Get ready for the Winter Ball!


The winter has arrived in the Wizard School which means just one thing… it’s Winter Ball time!

New Mystery Box Items!

Winter Prom Earrings
(Gold Mystery Box)
Golden Dragon Egg Decor
(Blue Mystery Box)
Loony Witch Plushie
(Gold Mystery Box)

New Mystery Outfits!

Join the fight against evil with these incredible outfits!

Wizard Allies Mystery Box
 Journalist Witch Outfit
Outcome of Wizard Allies Mystery Outfits (Boutique)
Dog Wizard Outfit
Outcome of Wizard Allies Mystery Outfits
Headmaster Wizard Outfit Outcome of Wizard Allies Mystery Outfits (Boutique) French Witch Outfit Outcome of Wizard Allies Mystery Outfits (Boutique) Punk Witch Outfit   Outcome of Wizard Allies Mystery Outfits (Boutique)

Limited Items!

We’ve unveiled the second of three portraits! Remember, collect them off for a special treat.

Voluptuous Pet Portrait
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Smart Wizard Portrait
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectables)

Free Gift and Digging Update!

Dog Wizard Plushie
(Free Gift)
Gamekeeper Wizard Plushie
(Weekly Digging Update)

Go Fishing!

Will you be one of the lucky enough to catch this legendary fish?


New in the Boutique!

What a wheeze! This joke shop sells items like the new U Poo Potion and the hilarious Trick Wand!

Wizard Joke Shop
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectables
U Poo Potion
(Purchased from stall)
Giant Tongue Toffee
(Purchased from stall)
Wizard Green Fireworks
(Purchased from stall)
Wizard Red Fireworks
(Purchased from stall)
Trick Wand
(Purchased from stall)
Evil Snake Poo
(Not for sale – Outcome of U Poo Potion)
Floating Candle Poo
(Not for sale – Outcome of U Poo Potion)
Red Potion Poo
(Not for sale – Outcome of U Poo Potion)
Zombie Snack Box
(Purchased from stall)
Ash Violet Petling Biscuit
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Petlings)

 Winter Ball Staircase
(Boutique – Home) (DIY – Fittings & Fixtures) (OWO)
Hippogriff Petling
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Petlings)
Hippogriff Seat
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Toys & Collectables)
Wizard Invisibility Cloak
(Boutique – Featured) (Clothes – Boys/Girls)
Moaning Ghost Toilet
(Boutique – Home) (Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Floating Plum Tree-Seed
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Gardening)

More New Great Items!

Chocolate Strawberry Sundae
(Food – Groceries)
(Food – Groceries) (OWO)
Pumpkin Tart
(Food – Groceries)
Winter Ball Sofa
(Furniture – Living)
Winter Ball Stool
(Furniture – Living)
Winter Ball Table
(Furniture – Living)
   Wizard School Sink Column
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Wizard School Toilet
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Wizard School Bathtube
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
 Wizard School Toilet Stall
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Wizard School Open Toilet Stall
(Furniture – Toys & Collectable) (OWO)
  Headmaster Wizard Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Wizard School Houses Crest (Market – Toys & Collectables)
 Winter Ball Chandelier
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Winter Ball Curtains
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Hanging Ice Lights
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Winter Ball Ice Sculpture
(DIY – Toys & Collectable) (Mistery – Glow in the Dark)
Winter Ball Winged Sculpture
(DIY – Toys & Collectable) (Mistery – Glow in the Dark)
Winter Ball Wall Drapery
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Winter Ball Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Winter Ball Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Winter Ball Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Wizard School Bathroom Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Wizard School Bathroom Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Wizard School Bathroom Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Wizard School Bathroom Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Wizard School Mermaid Stained Glass Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
  Broom Rack
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Winter Ball Display Tree
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Winter Ball Gazebo
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Winter Ball Garden Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
  Winter Ball Arch
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Winter Prom Boy Outfit
(Clothes – Boys)
Winter Prom Boy Outfit
(Clothes – Girls)

New Lottery Wheel! 

Welcome to the Cactus Lottery Wheel Collection! Collect all 5 Potted Cactus to get this beautiful Flowering Cactus Tree Seed! Ends August 4, 2011!!!

Romantic Cactus Seed
Little Potted Cactus Blue Little Potted Cactus Yellow
Little Potted Cactus Red Little Potted Cactus White Little Potted Cactus Purple

New House Exterior and Yard Items!

Gamekeeper Hut Example

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

27 Responses to “Get ready for the Winter Ball!”

  1. Bintang11 Says:

    Oh great… another Harry Potter week for CASH!

  2. Maria clarisa Says:

    Yes…… Cash cash and more cash….. I’m not buying anything!

  3. TTTrow Says:

    OMG!!! Hippogriff Petling!?!?! {Shrieks} I cant wait to see what mine will look like im so glad this week is a continuation of last week i could do a whole Potter month. I really like the display tree also very kool. ^_^

  4. petsocholic!! Says:

    i want the poos.. 😦 i hope mayor want to buy the stall.. 😦

  5. Mag Says:

    Hmm you know, you guys should have a Transformers week… I would want a bumblebee plush (NOT IN BOUTIQUE PLEASE)…

  6. des4etyyy Says:

    Why don’t you make a Shugo Chara week 😕 It would be sooooo cute ❤ ❤ ❤ But Amu or Ikuto's clothes should be for coins…ohh and the hair too! It would be amazing!! With little charas flying around. So please think about it ^^

    Anyway I like this week but…why won't you make anymore wigs for coins???

  7. Eiko Says:

    Meh. I only want the plushies.

  8. Sidi Says:

    another week??!! oh come on guys, not everyone is a hp-fanatic. why not do something a bit more grown-up for a change?? i’m fed up with all this childish stuff, all magic, pony, fairytale, pirates and sugar-fruity … give me a break!! how about a wallstreet-week??

  9. Chairman Meow Says:

    EVERYTHING WORTHWHILE IS BOUTIQUE. This is SO upsetting! I’m quitting. This is insulting!

  10. pika!envy Says:

    Why more Mystery Bundles?! >w<;;
    Gambling away PSC isn't worth it.

    It's nice to see that Voluptuous Pet Portrait is for coins, even though it's not as nice as the PSC ones.

    We used to be able to collect poo for FREE!
    But now you have the Wizard Joke Shop which is a PSC item. new low.

    At least the furniture looks nice this time.
    I was getting tired of wooden furniture.

    Again, another disappointing week for me.

  11. Says:

    omg,totally not funny ): there’s nothing for coin players again ): no fun!

  12. Aiko Says:

    lol…Sorry ? another week ? and again in the cool items pfc ? IM so tired.2 Harry potter week ?!?!!? Use alexandre dumas to make some classics….Anyday,i hate,hate,but its more money for u,right ? hate the random boxes !!!!! 😦 im very sad,dissapiointed,but guess ur pockets are so full now that u dont even care anymore.Its sad !!!!!! 😦

  13. Jplayer Says:

    That cactus sure horrible…anyway,Love the tree seed.For the Joke shop,it’s the happiest ever thing…But playfish,shame on you if the price is over 25.and for that tuesday LIMITED…it’s one of horrid limited for boys.And why in the name of all that’s holy do you think when you put that skeeter’s in bundle?and you can’t seriously blend all the things up..

  14. Terza Says:

    YES another harry potter week! this week looks great! can’t wait for it. but for all of the people that dont want to stand another HP week, please, just for us fans, do not complain and ruin it for us. I know you might not like the next few week but it would mean the world to us fans if you just leave these next weeks alone and let us enjoy it okay! 🙂 thankyou Pet Society

  15. rara Says:

    dear pet society, i don’t really care about what’s new in this week or next week or even weeks later. i have difficulty to load into pet society for 2 months (imagine that). and now i can load again thanks to “dynamic load”. yeah i was happy at first BUT it has huge annoying problem. gray paws everywhere, lag, take so long time for sending gift, shopping, or even to get dressed!
    seriously, i rather like this dynamic load because i can load again. but u MUST improve it for the sake of all players. i know from the forum that there’s many players don’t like it.

  16. Aiko Says:

    My problem its not the week,i dont care,its the cash !!!!!!!!! ALWAYS PFC…If u Terza are,good for u,im not.So i think this is too much.And always in boxes….im tired…

  17. cutopia Says:

    Hehe I agree, with you Terza, another Harry Potter week is quite nice. I think they may even do a third one! :O
    Fine with me… I’d rather they explore each theme more thoroughly so I have more items that all work together to decorate with.
    Plus, be it Tolkein, Harry Potter, or whatever, I love anything to do with fantasy and magic.

    I do wish they’d stop with the gambling boxes. I hate gambling! Please have an option where we are guaranteed one of each box.

  18. jkhalila Says:

    Can it be anime week please?(not japan, ANIME week) 😀

  19. des4etyyy Says:

    Oh oh I want anime week too! It will be amazing!!!! 😀

  20. Aiko Says:

    yes,anime….but we cant ask only for a week…the most famous animes.In several weeks too…fair enough.I said,my prob its not the theme,i like hp,i dont love,but i like,i hate,really hate so much PFC …and btw the new way to pay by mobile,the few pfc now that u give for so much money,thx a lot PS.I think ur pockets are not full enough ?? Dont have the house In Switzerland yet ? ok, lets keep slealing…sorry,but u do steal,expecially forcing us to gamble…its always the same…we pay,and we get the sputic same thing we dont wanted,we wanted another….nut there is many real cash in those boxes right PS makers ? iM SAD…everyone should be able to buy many things…ok,use the pfc,but at least dont ask for so much,till 3 coins its u ask 30 pfc for this,and 45 for that…sorry friends,not fair.I really do prefer say gooodbye to u,theres so many cute games,not from ur company around.Sayonara !

  21. Mikari Says:

    What’s with that paws? its not helping to load faster, sometimes the page just show half of it =/

  22. ladyluck Says:

    Is useless to keep playing this game, more cash fish items, i like the old game better.

  23. Aiko Says:

    i only see paws…!!!!!!!! so slow the game now….and yes its no use,all is PFC….im not put any more money on this,great games around the web,that are really free,and others that dont ask this stupid amount every week…not everyone can afford this,for some pixels ??!?! and now the game its slow ? i can see only paws ? JUST GREAT !

  24. hpfan4evaaaaaa Says:

    are there anymore harry potter stuff in pet society?
    i can’t find anything!!

  25. purkine87 Says:

    Hello! I have been trying to collect all the Harry Potter items every since I saw them this year, is there a way you could help me get/buy them?

  26. onlinesports Says:

    I always was concerned in this topic and stock still am, regards for posting .

  27. Anthoo Says:

    How can you say “everything is cash” while there’s a looot more for coins?

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