Playfish launches new game-specific currencies!


Dear Pet Society Fans,

Playfish continually strives to provide a fun and easy game playing experience for players. As part of our commitment to providing the best experience across all aspects of our games, we have transitioned our virtual currency purchases through the Facebook Credits platform for our games on Facebook. We believe Facebook Credits provide players with a secure, trusted way to pay for virtual goods and currencies while providing the flexibility to spend those credits across a large number of games on Facebook.

As part of this transition and to align with Facebook Credit policies, we are also going to change the virtual currency used in Playfish games from Playfish Cash to a new game-specific currency in each game. Starting today, we will stop selling Playfish Cash in our games and each game will sell its own game-specific currency that can be used to buy your favorite in-game items. The new game-specific currency in Pet Society and other Playfish games are:

Pet Society Cash in Pet Society

Cooking Cash in Restaurant City

Superstars Cash in EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars

Football Cash in EA SPORTS Madden NFL Superstars

Country Cash in Country Story

Hotel Cash in Hotel City

Empire Cash in My Empire

Rest assured, you will not lose any of the Playfish Cash you have bought up to now. Β We are making it quick and easy to convert it into the new currency of your favorite game or games by using The Playfish Cash Converter within Pet Society and other Playfish games. The Playfish Cash Converter allows you to convert your balance into the game-specific virtual currency of your favorite game or distribute the balance across multiple game-specific virtual currencies of your choice.

To celebrate the launch of these new virtual currencies, Playfish is awarding a free gift when you complete the conversion of your Playfish Cash to new game currencies. If you convert today, you will be rewarded with a Pink Unicorn Petling! But this free reward won’t be around forever as the sooner you convert, the more valuable the gift will be – so don’t wait!

For additional information about how to convert your Playfish Cash balance – or to provide us with feedback – please refer to the Game-Specific Currency section on the forum.

Your friends at Playfish

17 Responses to “Playfish launches new game-specific currencies!”

  1. niebell Says:

    Does it mean i can convert my coins to PFC or what? I’m a bit cracked today.

    • Bacon Biggsby Says:

      I thought that at first too, but alas, you cannot. It’s like exchanging your real money (playfish cash) into whatever currency is used in whatever game you are playing. IE: playfish for pet society, Empire Cash for My Empire. It’s just a fancy way of saying they made it more complicated by changing the name of the PFC.

  2. Bintang11 Says:

    So people playing multiple PF games now have to spend on each individual game rather than having a single currency they can use in all the games.
    Not content with charging some extortionate prices for useless items, you now expect everyone to spend three or four times the amount because they can’t carry their balance between games.

    That’s just downright greedy and I hope people have the sense to tell you where to shove your “game-specific currencies”!

  3. Jayne Says:

    Great, now cooking is only possible with real cash. Or is this an error?

    • Chandra Says:

      It’s an error. I just cooked something and it deducted coins not cash. I was afraid at first but I only have 2 cash so I figured it would stop me and it didn’t.

  4. ChrizT23 Says:

    wOw I Love It XD

    Mean the playfish will not buy any items in petsociety games that have price a Playfish Cash. πŸ™‚

    I don’t Think So πŸ™‚ but,much as possible it will make nice game πŸ˜€

  5. Karla Says:

    This is not fair i buy playfish cash this morning and i dont have a petling because i come too late (just hours)?

  6. boo Says:

    doing this is making people spend more money great job EA.

  7. Bacon Biggsby Says:

    WHERE IS MY UNICORN GIFT?! I clicked on a friend who has no other friends playing PS and I didnt get the unicorns gift. WHY!? I now has a big sad.

  8. PurpleLilac88 Says:

    Doesnt anybody get it? To get your unicorn you have to convert the cash! It’s no longer you can use the CC for all the games I mean you still can but you have to change the name of it. Example: If youre using CC on Pet Society and want to use it in Resturant City than you have to convert it! Any questions?

  9. Dee Says:

    “… to align with Facebook Credit policies…”

    Can you please publish the policy that says we can’t have company specific currency?
    What rule is there that says we have to spend our money on your games individually?

  10. andrea lopez celedon Says:

    OWW nooooo ! i dont wanna change!

  11. Kate Says:

    Sooo pissed that I opened Restaurant City first and it made me do this (I moved all the cash to PS too) so I ended up missing out on this Unicorn. I really wish that Playfish had made it more obvious so I could have gotten this one instead of stupid fricking stove on a game I’m about to quit anyway. 😑

  12. John Says:

    This is awful. Playfish didn’t need to separate all of their PFCs just because of Facebook’s new policies. You could’ve kept the PFC across all games thing and STILL comply with FB’s new policies. You’re just doing this to force people to spend even MORE money. It’s greedy…no wonder Island Paradise has been getting most of my business (i.e., weekly virtual cash money) lately. At least we know what we’re buying in that game.

  13. Rora Says:

    I still want an option that lets us trade in Coins for PF Cash!

  14. divna karisma Says:

    very difficult to get money for fish how easy to get money these fish?

  15. jasmine Says:


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