School’s Out!


It’s a great time for everyone when the school is finally over! Now its time for the summer fun to really begin. Whether you stay at home or go on vacation, there’s something for everyone during School’s Out Week!

New Mystery Box Items!

Tube of Sunscreen
(Blue Mystery Box)
Magnifying Glass
(Gold Mystery Box)
Camping Lunch Basket
(Gold Mystery Box)

Limited Items!

Air Pet Private Jet
(Available Tuesday only)
 Air Pet Pink Private Jet
(Available Wedsday & Thursday only)

Go Fishing!

Be prepared… to find this Scoutfish! It can be caught with any bait!

Scoutfish (Fishing)

Free Gift and Digging Update!

Jar of Cookies
(Free gift)
Clever Beaver Bundle
(Weekly Digging Update)

New in Boutique!

Mon Petit Luxury Holiday Outfit: the perfect holiday outfit for all destinations! It can be bought separately or in bundle! Plus! Camping is fun when all friends are together! Check out our Camping Animals – buy as a bundle or buy on dedicated day for a HUGE discount!

Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Holiday Outfit
(Boutique – For your Pet)
Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Holiday Small Luggage
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Not in part of Outfit)
Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Holiday Big Luggage
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Not in part of Outfit)
Mon Petit Cheri Luxury Holiday Round Luggage
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Not in part of Outfit)
Camping Animals Bundle Box
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectables)
Arts Enthusiast Fox (Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO) (Discounted on June, 29) Camp Leader Bunny (Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO) (Discounted on June, 30) Camp Cook Raccoon (Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO) (Discounted on july, 1)
Athletics Enthusiast Skunk (Market -Cool Stuff) (OWO) (Discounted on June, 27)  Music Enthusiast Beaver (Market-Toys & Collectables) (OWO) (Discounted on June, 28)
Camping Animals Bundle Box
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectables)
Smart Squirrel Accessories Bundle (Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff) Fuzzy Monkey Accessories Bundle (Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff) Beautiful Bunny Accessories Bundle (Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff)
 Pink Fox Accessories Bundle (Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff)  Silly Skunk Accessories Bundle (Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff)

Vacation  Tickets!

Treat your Pet to the ultimate vacation! Buy a ticket for a whole host of items. But which destination will you choose? They will be available in the Boutique (Pssst! The Venice Vacation Ticket will be available for coins until June, 29).

New Outfits!

Embrace your inner Scout! Check the new Scout Outfits for boys and girls!

Girl Scout Outfit (Clothes – Girls) Boy Scout Outfit  (Clothes – Boys)

More New Great Items!

Log Cabin Side Table
Log Cabin Table
(Furniture – Living)
Log Cabin Side Table
(Furniture – Living)
Log Cabin Chair
(Furniture – Living)

Log Cabin Bunk Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Cooking Campfire
(Outdoor – Furniture)

Bee House
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Log Cabin fence
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Water Puddle
(Outodor – Furniture)
Camping Trailer
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Log Cabin Wall Paper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Log Cabin Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Log Cabin Shelf
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)

Log Cabin Daytime Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Log Cabin Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Log Cabin Nighttime Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Nightime Camping Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Nighttime Camping Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Camping Bottle
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Insect Repellent
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Jar of Fireflies
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Family Photo
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Girl Scout Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Camping Camera
(Market – Toys & Collectables)
Petling Skunk
(Outdoor – Petling)
Scout Badges Wall Decoration
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Log Cabin Curtain (DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)

Campfire Potato
(Food – Groceries)
Roasted Sausage
(Food – Groceries)
(Food – Groceries) (OWO)

Snowglobe Souvenir Mystery Egg

Collect 10 beautiful Snowglobes from countries around the world! Find all 10 and receive a Personal Snowglobe – add any item you choose! (AVAILABLE FROM THUR 30 JUNE GMT!)

New House Exterior and Yard Items!

House Exterior & Yard Example
Log Cabin

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

35 Responses to “School’s Out!”

  1. John Arman Arcaya Says:

    schools out?…in our country schooling already starts

  2. ran-chan Says:

    i love the plane tickets 🙂 hope it’s coins ^^

  3. Aina Says:

    I love this week 😀

  4. sirmata :) Says:

    here in the philippines, it’salready the 3rd week of school!!!!! 🙂

  5. Alexis Joyce Sagcal Says:

    Oh i love this week much who want jpb

  6. Alexis Joyce Sagcal Says:

    100% ST

  7. Fleurette Says:

    It’s really schools out in indonesiaa xD
    Wish the tickets are coin item… 🙂

  8. Says:

    i want a new wig for coins D:

  9. Stacy Says:

    the petling skunk is cute but i am sure it will be a pfc item. 😦

  10. Geo Says:

    Love the snow globes! They’re so cute!

  11. Aiko Says:

    i love it ….the tickets,outfits… many things….but again pcf..:((((
    I love the snowglobes!

    i wish i was rich..:(
    thank u.

  12. jplayer Says:

    well done,one of the best week.

  13. jplayer Says:

    well done,one of the best weeks.

  14. Krystel Says:

    Can’t tell if the globes are going to be PFC or not…better not be! But the Vacation tickets for PFC!?!? India doesn’t even have an animated component! There’s NO excuse for that to be PFC!

  15. John Says:

    I want the London and India vacation items! 😀

  16. Isis Says:

    Glad we’ll have a chance to get Venice for coins! Also looks like the skunk is coins, which is exciting. Another week I can honestly say ‘thank you’ instead of ‘what were you thinking?’. Good job, Playfish! Hope this is a new trend after four months of treating coin users as unnecessary.

  17. katie Says:

    typical, if you have a lot of money you get to go on a nice vacation somewhere abroad, while the rest of us are spending out amazing summers roughing it camping…funny how this place is starting to mimic real life a little…

    • Gab Says:

      The Venice ticket will be available in coins for about 3 days, so take advantage of this opportunity 🙂

  18. PurpleLilac88 Says:

    Couldn’t they have added the new vacation tickets with the old ones? You know the ones that are COINS? 😦

  19. cutopia Says:

    The venetian items look absolutely amazing. I can’t wait!

  20. Christina Says:

    i guess this theme is pretty good but the things i rlly enjoy are the vacation tickets and the snow globes! 😀
    r the snow globe mystery eggs cc?

  21. Chairman Meow Says:

    YES! A skunk! And coins for once! or so it appears… Also, i wish the vacations were added on to the previous vacations too. I so want the india one! Going to take advantage of the coin one if i can on june 29th!

  22. Geo Says:

    I think I can put the Merpet Statue in the Personal Snow Globe to represent Singapore!

  23. Marxy Says:

    This is by far the best week in mooonths!!!

  24. Eiko Says:

    Yay for the Venice holiday being coins! It’s my favourite one! 😀

  25. Ace Says:

    I spent all my savings trying to get the beaver costume. It’s so cute! My pet looks ADORABLE!

    Now to try and make more coins. *sigh* -_-

  26. Denisse Says:

    Hey! Pet Society Staff…I took a look at the new items and I couldn´t find the CAMPING CAMERA 😦 😦 😦 is a shame!!!! or is there any place where you put it on?? and I don´t know yet???

  27. Aldrich Says:

    yeeow . make a final fantasy theme 😀
    and make ‘Chocobo’ a petling :3 in coins of course. 😛

  28. Christine Says:

    This camping stuff is great, but why do the shadows of the camping animals do animations that the animals themselves don’t do?

  29. amnart Says:

    yeah nice week woooooow during rainy days in my country is sunny elements beautiful for my eyes

  30. 2nci el esya alanlar ankara Says:

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