The Enchanted Pond Giveaway!


Hi there Pet Society fans!

To celebrate the launch of The Enchanted Pond, we’re giving away a FREE house exterior item everyday from April 11 – 15th GMT!

All you have to do is play Pet Society and you’ll find your free gift waiting for you. Collect them throughout the week to complete the set!

See you Monday… and Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. Phew!

The Mayor x

21 Responses to “The Enchanted Pond Giveaway!”

  1. Jamie Chen Says:


  2. monse Says:

    wow! thanks!! 🙂

  3. Faye Says:

    PS is being so nice all of a sudden 😀

  4. John Arman Arcaya Says:

    love it

  5. petsocietysea Says:

    Can someone tell me whethere the new fish can be caught now or must we wait till Monday to catch it? Thanks! 😀

  6. ksuc Says:

    The Thursday and Friday giveaway is the best!!! FUN FUN FUN

  7. pika!envy Says:

    This is so generous! I hope that his change of pace keeps going! ❤

  8. rara Says:

    nice! pet society is feeling generous this week.. maybe they’ll give us free room for easter?? 😀 😀
    by the way, when will the expansion of our yard? i want to have bigger yard. i hope it isn’t in cash

  9. Anseb Says:

    Wuaaa thanks…!!! ♥

  10. Aldrich Says:

    hello, playfish.
    because of your rearrangement in our inventories,
    i have lost my april fool’s poster.
    is there anyway i can have it back? as a memory for april fool’s 2011?

  11. Daisy Says:

    SWEET! Lots of good stuff and great themes lately!

  12. society Says:

    wow i hope they would also give free EXTRA ROOMS on easter day!
    great job PS surprise us with nice games……
    now i have 4 free rooms and nice pfc items even if im not a pfc user!
    thank you very much

  13. Toni Says:

    This is just going to be an awesome week! I love the monster potions and the different decor! And the prizes again are wonderful. One small note, many of my friends are not able to open the perfume bottle boxes sent to them and so are not able to get their free room. What is up with that? Please help us. Love Pet Society!

  14. Bacon Biggsby Says:

    WHAT THE HECK!? Where is my April Fools Day poster and WHY WONT MY METAL DETECTOR WORK!?!??!?!


    and thanks for the freebies!.

  15. ChrizT23 Says:

    Have A Nice Items;like bouncing meteor LOVE IT 🙂 ❤
    i hope that have in easter day a new room it is yellow coins worth of 15,000 like igloo in christmas 🙂

  16. maria Says:

    hi,, i can’t open a gift..when my pet tries to open it the game close, i want you to fix it because it is the last perfume, so I’ve not received the room… thank you!!!!!!!!!

  17. 663236 Says:

    they only want to get more players, because all of their players are going because of the pfc frenzy they have.

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