Celebrate Our Third Birthday Next Week!


Next week is Pet Society’s Third Birthday!

Celebrate with us all week! We’ll be giving away FREE coins every day, plus a Mystery Gift for fans on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

There’ll also be some awesome Coin items for you to get for your Pet, including a Mystery Evolving Caterpillar, Third Birthday Wig Dye Table and Birthday Confetti Machine!

If that’s not enough excitement, our old friend Hideeni will be back to wish us many happy returns!

See you next week!

The Mayor x

Play Pet Society now! >> http://playfi.sh/qDt6M7

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10 Responses to “Celebrate Our Third Birthday Next Week!”

  1. Mecolito Says:


  2. Bintang11 Says:

    I’m waiting for the sting in the tail… what’s the catch?

    Is there really any point in celebrating the birthday when you’re killing the game?

  3. Breezee Says:

    I really really want to see it all, buy it all!!! @.@

  4. Eiko Says:

    You know what would be an awesome gift to your fans? FIX THE GAME!!

  5. Ella Says:

    wow every week I think this game just can’t get any worse but it does…

    • Breezee Says:

      The game is fine if you dont like it dont play it, it only lags when you add a bunch of people you dont know or put way to much stuff in one room : \

  6. Jplayer Says:

    No post update or leak at all?hmm..

  7. Jplayer Says:

    No post update or leak at all?hmm..curious

  8. Susan Shaw Says:

    Oh, Pet Society…where have you gone? I’ve been playing the game almost since it’s beginning, and remember when there were NO cash only items. If people didn’t have enough coins, they gifted, or traded or used their imaginations to create buildings, scenes, etc. from items like fencing or coffee mugs. Now, on the eve of Pet Society’s 3rd birthday…I see almost nothing for the coming week that is not requiring real cash. For those of us who have been playing for three years and don’t use cash…it’s like not being invited to the party. I’m sorry to see that the imaginary world of Pet Society has been caught up by the greed of the real world. So very, very sad. If it weren’t for using the items I’ve stored over time and my PS friends and neighbors, I would definitely have moved out of your neighborhood by now. .

  9. angel Says:

    que bueno esta semana esta mas hermosa

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