Get FREE Pet Society Outfits, Courtesy of Tide!


Pet Society has teamed up with Tide to bring you some exclusive free gifts for your Pet!

All players of Pet Society will receive an amazing Tide Washer, to experience the superior cleaning of Tide over the next two weeks!

Then, we’re giving away a FREE item of clothing each day*, including some awesome Super Clean Pants, Tide Summer Bangles and Bright Blue Sunglasses!

To be eligible to receive the free clothes, each player must have the Tide Bottle which you can get by visiting the Tide fan page!

Get your Tide bottle now >> CLICK HERE!

* Starts 09/05/2011

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10 Responses to “Get FREE Pet Society Outfits, Courtesy of Tide!”

  1. Andhar Anax Stansa Says:

    OMG !!
    I want to get all ~ XD

  2. no one123 Says:

    cool,thanks pet society

  3. acalistA-HEART Says:

    nag loloko ang petsociety gusto mo hindi9 na ako maglaro a.oo b.hindi

  4. marko Says:

    i can not get free clothing is not working

  5. arjay Says:

    pls give me pet society outpit

  6. Alexis Medder Says:

    I got the Tide washer and bottle immediately. but I only have the pants and tshirts. I’ve logged in every day but it wont gift me the newer items eg sunglasses, shoes. Driving me crazy! People have been complaining about this all over the app fb page too, so if someone can fix it they should get onto it now…

  7. joyce Says:

    hmm the clothes for the boy fits and looks much better in the picture above than on an actual pet society pet

  8. lori Says:

    I have tried several times to claim the tide washer but had no luck it says i already claimed it but did not it would be nice if u can just give me one because obviously the link is not working several people can not claim it .

  9. Alexandra Says:

    Why can’t we also buy these outfits when they are done the week.
    Beacuse not everyone goes on pet society every day to get the prizes.

  10. Blue Says:

    Could anyone trade me the wig for the girl for the wig for the boy on the left my account is Sierra Lowly

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