Five Elements Fish Challenge!



Hi there Pet Society fans!

Are you ready for a brand new fishing challenge?

Starting around midday, June, 30, we’re unleashing the Five Elements Fish Challenge!

There are five fishy friends to collect, but they can only be caught using the special Five Elements Fish Bait which will be available through the Free Gift feature and on the Pet Society fan page daily.

Find them all and you’ll be rewarded with a FREE Bouncy Shape Shifting Five Elements Ball!

See you Thursday,

The Mayor x

7 Responses to “Five Elements Fish Challenge!”

  1. PurpleLilac88 Says:

    I like these challenges because they’re hard and easy at the same time 🙂

  2. Pijan Says:

    i really love fishing! thank you so much pet society! 😀

  3. Rachel Says:

    i really want to buy a london ticket but i don’t have pet society cash cause its my most favorite

  4. Agnes Says:

    I like it *’cause it bouncy :D* but, why it can’t change to another elements? should I fishing with ‘Five Elements Bait’ to get all?

    -I’ve got the earth-

  5. Double Glazing Rugby Says:

    Learning a new skill is an adventure as you get to discover the tricks of the trade when it comes to deep sea fishing.

  6. gggg Says:

    mas fino

  7. joudeh Says:

    i love (p) vary Mitch

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