Out of this World!


Monsters, and aliens and mutant flowers.. oh my! Can you guess what the theme is this week? If you guessed “Items found under Hideeni’s Bed” you’re close, but wrong. Our pets are taking a step back from reality and going outer space! Things are about to get weird, pet fans.. prepare to be abducted, laser beamed and turned into the most crazy looking monsters you’ve ever seen!

Please note: As of today, the existing Mermaid Kingdom Wallpaper (released a couple of weeks ago) will now function as an aquarium! Let those fishies roam free!

Enchanted Pond Map

Before you go rushing to see the new items below, why not take a peek at the new Enchanted Pond on the Treasure Map? That’s right! A new site to dig up magical and mystical items for your pet and their home. Turn your pet into a dashing Frog Prince or become the most beautiful Frog Princess! Don’t forget to use your free daily shovels, too!

Sample Map
Magical Fireflies Tree Seed Magical Fireflies Tree
(Outcome of Magical Fireflies Tree Seed)
Magical Fireflies Tree Fruit
(Outcome of Magical Fireflies Tree)
Enchanted Pond Firefly Firefly Wings Enchanted Pond Mystical Book
Frog Prince Potion Frog Prince Potion
Frog Princess Nymphaea Seat
Frog Princess Wallpaper Enchanted Pond Archway Frog Princess Floor
Frog Princess Dress Frog Princess Headdress Frog Princess Shoes

Our Favorite Items

If you’re looking for something to spice up your daily gardening routine, why not add a few mutants into your garden? We can’t promise they’ll keep Hideeni away or anything, but they certainly look cool! Plant the Mutant Flower Seed and watch it grow into one of four unusual, yet beautiful (in their own way) plants! Can you collect all four?

Mutant Flower Seed
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Gardening)
Mutant Red Sunflower Plant
(Outcome of Mutant Flower Seed)
Mutant Pink Sunflower Plant
(Outcome of Mutant Flower Seed)
Mutant Blue Glowing Plant
(Outcome of Mutant Flower Seed)
Mutant Pink Flower Plant
(Outcome of Mutant Flower Seed)

What’s in the Box?

Our friend “?” from the Mystery Shop feels right at home this week, we aren’t really sure where he came from, but I have a feeling he can relate to the creatures in this theme more than he does the other shop owners.. Check out the Mystery Boxes today to see if you can collect all three new items! That Toy Ray Shooter looks especially interesting, pew pew!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Decor
(Blue Mystery Box)
Alien Fanatic Pink Chair
(Gold Mystery Box)
Toy Ray Shooter
(Gold Mystery Box)

Free Gift & Weekly Digging Update!

Perfumes are a thing of the past! We hope you enjoyed collecting them over the past three weeks, but it’s time for a change, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve put out there for you! Via the free gifting feature, you’ll be able to send your friends the Alien Fanatic Room Blinds absolutely free! And if you head over to the Town Forest, you’ll be able to dig up a super special Alien Transformation Potion to help give your pet that green glow. (It’s in style now, didn’t you hear?) Remember, the potion will only be available for a week! So get yours while you can. Good luck!

Alien Fanatic Room Blinds
(Free Gift)
Alien Transformation Potion
(Weekly Digging Update)
(Outcome of Alien Transformation Potion)

Get yours before they disappear!

Tuesday through Thursday are very important days in Pet Society. For 24 hours on Tuesday only, the Lagoon Monster Plushie will be available in the Market! For 48 hours on Wednesday through Thursday only, the Girl Alien Seat will be available in the Boutique! Remember, these items will only be available for a LIMITED time only, so get yours before they’re gone!

Lagoon Monster Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Girl Alien Seat
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Furniture – Living)

Down to the Pond!

What’s new in the pond, you ask? Why it’s the Pink Monster Fish and he certainly isn’t picky. This little guy will eat anything so why not try your luck at catching one for yourself?

Pink Monster Fish
(Outdoor – Fish) (Caught with any bait)

What’s new in the Boutique?

The Boutique has many interesting and creepy items for your enjoyment! Aliens have even invaded the Petling store! The Mutant Brain Slug is an accessory you shouldn’t be afraid of, it unlocks a new Pet animation, and just looks plain creepy too. Bonus! Ever wanted to tell a “Once, when I was abducted…” story? Well now you can, without the fear of being taken to another planet for an alien meal! The UFO Abduction Teleporter will safely pick you up and drop you off at a random pets home!

Alien Petling
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Outdoor – Petling)
Turquoise Petling Biscuit
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Outdoor – Petling)
Glowing Petling Potion
Mutant Brain Slug
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Boy Alien Seat
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Furniture – Living)
UFO Abduction Teleporter
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Incubation Pod
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Lagoon Monster Decor
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Furniture)

Brewing Monster Potions has never been easier. You can create four different monster potions right in the comfort of your own home using the Mutant Potions Laboratory Table! Is your pet feeling green today? Or perhaps blue?

Mutant Potions Laboratory Table
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Food – Magic Food)
Green Monster Potion
(Outcome of Mutant Potions Laboratory Table)
Pink Monster Potion
(Outcome of Mutant Potions Laboratory Table)
Purple Monster Potion
(Outcome of Mutant Potions Laboratory Table)
Turquoise Monster Potion
(Outcome of Mutant Potions Laboratory Table)
Green Monster
(Outcome of Green Monster Potion)
Pink Monster
(Outcome of Pink Monster Potion)
Purple Monster
(Outcome of Purple Monster Potion)
Turquoise Monster
(Outcome of Turquoise Monster Potion)

Transform Your Yard!

We didn’t want to attract any UFO’s this week, so we decided to go with the same “Enchanted” theme as the new map! You can transform your yard into the perfect nighttime tree house, complete with pond lilies and purple wheat!

Example Outcome
Enchanted Pond Roof Enchanted Pond Wall
Enchanted Pond Door Emerald Green Wall Light Purple Rock Decor
Deep Blue Water Tile Emerald Green Grass Enchanted Pond Purple Wheat
White Pond Lily White Pond Flowers

Pew Pew!

There’s an inner “Alien Fanatic” in all of us, and there’s something for everybody if you take a look around town this week! It’s not everyday that you call an alien “cute”, but the Baby Alien Plushie definitely had Bella saying “Awwwww!” Don’t forget to look the part as well, dressing up as your favorite Monster Catcher!

Alien Fanatic Bedside Table
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Alien Fanatic Book Shelf
(Furniture – Living)
Alien Fanatic Bunk Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Alien Fanatic Desk
(Furniture – Living)
Alien Fanatic Purple Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Alien Fanatic Wardrobe
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Biohazard Sign
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures) (OWO)
Bouncing Meteor
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Baby Alien Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Hanging UFOs Decor
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Purple Rocket Lava Lamp
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Area 51 Sign
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Glowing Sewer Grate
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Monster in Trash Can
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Alien Fanatic Green Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Alien Fanatic Purple Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Alien Fanatic Black Carpet
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Alien Fanatic Gray Carpet
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Alien Fanatic Green Carpet
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Alien Fanatic Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Alien Fanatic Shelf
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Alien Fanatic Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO) (Fan Gift – Visit the Fan Page on April 11th (GMT) to claim!)
UFO Sighting Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Monster Catcher Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Monster Catcher Stockings
(Clothes – Girls)
Monster Catcher Heeled Boots
(Clothes – Girls)
Monster Catcher Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Monster Catcher Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Monster Catcher Boots
(Clothes – Boys)
Mutant Bottled Drink
(Food – Groceries)
Mutant Lollipop
(Food – Groceries)

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live. Also note that items and themes are created several weeks in advance. Therefore only limited changes can be made at short notice. Thank you for understanding.

33 Responses to “Out of this World!”

  1. iamsupermarco Says:

    ET-katy perry..LOL

    loving the alien stuffs.. and the bug wings.xD

  2. LuLu Says:

    So wonderful! ^^ Yay! 🙂 (finally good theme when pfc items are not the best! ^^)

  3. aaaaaaa Says:

    Adorable! Hope that the new digging area isn’t CC…

    Thanks for FINALLY fixing the shop issue though! About time.

  4. Bandarrita Says:

    The best theme in many, many weeks!
    What’s not to love?

  5. aaaaaaa Says:

    Oh the Pond was released already… Well, not surprisingly it IS CC… hmh

  6. chris Says:

    The new digging site is amazing !! the whole frog princess theme is so beautiful

  7. John Arman Arcaya Says:

    lots of pfc again!

  8. JPlayer Says:

    Heheh.lava lamp and Bouncing meteor?Really fancy stuff.Love the seed and the Biohazard sign! LOL..mad scientist stuff for study of outer space..P.E.T!

  9. JPlayer Says:

    Is this the first map that appears flat?LOL.

  10. Katie Simon Says:

    Which one is the rare item in the new site? The potion?

  11. pandina Says:

    you bet the new site is pfc, anything with loads of good stuff, is pfc

  12. Maria clarisa Says:

    I love the new Pet digging Map!!!
    But hey, it would be wonderful that you put some new pets with no Cash!

  13. rara Says:

    this is a nice week. aliens thing is not into my style, but i love the new digging site, although i’m sure it’s in cc. but i have 5 free daily shovels so it’s not a problem.
    i’m wondering when will u update the expansion of our yard?
    and i will not get bored to ask another secret room for us non pfc player, hopefully the one we can buy like igloo, or the one we can built like the playhouse, or maybe the free one like the tent, please?? 😀

  14. OMG Says:

    I will stop Protesting about CC Item.
    It Impractical and Nothing Changes.
    Let Forget it.
    PLAYFISH Greedy.
    I don’t mind it anymore.
    this game for RICH PEOPLE.
    I really felt sad, I’ll stop.

    • ChrizT23 Says:

      I think you’re correct cause it have so many CC items and many players is rich can buy any CC items. They didn’t make it for KIDS 😦 …

  15. chris Says:

    I’ve just got the Magical Fireflies Tree Seed !!! yay lucky me. it’s so beautiful. thank goodness it’s not rare. i thought it was.

  16. alien Says:

    I love the UFO Sighting Window! It’s so cute!

  17. ChrizT23 Says:

    I have a RARE!! items in Enchanted Pond Map 🙂
    The Rare is Firefly Wings. 🙂
    It was so hard to find 😦 cause the digging shovels is Play Fish Cash some player can’t got it in easy way.
    So please next time can be a new treasure map with Yellow Coins And The Rare is Anything 🙂

  18. society Says:

    wow nice new digging site T-T though its pfc. but i got rare items in enchanted forest and its the pixie wings and ancient egypt! yay! that wing is very beautiful!!!!

    thank you playfish.

  19. sondos adel Says:

    oh waooo it is out of this world

  20. Aliah Says:

    so so soooo cool!!!!

  21. javiera Says:

    im sure next digging site will be non pfc shovels,theres 4 and 4 of each now . .

  22. petsocietysea Says:

    Hello guys! 😀 Can someone tell me the bait for the new fish? Thank you! 🙂 Have a great day! Do visit my blog sometime!

  23. amnart Says:

    shit items are available, nice is butique really thanks for nothing

  24. petsocietysea Says:

    I hope the Mayor will buy this Mutant Potions Laboratory Table so that we can buy the potion and not spent cash for it! 😀

  25. Ammar Says:

    how long the effect of potion from mutant potion laboratory table

  26. luciano Says:

    esta jenial pero le ubieran puesto mas extraterrestres

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