Guaranteed Free Cash in Pet Society!


Woo hoo! You can now get guaranteed FREE Pet Society Cash with our new bonus! For your chance to get FREE cash, log-in for five days in a row!

Get started now and click HERE to play Pet Society!

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71 Responses to “Guaranteed Free Cash in Pet Society!”

  1. Chikita Says:

    About time!!!

  2. gaby Says:

    very coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Carly Brown Says:

    when does this start? and I am getting a blank screen when I try to log in ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. fire Says:

    this is great for the ppl who cant afford thxs alot so ppl stop complaning this is your chace to get pc so dont waste it

  5. Jessica Says:

    Oh my goodness! playfish listened to our ideas ๐Ÿ˜€ Im so so glad. Thankyou playfish, i will log in every single day from now on!

  6. Hapi Qian Says:

    pet society is reali cool~~~looking for new items every week and the items is reali creative and awesome~!!!thanks~!!!โค

  7. virgi Says:

    primera yessss

  8. justcarola Says:

    Hope this doesnยดt mean the increase of cc items and its prices :s

  9. Michelle Says:

    *gasp* now that’s an offer ๐Ÿ˜€ I was getting lazy and not logging into pet society for awhile, but this is a big encouragement!

  10. Jan Says:

    if we collect on one day, does it reset the next day?

  11. karely Says:

    awesome!!!!! i’be been waiting for this day!!!!!! ^^

  12. gtaehydg Says:

    There is ALLWAYS a catch…. -.-

  13. guadalupe Says:

    que lindos ^_^

  14. Sachel Ulvaeus Says:

    Are you Joking??!!! Giving 5 pet society cash is nonce comparated with the hig prices that you have increasing to buy PSC, how much will you increase the amount for it???? 50 , 60? 70, 100 dollars ?

    This game is played in many countries of the world , is kind dificult to get PSC !!!!


    Be conscious of it, I am one of many buyers of Pet society cash , but i will NOT!!! I repeat ….I WI LLL NOT BUY pet society cash till you low the prices. Allsow my friends.

    Please , find the way to los the prices.

    Hope you read it , sincerily Sachiel Ulvaeus.

  15. sasa endhita Says:

    cooool ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Pumpernickel Says:

    I keep getting errors and I can’t save the game after I claim the free coin. Because of that, I keep returning to day 1’s bonus even though I play this every single day. Will I ever get that free cash? XD

  17. tamy Says:

    tengo una queja ya es el segundo dia q entro pero me lo cuenta como q es el primero xq?? y por que se me reinicia la pagina sola y me quita los fish bait que tenia?? no es justo tenia 5 y ahora no tengo ninguno!!arreglenlo asi no dan ganas de jugar!

  18. tamy Says:

    I have a complaint is already the second day I walk but tells me that as the first? and that single page I restarted and I remove the bait fish you had? not fair I was 5 and now I have none! fix it so you do not feel like playing!

    sorry fro mi english

    • Jasmine Torres Says:

      I am having the same problem i been on for three to four consecutive days since the cash prize thing started and it always says that i am still on the first day. whats is going on? i reported it to the makers of the game. thats not fair.

  19. Bassygalore Says:

    About time! Zynga has been doing this for a while… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Lupita Wong. Says:

    Thank you for having arranged that I can post the golden/Yellow boxes. I wonder if you can help me to fish, I never could. I have two years playing Pet Society game and would like to have some fishes. Please. I donยดt know what to do. Thank you.

  21. Haylee Says:

    If you turn down the prize every day for the “come back tomorrow” option, does it delay you reaching the playfish cash?

  22. Elisa Hinestroza Says:

    I have the same trouble way is that! my fish baits and the lottery said at the second day that it is the first one??? and actually i have the record of 5 days for the hole week and yesterday it change to one? that make me feel like no playing for a wile please make some thing a bout it!!1

  23. chris Says:

    WTF my fish bait is gone!! and the lottery is still at the first day. man can’t we enjoy something for once??

  24. Says:

    i think if you claim the coins,it resets to day 1,which totally sucks ):

  25. chris Says:

    will i didn’t claim the coins! i saved it for tomorrow, this game is just full of glitches

  26. Zoe Iris Says:

    cool can you give us 100 blayfish cash for just 10,000 pet coins not dollars please hope you gus read every one’s comments because they really help support the game or maybe listen to ideas such a princess week or well that’s all i recomend cuz u guys nearly got every thing or maybe youd start giving out free clothes or a mini game that you cantype the name of thing u want then win for it it would be better or nicer and you guys might even get a news paper page or make a pet society book tv show or toys clothes furniture or even a pet society shop in real life so when you wear the shirt and like get recomended to someone then there will be more players then get even popular

    hope you read this,
    Zoe Iris

  27. Mikari Says:

    Can’t you fix the lottery bugs >_> you made my fish bait disappear by clicking the lottery =A= if you don’t want to share the free PSC then don’t! I’m pissed with it, now! just one more fish to catch!! >_>

  28. Cat Says:

    I collected for day one, then it automatically reset the day when it was time, and gave me a day one 100 coins again -_-

  29. pet society addict Says:

    so its means u will have free cash every day or it will also have a deadline????if every day i will online everyday!!!!YES!! i will have pet cash!!

  30. estrella sanchez Says:

    ยฟporque me da error despues de cada tirada y no se me acumulan los cinco dias?, parece una tomadura de pelo

  31. Khor ChernFoong Says:

    i go to pet society everyday but i only get 100 everytime ><

  32. Chairman Meow Says:

    So Let’s go over this EA.
    Wait 4 days, having to NOT collect on my coins for in-game use. Annoying and making it harder to play for non-PFC items. Then the 5th days comes. Excitement.. 5 PFC after waiting those grueling days where you cannot collect on the normal coins…
    I click.. and to my horror.. one 1 PFC. 5 normal coinage… and 1 can’t-buy-anything-with-that PFC.

    So Know I have no coins for playing the basic parts of the game and a dumb little ONE PFC that can’t buy any of your fancy items.

    EA, you truly know how to break the hearts of your fans.

    Bring back a lottery wheel with real chances of winning something. This current method is the biggest slap to the face you have given your fans yet. This is an insult!

    You’ve ruined this game and you should be ashamed of how poorly you are treating the fans.

  33. Alejandro Andres Rojo Pizarro Says:

    por que yo no puedo

  34. Becca Says:

    I see after months and months, you refuse to fix the game- all you care about is what people are purchasing, I will not ever buy anything on a internet web game. People get a life!
    I wish you would fix the game to how it was, it is too slow and freezes. what a drag it has become, this will be the last reply- for it is obvious your team could care less. the game will never be fixed. I am blocking the game from now on.

  35. Sheryl Zettner Says:

    This should have been my third day in a row playing, but your system reset my account back to day one. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Not a lot of good signing in every day to play if you are going to arbitrarily reset my account and give me flies at that!

    I don’t know why I waste my time playing this game anyway, but I really don’t know why when it has some gimmick to get me to play more and then cheats me out of it prematurely.

  36. pet society addict Says:

    i kinda hate it!!! i just have 1 cash………….

  37. chris Says:

    every body get 1 or 2 cash , playfish is really cheap

  38. fire Says:


  39. Lilitu Says:

    a mi solo me dio 2 C D:!!! osea no son 5? esperar 5 dias para que no nos den mas que 1 moneda -.- … es una mala broma…

  40. celeste Says:

    Ami se me trava y todos los dias gano 100$ ๐Ÿ˜›

  41. celeste Says:

    Era carita triste ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  42. Cat Says:

    I still get 100 coins EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  43. sharles Says:

    i have been playing for 6 consecutive days and i am still only getting 100 coins can somebody please help me out with this!!??

  44. petsocietysea Says:

    If you want to collect your PFC, please click on Come Back Tomorrow and NOT click Collect Today. Once you enter Pet Society for 5 days without clicking Collect Today, the PFC will be yours (:

  45. anita Says:

    I got a PFC every day.. all you gotta do its clik on come back tomorrow not clik collect today.

  46. Celine X ๅทงๅ…‹่Ž‰ Says:

    i hate this game….cheating all of my friend …..

  47. Khor ChernFoong Says:

    i come to pet society 5 days and all i get is 1 pet society cash?!THIS game is cheating me. My friend have this problem too, Please fix this problem cause i don wanna waste my time coming to pet society for nothing

  48. Reytakaki Oarej Says:

    please 1 pet society cash everyday…… For no cheating us……!
    YOU KNOW…….!!!!!!

    • Ben Says:

      I have 1 in the 1st time, 5 in the second time. Itโ€™s random, so that means, you could get 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 cash.

  49. Vicky Ho Says:

    hey, i dont get this at all! =S i’ve been loged into pet society everyday and i received different amount of PFC every week – got 2 PFC at the first week and 1 PFC at the second week!! =S whyyy because i saw UP TO 5 PFC in the box where we get to choose what to collect once we log in!! but why is it not 5 PFC at the 5th day!???

    does any body has this problem too!?? and is there a way to avoid this!?

    • Ben Says:

      I do not have this problem. I have 1 in the 1st time, 5 in the second time. It’s random, so that means, you could get 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 cash.

  50. chris Says:

    i got 2 cash two time in a row and then i got two 1 cash in row!! playfish is just gonna keep losing their fans that’s for certain!!

  51. brenda Says:


  52. Angel Bell Says:

    it just randomly gave me 10,000 dollars and said do u accept and im like hell yess!!!!!

  53. Yee Guang Hui Says:

    Come on Pet society: Why i always keep getting the same PFC cash (the common was 3) everyday? Can you put a random version so that i will not get the same pfc? (for example: after day 5 i got a 2, the next days i got any number except 2, then the next days for any number and so on. can you stop putting this PFC glitch (which is producing the same number)

  54. Carita Beach Says:

    Carita Beach…

    […]Guaranteed Free Cash in Pet Society! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

  55. Luis Love'z Yhu Says:

    Its still going on in 2012 don’t worry if you ” missed ” it because you didn’t i’m so happy because school is almost out and cant get grounded and miss one day at all FREE PC YAY! ๐Ÿ˜€ but people are saying it doesn’t work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ eh to bad lets try it out XD

  56. Luis Love'z Yhu Says:

    Try the whole summer and you might get a lot of PC

  57. Akemi Vuong Says:

    I have logged into pet society for more than 15 days(after this happened) and I only get is 2 pet society cash every 5 days.I hope pet society changes it to 10-15 PFC or more or at least have watch and earn videos that give you 10-15 PFC or more.I also agree with Yee Guang Hui about this.Please change this.

  58. aileen Says:

    how to fix the error on my petsociety it always says please wait i cant play anymore help me

  59. Aritza Live Says:

    Hello I am Colombian People and I like petsocity game
    Mr Mayor is my friend ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks Pet society
    thanks Play fish

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