Take the Peacock Flower Challenge!


You can now take part in the new Peacock Flower Challenge in Pet Society!

Using the Mystery Peacock Flower Seed (FREE gift for a limited time only), grow all three mystery flowers and receive the Magnificent Peacock Seat!

Ask your friends to send you the Mystery Peacock Flower Seed NOW!

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9 Responses to “Take the Peacock Flower Challenge!”

  1. Bintang11 Says:

    And when are you going to give us new FREE garden so we have some space to plant all these seeds?
    It’s ridiculous… I have 1 free plot left and I really don’t fancy ripping up CC trees and bushes!

  2. Eiko Says:

    I agree with Bintang – I have a lot of seeds that I can’t plant ’cause I don’t have any space left.

  3. aliahkim Says:

    this kinda good… but pls give us spaces …pls 🙂
    How about friends gifting plots to you 😀

  4. Vivmish Says:

    I second that

  5. pet society addict Says:

    i have it but why the tail is stil close???

  6. Lance Says:

    this is really creative!

  7. deb in atlanta Says:

    I have all three flowers, but no peacock. Do I need to do something else?

    • Ben Says:

      At least you need one (or more) different flowers. This is a combination of three flowers. In other words, you need 3 different flowers.

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