Add Pet Society to your Facebook Favourites!


Calling all Pet Society fans! You can now add Pet Society to your Favourites list on your Facebook profile! Simply follow the steps below (click to enlarge image):

1. Click the edit icon

2. Click ‘Add to Favourites’

3. Done! Now play Pet Society!

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7 Responses to “Add Pet Society to your Facebook Favourites!”

  1. mimi Says:


  2. Alfatah Aqbar Says:

    uuu…cool mayor

  3. hrychacha Says:

    ahora tengo un facil axeso al juego
    me gusta

  4. brenda nicolle Says:

    si yupi

  5. Brenda Nicolle Lavanda Huaman Says:


  6. Sakuran Says:

    I would lika a zodiac week! ^^

  7. Sakuran Says:

    Thx you soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! >////<

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