The Mayor’s Garden Pals Collection!


Hi there Pet Society fans!

It comes to my attention that Pets everywhere are crying out for more garden plots to grow their seeds!

Pet Society is introducing a spectacular new extra garden and I have decided that all Pets will have the opportunity to get one!

Starting Thursday June 2, collect my Garden Pals through Free Gifts, Fishing, the Pet Society Fan Page and the Lost Animals Quest.

If you find them all, the Romantic Garden with 3 plots will be yours FREE!

See you Thursday and good luck!

The Mayor x

PS Want to know more? Play Pet Society on Thursday, June 2, for all the information you need!

15 Responses to “The Mayor’s Garden Pals Collection!”

  1. Bintang11 Says:

    So this is gonna be like the Ballroom, but even harder to complete by the looks of it… they’re incorporating fishing this time!!!
    And it’s only for 3 plots… That won’t really help at all when they keep releasing all these ‘mystery’ seeds with about 4 or 5 different outcomes.
    We should have FULL size gardens added…

  2. jijun Says:


  3. Satori Says:

    Awesome! I love these little collections the Mayor’s been having lately! We still need FULL gardens, but this is just as good! I’m smiling ear to ear!

  4. cutopia Says:

    Yes! This is fantastic! I’m so excited: These quests are generally a lot of fun! And 3 plots is quite amazing considering the other garden addon rooms are only 2 plots.

  5. Rachel Says:

    Well, I am thankful for the opportunity for more garden space, I have umpteen ‘special’ tree seeds in my chest that I have no room to plant, and I still would like to have one each of the common trees. 😦 I agree with those who say that while this is good, we still need more FULL size gardens. Gardening is one of my favorite things on PS, I wish I could have more space for all the lovely trees, and still be able to grow veggies and flowers. With MOVEABLE plots, too, so we can put themed trees in their themed rooms, or make space in our gardens for furniture, etc, uncover trees that are hiding each other, make gardens seasonal by putting away out-of-season trees, etc. (ie put Halloween trees in chest during Christmas or Easter) That would be wonderful. Thank you, Mayor, but more still needs to be done!! 😛

  6. RadvileM Says:

    Though the garden is only 3 plots, I still am happy.

    I just really hope it wont take more than one week! I’ll be gone for almost a week the week after next and it would be totally unfair for some of us people that cant log in 3 weeks in a row! 😦

    So please, PF, please dont make it too long. Even though I dislike fishing, its fine as long as it wont take 3 weeks.. 😦

  7. pika!envy Says:

    Although small, it’s still nice to have more plots.
    I’m sure I speak for most when I say that we wish the garden was full sized.

    However, I do want to say thank you. (:

  8. hrychacha Says:

    en contrare los jardine acomode lugar!

  9. Aldrich Says:

    you said ALL twice 😛

  10. aldo Says:

    help i no can found the animals and i make that tomorrow and no can make now

  11. Alex Says:

    how do I get snails??

  12. elie Says:

    how can we get snail fish bait?

  13. Alexiel Says:

    Does anyone knows where can I get the baits we are supposed to use for the fishing??

  14. alexis Says:

    come posso ottenere i pesci esca e la lumaca sotto il segno della manina??

  15. Bonnie Rose Bryan Says:

    More gardens, please… with more plots… and moveable plots. And why not a pot for planting trees and/or veggies, like pots that are available for flowers ?! Please, MORE GARDENS !

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