It’s the Pet Society Halloween Outfit 2011 Competition!


Hi, Pet Society fan(g)s!

It’s that time of year again when the days are darker, the nights are chillier than usual and Pet Society gets a whole lot creepier. Yes, it’s nearly Halloween!

To celebrate this time of goosebumps and goblins, we’re giving you the chance to stretch your imaginations and design a Halloween outfit for Pet Society!

The Pet Society team will pick three winners and also shortlist ten other entries to go to the public vote on the forum. The prizes will be as follows:


1st prize: 30 Pet Society Cash plus the outfit will be created and available to purchase in Pet Society

2nd prize: 20 Pet Society Cash plus the outfit will be created and available to purchase in Pet Society

3rd prize: 10 Pet Society Cash plus the outfit will be created and available to purchase in Pet Society

Forum winner: The outfit will be created and available to purchase in Pet Society


For full details of how to enter , visit the thread on the official Pet Society forum: Halloween 2011 Outfit Competition

Full Terms and Conditions here: Halloween 2011 Outfit Competition – Official Rules


To get started, simply click on the image below to get a full size template to unleash your scary ideas on! Good luck!

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56 Responses to “It’s the Pet Society Halloween Outfit 2011 Competition!”

  1. Niwi (@redhanabi) Says:

    Im comming! ^^

  2. Hmmm Says:

    I think the prizes are pretty lame.

  3. Toni key Says:

    I m from Argentina, can i participate? I thank if you could answer me as soon as possible. Regards.

  4. DIEGO Says:

    So many countries aren’t elligible… that’s so unfair!!!

  5. Tiffany Pink Says:

    they could at least make it worth while! like 500 PSC! Wow.. PS is getting sooo greedy and lame! >:o(

  6. Tiffany Pink Says:

    they could have at least made the prizes better, like 500 PSC.. Wow PS is getting sooo greedy and lame >:o(

  7. Sucksss Says:

    I agree. I can just buy playfish cash with money, no need to design and stuff

  8. WTH? Says:

    What happened to last year’s prize of a couple hundred PFC? You make everything more expensive…except for the few prizes you actually do. 😦

  9. Angelica Esguerra Says:

    I think the prize is cool !!! and can i ask how can i design my own clothes .?

  10. Baby cutie Says:

    The prizes so little…

  11. aldynne Says:

    zombie princess

  12. justin mae rubias Says:

    ganda nmn

  13. Koromi Ko Says:

    how to join?

  14. neha patel Says:

    ya but how do enter send it or what??

  15. Peku Says:

    Hahahah!! Cool.

  16. Ale Says:

    Hey, Well this is my first pet society contest , & I don’t know if we have to print it & draw then take a pic & email it, or on paint, could you help me please?

  17. Bat Umar Says:

    but how to win?

  18. Says:

    they gave an iPad for first prize last time .__.”

  19. Arianna Svedese Says:

    I want to participate, how do I design the clothes?

  20. dave Says:

    police offcer

  21. katie Says:

    yep, and now we are doing their work for them, and they will charge PFC for them, and we will pay them for items they didnt even design…awesome, thanks

  22. Malvina Satta Says:

    ¿De que se trata la competencia?¿Que ganas?¿Como se juega?

  23. I'm-yuliani Caroline Zhang Says:

    i’m joined

  24. Mauricio Isetta P Says:

    I need to use the Template?
    Also, if I must Use it…
    I can send the Parts of the Custom separated also?
    For example: the Body(Shirt), the Arms(Gloves), Legs)Shoes, Head(Hat)?

  25. Jing Ocier Daligcon Says:

    How do we sign up ? idk ? >.<

  26. arielo Says:

    which program do

  27. fernando Says:

    I will follow this competition

  28. Jeveline Jane Says:

    indonesia indonesia -_-

  29. sara Says:

    Yo si voy a participar ojala ganeeee yo quiero yo quiero espero ganar y si no gano seguire intentando 🙂

  30. mari Says:

    how do I sign up for pet society

  31. Lauraaa Says:

    no puedo creer que no sea para menores de 18 años y ademas que chido ustedes se quedan con nuestros diseños

  32. NGU Says:

    How do you even design it? I don’t get how you can get an empty template and them design stuff on it. Help?

  33. sekar Says:

    not fair

  34. sekar Says:

    send all pet 50.000 psc plz….

  35. kattie chan Says:

    aku mau ikut

  36. ellinahuda619 Says:

    how i get to the competition

  37. Ari Says:

    Indonesia Version: Gimana cara ikut nya English version:How to join his

  38. Alex Says:

    What about Latin America?

  39. akuriaxx Says:

    i enter!!!

  40. kellie Says:

    wasnt like last years competition 500 pfc or soemthing?

  41. caroline Says:


  42. dillen lenz Says:

    I want 30 PSC

  43. Randy Says:

    I’m not old enough to take part in the competition, but I have some ideas.

    How about designing Chinese vampire(zombie) outfits

  44. Maya Garcia Hernandez Says:

    only 30 pfc! it’s crazy, you want we make your work for only 30 pfc! it is a joke?

  45. لولو كاتي Says:


  46. لولو كاتي Says:

    ابغى كاش من عندك تفهم

  47. plz answer how can i enter the compet. and what i have supposed to do? Says:


  48. sarah Says:

    aha ich weiß gar nicht wie mann das postet

  49. sarah Says:

    ich weiß gar nicht wie ich das posten kann hilfe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Mivitia Says:

    The prizes aren’t super exciting, this time.. Though I am glad the fashion contest is back 🙂

  51. TTTrow Says:

    Yea the autumn garden contest is giving 50cc and this is way more important, ps players look forward to this all year. Shame on u Pet Society.

  52. Aira Kristel Sermonet Clarin Says:

    sasali din ako

  53. Cyrus Joshua Says:

    here is mine! 😀

  54. Eric Joshua P. Dimaano Says:

    how to join ???

  55. vald vale Says:

    hola todo me enca oet society ta’ re copau

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