Welcome to Treasures of the Nile Week!


Let’s go back… way back… and check out some Egyptian style with the Treasures of the Nile in Pet Society!

New Mystery Box Items!

Egyptian Tray of Jewels
(Red Mystery Box)
Colorful Egyptian Urn
(Blue Mystery Box)
Isis Headdress
(Gold Mystery Box)
Sacred Cat Plushie
(Gold Mystery Box)

Limited Items!

Grand Sphinx
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Tues only)
Egyptian Princess Bundle
(Boutique – Featured | Pet – Clothes/Girls)

Free Gift, New Fish and Digging Update!

Mini Sarcophagus
(Free Gift)
(Outdoor – Fish)
Cat Goddess Costume
(Digging update)

Collaborative Item!

It’s now even easier to make collaborative items! Work with your friends to make the Egyptian Palace Throne!

Egyptian Golden Scarab
(Component of Egyptian Palace Throne)
Egyptian Jewels
(Component of Egyptian Palace Throne)
Egyptian Gold
(Component of Egyptian Palace Throne)
Egyptian Palace Throne
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Furniture – Living)

New to the Boutique! 

Cow Goddess Costume
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Girls)(OWO)
Falcon God Costume
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Boys)(OWO)
Jackal God Costume
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Girls/Boys)
Nefertiti Headdress
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Accessories)
Colorful Scarab Wings
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Accessories)
Egyptian Mystery Evolving Statue
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Cool Stuff)
Royal Egyptian Couple Statue
(Outcome of Egyptian Mystery Evolving Statue)
Grand Anubis Statue
(Outcome of Egyptian Mystery Evolving Statue)
Spectacular Isis Statue
(Outcome of Egyptian Mystery Evolving Statue)
Golden Desert Berry Tree Seed
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Gardening)
Golden Desert Berry Tree
(Grows from Gold Desert Berry Tree Seed)
Little Pets Carrying Seat
(Boutique – Featured | Furniture – Living)
Baby Camel Seat
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Egyptian Palace Scene Changing Archway
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Furniture)
Egyptian Tomb Wallpaper + Floor
(Boutique – Featured/Home | DIY – Walls & Floors)(OWO)
Egyptian Desert Oasis Mirage
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Furniture)
Time Changing Pyramids Garden Wallpaper + Floor
(Boutique – Featured/Home | DIY – Walls & Floors)

More Great Items! 

Egyptian Girl Outfit
(Clothes – Girls)
Egyptian Boy Outfit
(Clothes – Boys)
Egyptian Bread
(Food – Grocery)
Egyptian Elixir
(Food – Grocery)
Eye of Horus Hieroglyph
(Furniture – Living | Market – Cool Stuff)
Ankh Hieroglyph
(Furniture – Living | Market – Cool Stuff)
Zigzag Hieroglyph
(Furniture – Living | Market – Cool Stuff)(OWO)
Cleopatra Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Nefertiti Decor
(Furniture – Living)
King Tut Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Egyptian Blue Urn
(Furniture – Living)
Ankh Mirror Wall Decor
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Brown Urn
(Furniture – Living)(OWO)
Baboon Burial Urn
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Jackal Burial Urn
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Falcon Burial Urn
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Pharoah Burial Urn
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Egyptian Pile of Treasure
(Furniture – Living | Market – Cool Stuff)
Egyptian Palace Left Sconce
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Palace Right Sconce
(Furniture – Living)
Soft Teal Cushion
(Furniture – Living)
Grand Egyptian Palace Mirror
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Horus Wall Painting
(Furniture – Living)(OWO)
Egyptian Hathor Wall Painting
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Scale Decor
(Furniture – Living | Market – Cool Stuff)
Egyptian Palace Bedside Table
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Egyptian Palace Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Palace Table
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Palace Privacy Screen
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Palace Vanity Table
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Egyptian Palace Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Egyptian Palace Couch
(Furniture – Living)
Egyptian Palace Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Egyptian Obelisk
(Outdoor – Furniture | Market – Cool Stuff)
Egyptian Jewellery Stall Decor
(Outdoor – Furniture | Market – Cool Stuff)
Egyptian Palace Archway
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Egyptian Palace Leaf Column
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Egyptian Palace Column
(Outdoor – Furniture)(OWO)
Egyptian Palace Alcove Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Egyptian Palace Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Egyptian Palace Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)

New Items for House and Yard!

House Exterior Yard Sphinx
(Yard – Luxuries)

Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

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59 Responses to “Welcome to Treasures of the Nile Week!”

  1. pet society addict Says:


  2. saritapepe Says:

    yuppie…will save all the week! 😀

  3. Nyna Ace Says:

    this is soooo my weeek !!! x3

  4. Kate Flint Says:

    Awesome PC clothes that my pet will never get to wear. V_V

  5. ahmad21789@hotmail.com Says:


  6. edfWEDAFC Says:

    the bast stuff 4 cash again!!!!!!!!

  7. ahmad Says:


  8. Swordman แห่ง Iris Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  9. Szalma Izabella Says:

    what about Halloween??

  10. Jaycee Says:

    could have had a petling camel..and a coins tree..getting sick of everything being playfish cash

  11. Yvette Says:

    can’t wait will have to save some pennies for this stuff x

  12. mademoiselle Says:

    meh T – T

  13. carolina Says:

    its really awesome!!! but i wanna see what comes for Halloween this year!!! i love so much this October month!!! i can`t wait to see what comes!!!

  14. mirta bouzon (@nativarte) Says:

    me encanta estre juego siempre cosas nuevas los felicito es hermoso

  15. Candy Says:

    Horrible! So boring.

  16. Ramani Says:

    wow awesome

  17. TTTrow Says:

    frickin beautiful

  18. cutopia Says:

    Wow!!! I love it! ♥♥♥

    I agree that a petling camel would have been a great idea to add to this week.
    Otherwise fantastic!!!

  19. Jlr Says:

    Beautiful artwork and items! PS artists are sooo talented! Loveeee it!!!!

  20. Bruno Tomas Says:

    fantastic!!! grand

  21. Cyrina Ba Says:

    sorry to say that but i don’t think it’s sait to make 3 times an egyptian week, what are you trying to prove ? its not fair to make more than one week the same theme, there are loads of other civilizations in Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, other african countries, and also latin America, Korea, Russia etc,i’m just saying my opinion that u’re really not fair in choice of themes.I hope that u will consider making other weeks for different civilizations

  22. Marzipan Says:

    I agree with Cyrina. Although the items do look very nice, the last Ancient Egypt theme is still fresh in my mind. Why Egypt for a third time? Why not some other part of history or culture? Or something else that’s new?

  23. John Says:

    I don’t like much this theme.I want Halloween Theme!

  24. Christina Says:

    mhm,i agree with cyrina,we should have a different theme each time instead on japan twice..eypt 3 times..and when i saw the picture with the girl wig,i was thinking that I KNOW that its not going to be for coins..not going to be purchasing any items with coins or cc! 😦 i just remember how happy this game was when there wasnt any cc and there has never been large wings NOT for cc..

  25. ruth hannah escuadro (@BABYRUUUTH) Says:

    hahahahha.. is soo nice,… wooooho! I LOVE PETSOCIETY!!! 😀

  26. Richelle Gamayon Says:

    Nice furnitures, but I have to agree with most of the comments above. A theme that’s repeated for the third time and beautiful items that can only be purchased with PSC (Playfish’s giving out free PSC yet the ‘new lottery wheel’ replacement is having problems. Seems they don’t want you to reach the free PSC ‘coz the prize tab resets even if you’re playing consecutive days in a row).
    The Egyptian palace throne is also beautiful and would be exciting to build, except that I’m afraid I would get an error message again when I’ll try to ask friends for my items. This has happened to me for weeks now.
    *shakes head slowly*

    Hope all of these concerns will be considered by Pet Society.

  27. Carole Says:

    I am disappointed…Ancient Egypt again….Why are the same themes recycled over and over again?! With 11 million players, if the developers are short on ideas for themes, ask the players what we want. We pay enough to play this game to warrant having a say don’t we? @_@

  28. Cheaky Spp Says:

    I cant get the collect of the coin to work at all since the new change. I cant get it to post. It always gives me a failure error and its upsetting. I cant wait for Halloween and this stuff is pretty too. But I am sad about the collection of coin everyday not working. TOTALLY!!! not moving up to next level of coin and not being able to post for friends. Please fix asap.

  29. s3ren4 Says:

    more cc items :/
    i agree with cyrina,,,maybe korea will be great for the next week theme

  30. christine Says:

    mayor…….have you wake up!!!!!!! i have been email to u for sooooo many times..yet u dont take action!!!! i had been more than a month cannot send daily free gifts to my friends and cannot send out any help request. sooo how i going to complete the new mission if i cannot send help request..if it over!!! i cannot get it anymore…..

  31. Me Says:

    Boo! Nothing good for coins

  32. Kate Says:

    Well at least I can save my coins this week lol…I thought we had an Egypt week not too long ago?

  33. Izzy Says:

    The Items are beautiful. For once i’m not a fan of the pc items which is awesome because think the coin items are fantastic! Job well done 🙂

  34. May Lau Says:

    seen all the items…
    most WERE all nice but they looked VERY expensive so i bet only the basic items will be coins and the rest is PSC so… i dont like this theme.
    i play pet society a lot so im sure that the yard Spinx and maybe the house exterior is PSC. TOO much items are for PSC change some items to coins or at least have a day where PSC items are for coins each week!!! That makes everyone happy

  35. cherrd Says:

    kinda of tired with this kind of theme, could probably have something else besides that, guess I will save up my money this week then

  36. Black Feuille Says:

    ugly —

  37. sekar Says:

    its very nice but the coins item is bad 😦
    and the cash item is nice 😦

  38. Maximillian Aswie (@Maxizmaxi) Says:

    LOVE IT SO MUCH!! 😀 😀 😀

  39. alya_wira Says:


  40. Sònia Roig Says:

    For those who absolutely love Ancient history, a week like that is going to be really fun! Can’t wait to buy all this stuff! My pet is gonna be like Sekhmet cat goddess!

  41. Sami Johanson Says:

    I luv the doorway and . . . well . . . EVERYTHINGGG!!!!!

  42. Annisa Says:

    Sorry, the item of this week is bad
    I do’t like this week
    But cash item it’s veryyyy NICE 🙂

  43. mademoiselle Says:

    could you make it so that the tiles in our yard change all at once?,its frustrating just one by one… ; _ ;

  44. Matsuoka Hime Chan Says:


  45. Mandy Says:

    nothing much for coin… 😦

  46. Marie Says:

    why are you pushing an egyptian theme, (again) when we should have a halloween theme….it is October!! the egyptian theme items are beautiful, but i want HALLOWEEN!

  47. Maria Clayton Says:

    I like this and it is nice to see that most of the items that I like are in coins, I do not like many of the cc items, lucky for me since I do not have any :-p

  48. A-Nonymus Says:

    the coin items are ABSOLUTELY better than… the cash items!!! …but as Carole and others said… you’ve been doing TOO much ancient Egypt theme!!! Try other countries please =>

  49. Sc'f Yuting Says:

    I wish there’s a Manga Week… v_v

  50. mademoiselle Says:

    btw,the fairy flower trigger thingy,it only work on My account,from some other friends,they cant see it working on my rooms

  51. gladys Says:

    muy lindo todo, saludos¡¡¡

  52. ALIEN Says:

    To be fair, I think the coins items are fantastic this week. I am glad to see great design in the furniture items which shows that the designers are attentive to details and put up some really nice artwork for us. The patterns used in the table, bed, chair are very elegant and grand.

  53. brats Says:

    muah need some help

  54. noadc Says:

    Do a super heroes week

  55. Gold Coin News Says:

    What a nice collection. I love gold in whatever form.
    I wish these are real treasure. 😉

  56. mademoiselle Says:

    could you possibly, bring back the Easter Egg Vending Machine mystery gifts and some collab items from the past?,atleast for a limited time and stuff D:

  57. david XrPDx XaveX Says:

    que bien ya viene halloween ylas csas mejoran simpre 🙂

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