Welcome to Gothic Royalty Week!


Here’s a treat for all you fans of bats and cats! It’s Gothic Royalty Week in Pet Society!

New Mystery Box Items!

Paint Set
(Blue Mystery Box)
Black Lace Hairbow
(Gold Mystery Box)
Gothic Princess Plushie
(Gold Mystery Box)

Limited Items!

Royal Gothic Throne
(Furniture – Living) (Tues only)
Gothic Heart Tree Seed
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Gardening) (Wed & Thu only)
Gothic Heart Fruit
(Grown on Gothic Heart Tree)
Gothic Heart Tree
(Grown from Gothic Heart Tree Seed)

Free Gift and Digging Update!

Royal Gothic Plushie
(Free Gift)
Purple Holdable Parasol
(Weekly Digging Update)

Fishing Update!

Gothic Batfish
(Outdoor – Fish)

FREE Mini Gargoyle Collection!

You can get a FREE Mini Gargoyle every day next week (Mon-Fri) from the fan page! Each Gargoyle will only be available for 24 hours so don’t forget to get yours! If you’re lucky enough to collect all five, you’ll get the amazing Grand Pet Gargoyle as a reward!

Mini Kitty Gargoyle
(Free on Monday)
Mini Teddy Gargoyle
(Free on Tuesday)
Mini Puppy Gargoyle
(Free on Wednesday)
Mini Piglet Gargoyle
(Free on Thursday)
Mini Bunny Gargoyle
(Free on Friday)
Grand Pet Gargoyle
(Completion Reward) (Boutique – Featured | Market – Toys & Collectables | Outdoor – Gardening)

New to the Boutique!

Gothic Princess Lace Wings
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Girls/Accessories) (OWO)
Gothic Cuckoo Clock
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Cool Stuff)
Small Gothic Snowglobe
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Cool Stuff)  (OWO)
Gothic Snowglobe
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Cool Stuff)
Mystery Evolving Flying Cat
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Purple Gothic Flying Cat  (Outcome of Mystery Evolving Flying Cat) Dark Gothic Flying Cat  (Outcome of Mystery Evolving Flying Cat) White Gothic Flying Cat  (Outcome of Mystery Evolving Flying Cat)
Mystery Gothic Flower Seed
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Gardening) (OWO)
Gothic Blooming Flowers
(Outcome of Mystery Gothic Flower Seed)
Gothic Creeper Flowers
(Outcome of Mystery Gothic Flower Seed)
Gothic Flower Plot
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Gardening) (OWO)
Gothic White Tiger Seat
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Grand Gothic Swing
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Furniture)
Royal Gothic Horse
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Outdoor – Furniture)
Royal Gothic Carriage
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Outdoor – Furniture)

More Great Items!

Small Gothic Wings
(Clothes – Girls/Boys/Accessories)
Gothic Prince Outfit
(Clothes – Boys)
Gothic Princess Outfit
(Clothes – Girls)
Gothic Ice Cream
(Food – Groceries)
Gothic Heart Lollipop
(Food – Groceries)
Gothic Bird Cage
(Furniture – Living)
Gothic White Tiger Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Gothic Clock
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Pile of Gothic Books
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Gothic Easel
(Furniture – Living)
Gothic Curtain
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Gothic Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Gothic Stool
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Gothic Table
(Furniture – Living)
Gothic Vanity
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Royal Gothic Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Pink Lit Gothic Lamp Post
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Gothic Fence
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Gothic Gate
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Gothic Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Gothic Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Gothic Chandelier
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings | Furniture – Living)
Gothic Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Light Purple Gothic Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Dark Purple Gothic Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Light Purple Gothic Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Dark Purple Gothic Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)

New Items for House and Yard!

House Exterior

Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

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70 Responses to “Welcome to Gothic Royalty Week!”

  1. Aina Says:

    wow,the item is so gothic XD

  2. roxy1982 Says:

    wat the hell….its not yet halloween

  3. Al Says:

    I HATE PC STUFF!!!!!

  4. Wendrice Says:

    i’m gonna die!! they’re so beautiful!!

  5. Zoey Angel Says:

    I LOVE IT!!! Cant wait for next week to start!!!

  6. mewquen Says:

    so awesome!!!!! very good looking clothes and other golden coin….

  7. Zen Lim Says:

    So great for being the Gothic idea, I’ll be feel so outdated if you’re going to continue some older style of halloween theme.

  8. Lex Noriega Says:


  9. Lookout Says:

    Add me plzz!!!!1

  10. John Says:

    Cute Items!Love Gothic Theme!That’s great PlayFish,cute items for Coins!!!Cheer!

  11. Kurai Tenshii16 Says:

    yes!!!! a theme in pet society that suits me =) wish a could have all those items x)))

  12. XD Says:

    Wow,this is the first theme in this month that I really thought great! 😀 loving the gothic things and especially the outfit and more,only little PFC things! Good for you,petsoc

  13. mj Says:

    Wonderful week!!!!!

  14. Eiko Says:

    Love gothic items!!

  15. 曾宋卿 Says:

    Super Love It ! 😀

  16. Bintang11 Says:

    The flying cats and the tigers are WAY too cute too be Gothic.

  17. Bintang11 Says:

    The flying cats and the tigers are WAY too cute to be Gothic.

  18. Koume Says:

    Love it all! The outfits are adorable the furniture and little details are wonderful too!

  19. cutopia Says:

    Love the theme and its gorgeous colors, but the some of the furniture looks kind of crudely drawn; The wallpaper looks really intricate, but the furniture looks like it is made out of clay–it isn’t very detailed or precise.

    The gargoyles are awesome! Great clothing too!

  20. edita Says:

    me encantan las cosas gotikas ke bueno estan muy lindas y originales

  21. nekroisiscaliope Says:

    items are more things to do great things gothic and love so precious to me and thanks…….love this items

  22. ray Says:

    why updated is on friday but not now

  23. EA hasn't convinced me to like them yet. Says:

    Nice to not see a ridiculous amount of cash items this week. Perhaps pet society has started reading our comments after all >.>

    I’m a little sad that the flying cat is not coins though, he’s too cute. 😦

    There’s a bit too much light purple. It all kind of runs together. More of the third color would have been nice.

  24. Rubi Heart Says:

    i love it, and i love that the outfit isn’t for real pet cash =D

  25. speshell Says:

    THOSE CLOTHES… +___+b
    Great week, though some items do stray from the ‘gothic’ idea.

  26. Little_Monter No copy my name Says:

    is supeeer!! ♥3♥ <——Kiss Kisss

  27. Helen Plamp Says:

    YAY IT’S PURPLE ‘does a dance’

  28. Christina Says:

    Oh yes!! Love this theme.

  29. Kimberly Kimkhanh Pham Says:

    THIS IS AWESOMEE … do u have these in red too?

  30. 'Bilgehan Bayrak Says:

    woooow super wing !

  31. Janout Says:

    And as always I would wish for another way to get this Boutique things!! Maybe incredible high price like a billion or somthing, I would do it for things like this flying cat! T__T

  32. Spoilers Pet Society – Semana de realeza gotica « Mundo Pet Society Says:

    […] Welcome to Gothic Royalty Week! […]

  33. sherry Says:

    this is so cute ^_^

  34. ashley chelsey gumafelix Says:

    wow!!! super duper super duper beautiful wing!!! 🙂

  35. Dayana Diaz Says:

    cool !!! i want they :3

  36. Becky Beard Says:


  37. brenda_liliana Says:

    o_o yo0 quiero0 to0do0 ♥ n_n

  38. Audrey Formoza Says:

    wow… !! 🙂 😀

  39. no one123 Says:

    wow,this items are so cool.nice work playfish.i really love pet society.

  40. milka_zinedine Says:

    WOW! It’s very very cute! great idea for gothic royalty week ini pet society!

  41. Henry Fanny Says:

    join my group
    >>>> http://www.facebook.com/groups/happy.pet.society/

  42. sophiscated.me Says:

    looveeee 🙂

  43. SomeCrazyDude Says:


  44. .•:*.•. ][ εïзSεnυяiţa Mόoηaεïз][.•:*.•. Says:

    long time not playing ps
    when i saw this i will start playing again,it’s really amazing week
    i love gothic things

    my BLOG

  45. netty Says:

    JEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS how many cash coins . no wonder nearly all my friends have stopped playing this game

  46. SomeRandomGuy Says:

    i love it 🙂 but… it isn’t really gothic since it ist damn CUTE *__* Anyway… Good work, hope there won’t be that much PFC 🙂

  47. Nadia Narendragharini Says:

    please make the butterfly lace wings and mystery evolving cat affordable with coins too 😥

  48. Asecino Orden del Orden Says:

    all of this is copied from the fibula of anime character of One Piece

  49. Aspen Kay Person Says:

    Thank you Playfish and Pet Society for always having new and exciting things for us to try…It is such a fun game…

  50. kyanpadero Says:

    i realy love gothic

  51. swann Says:

    WOOOOT!!! I LOOOOOOVES ET!!! Another Great idea pet society 😀
    Add me friends 😀

  52. Zeus David Says:

    I LIKE Gothic Prince Wig. Well done PF! 🙂

  53. kyanpadero Says:

    i realy realy love gothic

  54. Lunae Skellington Says:

    I’m Goth
    i play pet society
    this mean i must get all!!!

  55. Széles Gábor Says:

    I love it.Keep it up till Halloween…

  56. Anh Thư Says:


  57. Abi Kiroh Says:

    add me

  58. alyssa Says:

    love it love it love it !!!! sooooo cute cant wait till next week! =]

  59. Kate Rogalska Says:

    You call this gothic? Have you ever seen anything gothic in you lives? This theme had so much potential, but you screwed it up mercilessly. Also, you should start to pay your artists so that the yellow coin items would look at least half as good as the blue coins ones.

  60. students Says:

    Could you please make a tree that isn’t playfish cash? you used to make them all the time.

  61. kittenQuen Says:


  62. Sc'f Yuting Says:

    I love the Gothic Princess Wig! It’s cute~I wish there’s a Manga/Anime week too,altough it’s impossible. 🙂

  63. Eric Joshua P. Dimaano Says:

    i like this 🙂

  64. aliahkim Says:

    nice….. lawender!!!!!!!! favorite color!!!!!

    sooo cool…

  65. Cameron Diontez Says:

    i love it so much!!i can’t wait to buy all the gothic things!!yipee!!<3 ❤ ❤

  66. Lorna Victoria Fitzgerald-Cowle Says:

    I like the lace wings but you can keep the rest of it, Tiggi is way too cool for this girly lilac stuff…!

  67. Becca Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE GAME!!!!! It is so slow- do you not want us to play? I don’t understand what the problem is, are you not aware of any complaints? PLEASE SPEED UP THE GAME LIKE HOW IT USE TO BE!!

  68. mademoiselle Says:

    on the piggie statue ,theres alot of complaints on how the links didnt work for them,it didnt for me neither ,now i cant have the last completion reward ;__;

  69. PS Fan Says:

    T^T I just missed it. But today have sale the mystery evloving cat :3. I bought it. But I just missed the statues T^T

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