Welcome to Maidens, Knights and Dragons Week!


Special Dragon Plushies? An Interactive Harp? The most entertaining Owl Jester you’ve ever seen? Behold! It must be Maidens, Knights and Dragons Week in Pet Society!

New Mystery Box Items!

Small Wooden Table Mirror
(Red Mystery Box)
Medieval Candle Pan
(Blue Mystery Box)
Medieval Sconce
(Gold Mystery Box)
Hanging Flag
(Gold Mystery Box)

Limited Items!

Interactive Harp
(Market – Toys & Collectables) (Tuesday only)
Pink Medieval Princess Bundle
(Boutique – Featured | Clothes – Girls) (Wed + Thu only)

Free Gift and Digging Items!

Send your friends this handsome Medieval Goblet and go digging for the Wise Owl Plushie! Twit twoo!

Medieval Goblet
(Free Gift)
Wise Owl Plushie
(Weekly Digging Update)

Win or Lose Update!

Black Tuxedo Dress
Pink Tuxedo Dress

Magical Dragon Maker

Get the Magical Dragon Maker and buy Special Dragon Plushies from it! Alternatively, you can buy the Plushies directly from the Boutique!

Magical Dragon Maker
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Cool Stuff)
Example of Special Dragon Plushie
(Can be purchased from Magical Dragon Maker AND directly in shops)
Example of Special Dragon Plushie
(Can be purchased from Magical Dragon Maker AND directly in shops)
Example of Special Dragon Plushie
(Can be purchased from Magical Dragon Maker AND directly in shops)
Example of Special Dragon Plushie
(Can be purchased from Magical Dragon Maker AND directly in shops)

New to the Boutique!

Medieval Princess Bundle
(Boutique – Featured/Pet | Clothes – Girls)
Medieval Animals Bundle
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Cockerel Minstrel
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Ermine Damsel
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Owl Jester
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Lion Prince
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Toys & Collectables)
Medieval Transformation Cauldron
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Food – Magic Food) (OWO)
Squirrel Transformation Potion
(Only purchased from Medieval Transformation Cauldron)
Owl Transformation Potion
(Only purchased from Medieval Transformation Cauldron)
Fish Transformation Potion
(Only purchased from Medieval Transformation Cauldron)
Sparrow Transformation Potion
(Only purchased from Medieval Transformation Cauldron)
Baby Dragons Seat
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Furniture – Living)
Majestic Dragon Slide
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Outdoor – Furniture)
Medieval Mystery Tree Seed
(Boutique – Featured | Outdoor – Gardening)
Mandolin Tree
(Grown from Medieval Mystery Tree Seed)
Armored Apple Tree
(Grown from Medieval Mystery Tree Seed)
Magic Star Tree
(Grown from Medieval Mystery Tree Seed)
Strawberry Gem Tree
(Grown from Medieval Mystery Tree Seed)
Beanbag Tree
(Grown from Medieval Mystery Tree Seed)
Medieval Mystery Evolving Statue
(Boutique – Featured/Home | Market – Cool Stuff)
Lancelot Statue
(Outcome of Medieval Mystery Evolving Statue)
Lady of the Lake Statue
(Outcome of Medieval Mystery Evolving Statue)
Merlin Statue
(Outcome of Medieval Mystery Evolving Statue)
Throne Room Time Changing Wallpaper
(Boutique – Featured/Home | DIY – Walls & Floors)
Throne Room Time Changing Floor
(Boutique – Featured/Home | DIY – Walls & Floors)
Sandy Brown Petling Biscuit
(Outdoor – Petling)

More Great Items!

Medieval Maiden Outfit
(Clothes – Girls)
Medieval Prince Outfit
(Clothes – Boys)
Dragon Skewer
(Food – Groceries) (OWO)
Donkey Petling
(Outdoor – Petling)
Medieval Hourglass
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Medieval Sconce II
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Medieval Iron Goblet
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Wall Shield Decor
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Medieval Candelabra
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Medieval Iron Candelabra
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Chest of Sheets
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Washing Board and Bucket
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Cellar Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Wall Tapestry
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings | Furniture – Bedroom)
Medieval Stool
(Furniture – Living)
Medieval Bedside Table
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Medieval Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Medieval Table
(Furniture – Living)
Medieval Dinner Table
(Furniture – Living)
Medieval Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Medieval Fireplace
(Furniture – Living)
Garden Fountain
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Sword in Stone Decor
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Medieval Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Medieval Wall Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Medieval Chandelier
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Medieval Day Time Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Medieval Night Time Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Medieval Wooden Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Pink Medieval Castle Wallpaper + Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Blue Medieval Castle Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)

New Items for your House and Yard!

House Exterior

Just a friendly reminder that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing but may change when the game goes live.

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72 Responses to “Welcome to Maidens, Knights and Dragons Week!”

  1. Ayub Says:


  2. Mili Says:

    Nothing good for coins ?????????

  3. keibonew Says:


  4. Namira Ramadhani Rachmat Says:

    boring 😦

  5. Patrizia Vernia Says:


  6. tamy Says:

    because everything psc? there is nothing good or stuffed with coins! is not fair for more than 1 year I’m playing, and every day there are fewer things with coins … I do not like anything that

  7. Smile.be.Happy Says:

    COins always being jerky 😡

  8. tamy Says:

    sorry for mi english im from argentina 😉

  9. mj Says:

    Nothing for coins, Playfish I hate youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. Benjamin Brown Says:

    I really need to learn how to hack!

  11. juan Says:

    i love it

  12. nina Says:

    its like a cross between (Disney’s) Robin Hood (see the womens dresses, cockerel minstrel, and lion-king) and The Sword and the Stone (the owl’s, and squirrel transformations, merlin, LotL, and Lancelot)

  13. maya Says:

    whey all the thing’s with cash ?!! i hate that

  14. SomeCrazyDude Says:

    i agree badly with mj, tamy and mili, so annoying… everythin must be on cash right? -_-

  15. SomeCrazyDude Says:

    and with Smile.be.happy too

  16. Eiko Says:

    So no dragons for those who don’t have PFC. Classy…..

    • Disliking EA Says:

      Well us Non-Cash players can buy a dragon, unfortunately it’s in pieces and served on a stick. It’s almost like a metaphor for the way PS players are treated if they don’t have Cash

  17. Giulia Says:

    why most part of the stuff can be purchased only with Playfish coins??? why there are even less items for normal coins??? I don’t like to play this game because I can’t buy nothing or fewer things for my pet’s house…

  18. Mona Molin Sørensen Says:

    I might stop playing this game I started playing this because there were soo many things I could buy with regular coins.. Now its just like the other games where u have to pay with real money and im not going to now! because its too many objects that must be bought with playfish cash!

  19. Disgruntled_player Says:

    Really? More pets and garden stuff that is cash only? I’m distinctly becoming tired of this game and the movement toward $$$$$$ for playfish. Whatever :-/

  20. lulu Says:

    stupid pfc ruining the game.

  21. Rosarito Says:

    Tdo esta genial¡¡¡¡

  22. K Says:

    i find it very hard to believe that the makers of pet society do not see at least some of these comments and i know that i am not alone in saying that its becoming VERY discouraging that all the good stuff costs PSC. Yet week after week the themes come out and its always the same, PSC gets you the biggest and the best and coins gets you 2 much less nice outfits and thats about all. I dont have real money to spend on an a fake game and it makes me not even want to play anymore when I cant even get anything good. Why can’t you make the PSC things available for a larger amount of coins? I know that you upset alot of people by favoring PSC and people will stop playing your game, including me! I know only 4 of my 12 friends have already given up on pet society.

  23. Plushi Says:

    Quote Eiko. In this way, I’m starting to get tired of this game: every week the things that you can buy coins are furniture!!

  24. Reeree Says:

    Bleeehhh,gimme a break….. So can’t get the LE PFC again..?? Great.

  25. Lauren Says:

    There is never anything for coins. gay playfish cash 😐

  26. lia Says:

    playfish,. you are losing a lot of player. coins and cash items should be proportionate, and every week is less items in coins. many people won’t play no more, change attitude. it’s a game, let’s make 50/50 (50 cash / 50 coisn)!

  27. Jazmin Pellejero Says:

    waw me encantaron las cosas nuevas pero……..el pollito cuanto va a salir? (solo por curiosidad)

  28. yasmin ong Says:


  29. Disliking EA Says:

    “That’s it!?” Literally flew out of my mouth after looking at the coin section. The only cool stuff is the donkey petling and the dragon fountain, other than that everything else is somewhat similar to previously released objects.

    Remember when the boutique would only get one or two good items a week, and the stuff wasn’t even that expensive? I sure miss those days.

    This is what you get with EA, though V_V.

  30. laura Says:

    xq las cosas mas bontas siempre tienen q comprarse con cash??? eso no se justo para los que jugamos, muchas veces son niños y ellos no tienen condiciones d comprar cash, x favor pongan mas cosas en coins y baratas

  31. Angélica Villa Says:

    Está cute el temaaa quiero los dragones

  32. Estelle Nabor Says:

    pleas give me play fish coin!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. henry Says:

    from starting i like this game but too much item belong to petty cash..which i cant affort..even for extra big room must use petcash too..got one suggestion isit possible that when we display a room those item can shift to the other room which super poke game can be done..and for mystery box is too expensive

  34. jajaja Says:

    I have never seen such a boring week in PS… -.- There is just a few good stuff but they are all PFC… I have read all the comments and I did not find anyone who likes this week….. Doesn’t is say something to U, Playfish? Like it is time to CHANGE something????? Stop beeing so greedy!!!!

  35. Cathy Says:

    Why???? Why??!!! Just tell me why??!!
    Why do I have to get cash only for this game??!! There are only stupid item for coins, I also want to have some cool stuff!!
    And the admins are really wondering if people do not play anymore??!!
    It’s not fair! Either you have cash or not, silly idea!

  36. Izzy Franckewitz Says:

    When i looked at the title I was so excited because I love dragons and medevial themes, a total let down…. just sad

  37. Louisesk Says:

    I have been facing the freezing problem for more than 1 week!!!! angry..

  38. moka Says:

    i agree with the ones who said something bout the more playfish cash instead of coins. there needs to be better stuff that we can buy with coins instead of cash

  39. Bintang11 Says:

    You MUST be joking Playfish!
    So many PFC items when STILL so many players are having a hard time even logging in, let alone wanting to spend real cash on your game.
    Rather than try to shred as much cash out of us as possible, why don’t you fix the game PROPERLY and encourage more people to spend again?

    Oh… and I’m guessing the dragon plushies will be just another version of the infamous pony plushies? 5PFC per dragon with “millions of outcomes”?

    Get real!

  40. cutopia Says:

    I see some nice items this week! Some very nice pieces in the new furniture set. Love the shield wall hanging.

    A suggestion regarding fireplaces — I’d like to see more that cling to the wall instead of sinking down onto the floor. Even better might be to give us the option by making the fireplace able to be on shelves and releasing a matching shelf that blends nicely with the bottom of the fireplace.
    Being able to have the fireplaces clinging to the wall allows better layering for a more 3-D feel to the furnishings. Although it does limit the height of the fireplace especially if you want us to be able to take advantage of some of the wonderful paintings we could hang above it.

  41. txgirl Says:

    Mostly cash coins…you have to pay cash to *really* play this game and this game is still in BETA!

    What is the point? There is too much freezing and either you are booted out or it takes to long to play and visit and redecorated and send gifts and, and, and…

  42. txgirl Says:


  43. Sarah Richard Says:

    EA owns pet society now? that explains why you have to pay for everything with real money now and there’s only three places to hunt for treasure for free. I haven’t played in a year and I was shocked to see how much of it you have to pay for. It didn’t used to be like this. I know a lot of people who don’t play anymore because there’s nothing left to do without a credit card.

  44. Sarah Richard Says:

    Also that explains why they give away a lot of coins now, trying to get people to play again, even though they are pretty useless..

  45. pamela della pietra Says:

    esto es injusto mi hijo juega siempre y no es podible que no pueda acceder a determinadas cosas !!!!!!!
    es una gran farza yo la verdad no entiendo porque tendriamos que gastar dinero

  46. milka_zinedine Says:

    banyakan pake pet society cash(psc)….. jangan begitu dong… kasihan yg gak punya psc… termasuk aku… mendingan pet society bikin 1 week aja yg barang2x nya gak pake psc gimana???? setuju gak????

  47. Green tea Says:

    Seriously, it is time to mass boycott this game. I have patiently spend 3 years of my life daily for average an hour on this. Is this what playfish repay their loyal gamers. That’s it. Enough is enough. The setup of Facebook is to be free for all. Real money should be used to the minimum, and “thanks” for releasing crap posts to the fan page spamming my wall

  48. Rubi Heart Says:

    why is everyone complaining?? the stuff for coins is very adorable, i have a beautiful house and cute pet clothes all bought with regular coins. you guys just dont know how to decorate =P lol

  49. Rubi Heart Says:

    and your game is probably going slow because you have crappy internet. i have no complaints about this game. thank you playfish ^-^

  50. rob Says:

    LADY GAGA WEEK WHEN?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
    Please millions of fans need the GAGAweek !

  51. Kate Says:

    I kind of find this week boring, but at least I can buy a donkey!

  52. Chairman Meow Says:

    Never ever trust EA to actually care about their players.

  53. RaveQu Shop Says:

    pony vs. dragon..
    ahahhahhaa x33 xDD

  54. sophiscated.me Says:

    i’m very upset ): i have been playing this game since 2009 and love it very much.all the good items now are always PFC.i miss the good old days when everything was in coins T^T

  55. TROLOLOL Says:


  56. A-nonymous-A Says:

    i love it!!!!

    its like inkworld!!


    and thats my fave.. thanks petsociety

  57. Mendolyn Skye Says:

    i don’t really care for this weeks theme. it looks kinda boring and idk sloppy, just not well designed or something, the colors aren’t good and what’s with all the bows and hearts and wings(frog feet maybe?) all over everything??? also i’m with everyone on the cash shop thing. i buy with real money sometimes, but i don’t want to be forced to pay cash ALLLLLL the time for cool things. would be nice once in a while to get something really neat just with coins.

  58. cony sanchez Says:

    I want a normal house to decorate, it is getting bored….

  59. cony sanchez Says:

    heyyyy this is seriously!!!! change the box where we keep the items, they are a lot!!! IT IS TIRED TO BE SEEKING IN IT….IT TAKES FOREVER!!!…invent something that we can find the items easily..

  60. samguinto Says:

    i ❤ PET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!

  61. swann Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  62. bzgerl Says:

    I’m tired of this game. Most of my frens have given up, coz of the pf
    c. I think I shd too.

  63. Catheriine Says:

    Before: Read blog –> Get all excited –> Save 10 000+ coins –> Buy everything in store.

    Now: Read blog –> Skip the top 2/3 part because it’s all psc –> Sad grin –> Closes window.

    After: Read blog –> Angry face –> Delete Pet Society from facebook.

    Anyway, I hope that’s NOT gonna happen… make an effort, Playfish. Give us more coin items.

  64. John Says:

    Go,PF!Bring out more PFC items and we will stop playing!

  65. Toni Lyon Says:

    Well I have had my year of playing Pet Society and have made good friends and had fun decorating my house along the way. I don’t have cash to spend on the beautiful items and also because of that I am not playing as much. This weeks items are nice. I am disappointed with the dragon maker because you can buy it for coins but need PFC to buy the dragons. Hmmmph! Cheap trick PS! I do like it when you discount the coin stuff tho so it isn’t as expensive and it does help. But so many people would like to have and cannot afford. I just want to say advertising could bring costs down and still not be offensive. I know you have to pay bills but so do I and you get enough people who stop playing the game – who wins? Thanks for listening!

  66. Jennifer Leah Says:

    I am excited for The Midevil week. I love Merlin and Arthur and things like that! I did have an idea for Petlings. I was thinking of a new Petling Habitat, one that would allow for Six or Seven petlings to live in – a Castle! A Castle Petling Habitat allowing for Seven Petlings! 50/60PC

  67. Zorainna Says:

    Love the dragon idea… i love all of them… except theres like 4 things and 3 are PFC! i cant buy it!!! then i try earn the stuff and trialpay cuts me off half way through a servey when i already spent like an hour on it -.- not happy… you can do better playfish!

  68. Mideval maidens | Etiquefacere Says:

    […] Welcome to Maidens, Knights and Dragons Week! « Pet Society’s BlogSep 8, 2011 … It must be Maidens, Knights and Dragons Week in Pet Society! … (Outcome of Medieval Mystery Evolving Statue) … Medieval Maiden Outfit … […]

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