Guaranteed Free Cash in Pet Society!


Woo hoo! You can now get guaranteed FREE Pet Society Cash with our new bonus! For your chance to get FREE cash, log-in for five days in a row!

Get started now and click HERE to play Pet Society!

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71 Responses to “Guaranteed Free Cash in Pet Society!”

  1. brenda Says:


  2. Angel Bell Says:

    it just randomly gave me 10,000 dollars and said do u accept and im like hell yess!!!!!

  3. Yee Guang Hui Says:

    Come on Pet society: Why i always keep getting the same PFC cash (the common was 3) everyday? Can you put a random version so that i will not get the same pfc? (for example: after day 5 i got a 2, the next days i got any number except 2, then the next days for any number and so on. can you stop putting this PFC glitch (which is producing the same number)

  4. Carita Beach Says:

    Carita Beach…

    […]Guaranteed Free Cash in Pet Society! « Pet Society’s Blog[…]…

  5. Luis Love'z Yhu Says:

    Its still going on in 2012 don’t worry if you ” missed ” it because you didn’t i’m so happy because school is almost out and cant get grounded and miss one day at all FREE PC YAY! 😀 but people are saying it doesn’t work 😦 eh to bad lets try it out XD

  6. Luis Love'z Yhu Says:

    Try the whole summer and you might get a lot of PC

  7. Akemi Vuong Says:

    I have logged into pet society for more than 15 days(after this happened) and I only get is 2 pet society cash every 5 days.I hope pet society changes it to 10-15 PFC or more or at least have watch and earn videos that give you 10-15 PFC or more.I also agree with Yee Guang Hui about this.Please change this.

  8. aileen Says:

    how to fix the error on my petsociety it always says please wait i cant play anymore help me

  9. Aritza Live Says:

    Hello I am Colombian People and I like petsocity game
    Mr Mayor is my friend 🙂
    thanks Pet society
    thanks Play fish

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