Can your nerves handle All Hallows Eve?


Can you come out of All Hallows Week with your nerves intact? Pet Society dares you to find out!

New Mystery Box Items!

Tiny Pumpkin
(Red Mystery Box)
Jar of Halloween Candy
(Blue Mystery Box)
Pumpkin Rug
(Gold Mystery Box)
Hanging Paper Kitty
(Gold Mystery Box)

Limited Items!  

Evolving Carved Pumpkin
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Tues only)
Kitty Pumpkin
(Outcome of Evolving Carved Pumpkin)
Owl Pumpkin
(Outcome of Evolving Carved Pumpkin)
Teddy Pumpkin
(Outcome of Evolving Carved Pumpkin)
Ghostly Manor Throne (1 of 3 + completion reward)
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Cool Stuff | Furniture – Living) (Weds + Thurs only)

Free Gift, New Poo and Digging Update!

All Hallows Eve Tall Candelabra
(Free Gift)
Bat Poo
(Can’t be bought – must be ‘produced’)
Jack O Poo
(Can’t be bought – must be ‘produced’)
Skull Poo
(Can’t be bought – must be ‘produced’)
Trick or Treat Basket
(Digging update)

Hideeni’s Back!

Hideeni’s back and he’s badder than ever! Collect the Baby Pumpkins to claim your exclusive Mischievous Outfit!

Mischievous Hideeni
Angry Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Bat Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Cat Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Cute Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Ghost Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Happy Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Sad Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Skulls Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Sleepy Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Stars Baby Pumpkin
(Hideeni Gift)
Mischievous Outfit
(Hideeni Gift Completion Reward – Not for sale)

Collaborative Item!

Adopt this creepy clan with some help from your friends! You need six of each component to animate the whole Macabre Family Set!

Macabre Doll
(Component of Macabre Family Set)
Macabre Foil
(Component of Macabre Family Set)
Macabre Plant
(Component of Macabre Family Set)
Macabre Family Set
(Boutique – Featured | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Bizarre Boy
(Part of Macabre Family Set)
Grim Girl
(Part of Macabre Family Set)
Morbid Mother
(Part of Macabre Family Set)
Peculiar Patriarch
(Part of Macabre Family Set)
Unusual Uncle
(Part of Macabre Family Set)

New to the Boutique!

Halloween Princess Bundle
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Girls)
Vampire Bat Jubble Set
(Boutique – Featured | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Mr. Vampire Bat Potion Bottle
(Part of Vampire Bat Jubble Set)
Mr. Vampire Bat Jubble
(Summoned by Mr Vampire Bat Potion)
Mrs. Vampire Bat Potion Bottle
(Part of Vampire Bat Jubble Set)
Mrs. Vampire Bat Jubble
(Summoned by Mrs Vampire Bat Potion)
Summoning Note
(Boutique – Featured | Market – Toys & Collectables) (OWO)
Chinese Vampire Jubble
(Summoned by Summoning Note)
Witch Stirring Pot
(Boutique – Featured | Market – Toys & Collectables) (OWO)
Cute Witch Jubble
(Summoned by Witch Stirring Pot)
Haunted Princess Painting
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Haunted Princess Painting
(after lights are turned off)
Cursed Angel Wings
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Accessories) (OWO)
Dark Angel Wings
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Accessories)
Halloween Wig Dye Table
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | DIY – Hair Stylist)
Halloween Make Up Kit
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Accessories | Market – Cool Stuff)
Jack O Lantern Tree Seed
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Gardening)
Jack O Lantern Fruit
(Grown on Jack O’ Lantern Tree)
Jack O Lantern Tree
(Grown from Jack O’ Lantern Tree Seed)
Cursed Paradise Garden Wallpaper + Floor
(Boutique – Featured/Home | DIY – Walls & Floors)

More Great Items! 

Sassy Spider Outfit
(Clothes – Girls)
Striking Spider Outfit
(Clothes – Boys)
Halloween Milkshake
(Food – Groceries)
Halloween Sundae
(Food – Groceries)
Jack O Lantern Teddy
(Furniture – Living)
Hanging Paper Owl
(Furniture – Living)
Hanging Paper Pumpkin
(Furniture – Living)
All Hallows Eve Ghost Candle
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
All Hallows Eve Lantern
(Furniture – Living)
All Hallows Eve Pumpkin Candle
(Furniture – Living)
All Hallows Eve Candelabra
(Furniture – Living)
Black Pumpkin Decor
(Furniture – Living)
All Hallows Eve Caged Birds
(Furniture – Living)
Orange Pumpkin Decor
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
All Hallows Eve Vase of Flowers
(Furniture – Living)
Hanging Pumpkins Decor
(Furniture – Living)
Orange Round Cushion
(Furniture – Living)
Navy Round Cushion
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Purple Round Cushion
(Furniture – Living)
Pumpkin Pair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Purple Pumpkin Decor
(Furniture – Living)
Wall Hole with Rat
(Furniture – Living)
All Hallows Eve Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
All Hallows Eve Bedside Table
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Orange All Hallows Eve Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Purple All Hallows Eve Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Scarlet All Hallows Eve Chair
(Furniture – Living)
All Hallows Eve Fireplace
(Furniture – Living)
Orange All Hallows Eve Chaise Lounge
(Furniture – Living)
Purple All Hallows Eve Chaise Lounge
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Scarlet All Hallows Eve Chaise Lounge
(Furniture – Living)
Orange All Hallows Eve Table
(Furniture – Living)
Purple All Hallows Eve Table
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Scarlet All Hallows Eve Table
(Furniture – Living)
All Hallows Eve Orange Mailbox
(Outdoor – Furniture)
All Hallows Eve Purple Mailbox
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Bush with Cobwebs
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Coffin Flower Plot
(Outdoor – Gardening)
All Hallows Eve Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
All Hallows Eve Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Cute Ghost Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Cute Ghost Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Candy Corn Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Candy Corn Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Black Kitty Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Black Kitty Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)

New Items for House and Yard! 

House Exterior

Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

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83 Responses to “Can your nerves handle All Hallows Eve?”

  1. ALIEN Says:

    the design are very “cartoon”… I hope for some more elegant ones next week

  2. April Lynn Mundine Says:

    to cute for my comprehension!!!!!!!!!!!! screams* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT!!

  3. Marjorie Boozer Says:

    I just love this game and look forward to all the holiday’s and the
    different things and outfits that we get to buy.

  4. Scruffy Says:


  5. nongrak Says:


  6. Dray Says:




  7. divyanshupetsociety Says:

    WOW!I wish There were more coin items than the cash ones….Don’t you think you are having too too too many cc items every week?Though u give us a chance for 5 psc,but still we can’t buy anything good :/ And you did this to stop Bebe Gattino’s Question!Well,Please please next time when you introduce the make up kits,Please make them cloborative!90% OF UR USERS ARE OF 13-17 TEENS,AND YOU WANT MONEY FROM US!!!

    • Suni Bee Says:

      I SO agree with you, it’s kinda annoying how all these beautiful items are psc 😐 I mean, sometimes we want them sooo bad that we end up buying without the permission of our parents (been there done that..) DON’T want this to sound like I’m obsessed but I love PS, despite the refusal of bringing back the old game……. yet, it seems that you don’t care about your players, you keep making us spend REAL money, on a game that’s not as efficient and good as it used to be, yes, gorgeous items BUT I think we deserve better as far as pricing and availability goes.. so please PETSO listen to our needs, LESS PSC ITEMS MORE COLLABORATIVE N’ COINS, AND BRING BACK THE OLD GAME, NO MORE DYNAMIC LOAD!!!!!!!

    • Kyo Says:

      Of course they want money, they aren’t running this game out of the goodness of their hearts, it’s a business. The people that work on PS and design everything do need to be paid.

      Though I agree that it sucks when all of the good items are for cc, since I don’t have the money to buy them either. 😦

    • Ben Says:

      55 Coin Items and 11 PSC items, wow!

  8. nejita olivares Says:

    la pròxima semana se viene de miedo.

  9. Seniwati Muin Says:

    I love this new week >w<
    Halloween :3

  10. MoNa Says:

    i like this week items it look like cartoon …. soo funy

  11. Terka Svobodová Says:

    Do you think that Makeup kit will stay like others, or will be limited for some weeks?

  12. Serena E Basta Says:

    I love them!! and the wigs of these last weeks were lovely!! thank you great job!!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Those Macabre Family Set look too normal , i prefer something more creepy.. maybe also skeleton wing pls 😀

  14. Jeen Chantarat Says:


  15. Sc'f Yuting Says:

    that potrait is freaking me out!

  16. elizabeth Says:

    finally, loves all

  17. Noemi Ayala Says:


  18. janwolf Says:

    Can you bring back the other haunted ‘portrait’ from last year that in daylight shows a smiling male pet in a nice suit, but when the light is switched off, it starts to peel and his face become shadowy and scowling and eyes are glowing? I really really like it, and is hoping to see it available again.

  19. Azam Says:

    This is better than the treasure of nile week,,

  20. Doulos Manik Says:

    i love halloween

  21. Madison Bishop Says:

    @ALIEN: Not attacking you or anything, because I know what you mean. I kinda want those kinds of items too, but I always remember that this is a game called “Pet Society” that’s made up of cute things rather than pretty. Not to put down cute stuff either, cute is always good too~!

    Anyway, I love these designs. I loved some of last halloween’s items so much, I try to use them all year. > _>;; Okay, so maybe that’s weird, but I really enjoy them. So hah.

  22. Julie Gibson Says:

    Well I can’t say I like many of the things but I guess that means I get to save more money this week instead of buying things. I am over halfway to becoming a pet society millionaire!

  23. Maria Squid Says:

    Scary wallpaper 😥

  24. Allyza Rose Linao Says:

    yeppi 😀

  25. Allyza Rose Linao Says:

    treat or kick

  26. Angelannie Says:


  27. Spöôky Bonesworth Says:


  28. Severus Says:

    Love it! It’s sooo awesome and lovely!!!! Beautiful and fun! Great imagination guys! I especially can’t wait to collect the Hideeni collects!!!!!!

  29. Anna Says:

    it is so bad that i can next week not play pet society

  30. robin Says:

    omg i love it!! love it!!!! cute designs, a good hairstyle for boy pets, cool collaborative, those jubbles!!, and orange hair dye table!!!

  31. Kimberly Munday Says:

    You have added another collaborative item without fixing the insane problem many of your customers are having with that feature. We still can’t gift or collaborate or ask for gifts. 😦 when r u going to listen to us!!

  32. TTTrow Says:

    I agree with the first post, i think you guys did a great job here though, i love the new garden wallpaper and the halloween princess. We want scary things at halloween we get cute stuff all year! ^_^

  33. anmaja Says:

    Oh I like this, classic cute halloween like the last halloween-themes week of 2010! I love that the fireplace is for coins, but I am sad the cursed paradise wallpaper is for cash. Luckily the new daily reward system gives some coins every 5 days! 😀 I am really looking forward to the other halloween themes!

    I’d love to make a halloween cursed forest, but I noticed the dead tree decor and dark wizard gravestone were missing from the outdoor shop! Did I look in the wrong place, or did those items really disappear? I never saw a notification on the blog :S

  34. andres Says:

    yo quiero

  35. Natasja Says:

    It’s not often that I get enthusiastic about PS, but you really did a great job on this theme! Thumbs up 🙂

  36. mika Says:

    KYAAAA !!!

  37. 0MissU0 Says:

    i really like some of the thing and i want to buy this theme so please can we get all these cute things in coins please please

  38. zuhra Says:

    wow! best week!

  39. Eiko Says:

    Macabre Family Set and the jubbles look very cool 😀

  40. Marie Argeline Says:

    I Want The Dye Table ='( And The Limited Edition Bundle ! =’3

  41. samanthafierce Says:

    love it!!!!

  42. Celine X 巧克莉 Says:

    just like what i expect,all beauty item is CASH ……..

  43. NotFromMars Says:

    Cute stuff! I love the kitty wallpaper!!

  44. Andie Caceres Says:

    me gusta esta semana pero no ponen sus precios

  45. eyeofnewt Says:

    Best week ever in the history of everything. Pumpkins everywhere, Addams family-lookalikes, gorgeous outfits, best decor… Yes yes yes.

  46. Kate Says:

    I really like some of these items and I can’t wait to dig everything up in the graveyard map!

  47. eileene Says:

    cool stuff but ps~u should look at the posts

  48. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    pongan un kit de maquillaje como colaboración please

  49. Holly Says:

    Very Adorable! I absolutely love Halloween time on PS, because the items are always cute, but scary at the same time! I’m looking forward to seeing the next two weeks! ^.^

  50. Lilly Tress Says:


  51. Peter Says:

    bring back the black immortal wings…

  52. Maria Frugone Says:

    ya quiero comprar todooo

  53. Myrian Rossana Rojas Cardozo Says:

    que genial!!!

  54. anna Says:

    I love the Macabre’ family…….. lol The Addams ‘s Famliy!!!!!! (snap. snap)

  55. Syeifa Syafieah Says:

    this is so so coollll…..

  56. Kathy Jie II Says:

    I love the digging update!

  57. nareen Says:

    ahhhh cant wait for this ill earn money from now hheheehhe

  58. Carlos Says:

    I loved my pet society…y amo Halloween!!! =D

  59. society Says:

    Oh my gosh! i almost complted the trasure map verything and Halloween?
    I like Halloween,i like “THE FRIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS”

  60. society Says:

    i suggest they should have Make up kit that costs a Pet Society coins and not PFC!

    Why don’t they sell it with cute eyes and mouths inside?
    Why don’t they sell it for a very high price?
    Like 20,000 Coins or 15,000?

    Anyways..thats just a suggestion.

  61. Carl Evans Jover (blu) Says:

    you know the most scariest is the haunted princess painting on the monster version pet society always rocks!!!!…I like also the cursed angel wings,dark angel wings and the cursed paradise garden wallpaper….this is the best

  62. vanitylicenseplate Says:


  63. Althea Says:

    I really like Halloween!!

  64. patric Says:

    I think this game should put pets for Halloween and I love this game

  65. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    cooperation should be put makeup kit if you can not when agan other makeup kit and put it coperati

  66. echy08 Says:

    cash… -,-” i hate cash.. poor person always so broken heart when i see cash object and i want that!

  67. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    I insist that put a makeup kit and collaboration

  68. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    insisto en que ponga un kit de maquillaje como colaboración

  69. Ben Says:

    I do not understand this:

    Halloween Wig Dye Table
    (Boutique – Featured/Pet | DIY – Hair Stylist) <—

  70. Toni Lyon Says:

    The Halloween items are a blast! And they can coexist with the last few themes. But PLEASE bring back some more spider webs! I just love those!

  71. A-Nonymus Says:

    cute things!!! but lessen the cute themes… -__-

  72. Yahara Soza Says:

    Halloween…. YAYYYYY!!!! >:D MUAHAHAH!!! O.O CREEPY!

  73. Aspen Kay Person Says:

    You guys are so awesome and your talents are so amazing each week, but mostly Halloween…
    I completely love everything you do and offer…
    You are the best…
    However I do understand the people who cannot afford or are too young to pay cash…
    It is so sad to know that they must sit there and wish for things they cannot have…
    Perhaps a more fair pricing way of doing things is to make just some items very high in price with cash and most all the others for coins so you don’t cut out your public and members so much…

  74. Honey Says:

    i hope i can open Pet Osciety in tuesday ><

  75. Williams Jose Arismendi Garcia Says:

    yo digo que creen un kit de maquillaje como coperativo

  76. cam Says:

    me encanta las cosas de halloween!!!!!!!! este año estan re buenas, me encantan!

  77. David Says:

    Nice ^^

  78. soso Says:

    is poo still available to produce now??

  79. luciano Says:

    ojala que agan casi lo mismo pero con mas calabazas pero que se mueban

  80. luciano Says:

    Let us hope that agan almost the same thing but with more pumpkins but mueban

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