. Hmmm Says:

    And oh… I don’t want any of them 😦

  29. June Says:

    fan made outfits/items are always sold as coins, remember last years garden items are still there and also the fashion items

  30. Amy Munro Says:

    woohoo! Great job everyone! I love the costumes picked! I’m really glad the with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, there was a girl costume, a boy costume and a unisex costume.

  31. Moonie Says:

    The one I liked most got 3rd.

    I’m glad they didn’t went for the “cute” outfits.
    Cause Halloween is not about cute.

  32. Bintang11 Says:

    Why can’t they all be unisex outfits?
    You would sell a lot more if ALL pets could wear them.
    I can guarantee you there will be no sale of the girly outfits to my pet… Paw looks too Harry Potter influenced… which only really leaves me with Stitches… and that’s not great. :-s

  33. mrsnatural2000 Says:

    love them all

  34. Arcangelofwater Says:

    All of them except the Edgar Allan Paw suck, what happened to you guys?

  35. Agustina Tapia Says:

    amo a pet sosieti y qui siera que no ayga pescadito por que asi la jente pueda comprar tolas cosas

  36. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    naaaaff que horror había disfraces mas bonitos esos son feos bueno q se hace

  37. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    me gustaron los que se ben bien y los dos de primero son waff 😦

  38. Pet Society Bored User Says:

    I saw entries much better than these. Who decided the winner???

  39. yoj Says:

    a lot of people wanted to join this contest but can’t cause limited places are allowed to enter… i hate it!

  40. Frost Says:

    IN coins pleaseee

  41. Olya Arutushka Says:

    i don`t like it at all =( So disappointed….

  42. Marina Says:

    should have had more winning spots, not even for CC, just so we can get more costumes!! There were too many amazing entries, I’m a bit surprised at the selections made. Except Edgar Allen Paw. Should have been top three female outfits, Top three male and a unisex, like the Stitches outfit.

    But congrats to the winners, very happy for you, must be exciting!! Can’t wait to buy em!!

  43. Emilly Says:

    How do you Participate in these ??? Please teme sum1 i wanaa enter thiss and whats the reward???

  44. Mendolyn Skye Says:

    i’d like to say i mean absolutely NO disrespect to the artists who won, congrats to you. honestly tho i am kind of disappointed, there were way better entries, most of this stuff is really blah and mundane looking. what happened to all the super creative imaginative and unique outfits that were in there? 1st and 2nd place aren’t terribly exciting tbh. i would probably still want first place and poe and even forum fave but still…for the halloween contest, you guys really went with blah compared to all the really great stuff you had to choose from 😦

  45. Sherrie Casta Says:

    Some of you all are real disrespectful…what was your contribution to the contest? Don’t you dare disrespect someone else’s work if you didn’t even take time to participate. Everyone worked hard on their entries and deserve to be respected. I would love to see how you feel if someone trashed your design after hours of work. Shame on you!

  46. Taylor Cloe Perez Says:

    I knwo the person who came 1st place, and she is really nice, she desereved it!! i hope, i mean HOPEE that these r not pfc. oif they are im gunna complain. LOOK PET SOCIETY, WE GET IT. YOU ❤ MONEY. i ❤ pet societ adn its not about money, its about fun. so how about more coins less PFC?

  47. danusia Says:

    im so glad edgar allan paw costume won! it’s amazing! congratulations to all the winners!

  48. ash Says:

    i love them all so cute!!!

  49. Máirín Jen Says:

    WOW these are brilliant. I really hope these are available for coins. Can you at least make them coins for the first 3 days like you’ve done with certain items?! Please?

  50. Eiko Says:

    These outfits look great. I love PareiDollia with a little dollie (!!) and Lyliawna outfits. Hope that all the outfits will be in coins.

  51. hakime Says:

    can add me please?

  52. hakime Says:

    sorry wrong email.. this 1 ( )

  53. Ruuka Says:

    i don like the forum winner’s outfit = =

  54. eto-eto Says:

    i want pareidolia bundel. please add me : )))))))))))))))

  55. Alexis Joyce Sagcal Says:

    I Love the Pareidollia Bundle,the wig the dress the doll and all,also the forum winner

    and why u guys said that the 1st winner design is not that good.Why she won if the outfit is not I see the bundle is the BEST
    So u guys stop complaining ,do u guys can make outfit!!!!
    and congrats to all winner especially the 1st placer 🙂

  56. Nora Gorani Says:

    Pareindola bundle please!!!I hope it can be bought with coins!

  57. Nora Gorani Says:

    Lyliawna too!

  58. Alexis Joyce Sagcal Says:

    I Love the Pareidollia Bundle,the wig the dress the doll and all,also the forum winner

    and why u guys said that the 1st winner design is not that good.Why she won if the outfit is not I see the bundle is the BEST
    So u guys stop complaining ,do u guys can make outfit!!!!
    and congrats to all winner especially the 1st placer 🙂 😛

  59. Mikari Says:

    can you fix the icon letter glitch? =\ I can’t seems to get the bird cage now, the present wont show =(

  60. maria Says:

    I want girl clothes! please

  61. Rude people suck Says:

    A lot of immature and rude people making mean comments here. Sheesh.

    • Sherrie Casta Says:

      *nods* …and some of them didn’t even participate but are mocking others. They also don’t seem to realize that some of their “favorites” cheated. That’s no fault of the staff…they have the entrants to blame for their design not showing up. I suppose “use of your brain” just isn’t in excess in forums or blogs.

  62. cutopia Says:

    Oh darned the one I voted for on the forum didn’t get in. It looked like at least the top two on forum were so amazing. I wish more forum ones were to be placed into the game.

  63. Marie Argeline Says:

    I Know Who Create In Pareidolia Bundle ! She Is Mitzi Rodriguez ! Congrats My Friend 🙂

  64. pipat Says:

    I love the third and the forum winner!

  65. Fachrul Nax Pencinta Petsoc Says:

    how disine the costume i dont know 😦

  66. karla maritza murcia ulloa Says:

    me encanta pet no dejo de jugarlo todos lo días

  67. Benjo Ü Arches Ü Says:

    Great picks! I do hope they won’t be in CC though. 🙂

  68. Alatariel Fernandez Nuñez Says:

    no me gusta ninguno, hay que ser sincera no? xD

  69. Michelle Says:

    I entered one of these contests before, but it was set up in such a way that you needed a lot of facebook friends or you didn’t stand a chance. THAT ruined it for me. I assumed this one was the same way so I didn’t bother trying to enter.

  70. Mivitia Says:

    These had better be coin items :(((
    Pareidolia one is looovvee~

  71. Sc'f Yuting Says:

    I love the 1st price! ^ ^

  72. Raven Says:

    When are they coming out?! Hopefully this upcoming week 😦 I really like them. It’s Halloween, I’m looking for cute and scary and they all fit perfectly. I shall purchase them all >:D

  73. Nicole Angela Says:

    They came out!!!At last! 😀

  74. Nicole Angela Says:


  75. Agnes Chew Says:

    wow! it’s gorgeous!!

  76. Nicole Angela Says:

    it’s out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Nicole Angela Says:

    dose who tink dey look bad,SURRENDER!!!or i should call u GIRLIES!!!u complain 4 dese people?u wan baby things since u complain!!!will u feel like killing people,when in a contest like dis,& people say ur clothess is bad?if u don care u’ll goto hell!!!if u don care u’ll be burnin’ like a thousands of fireworks!if u don care,well…u’ll be dead!not in hell or heaven!zo…be careful when u say zat!u’ll be burnin’ till’ nonstop!be friendly
    zo u can get by returnz!zo…ta-ta!

  78. Nicole Angela Says:

    how did dey make de clothes???

  79. Nicole Angela Says:

    its using coins!yay!but very expensive…ima rich zo,i bought de pareidolia bundle! :3

  80. Nicole Angela Says:


  81. Nicole Angela Says:

    better get out now

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