Free Squirrel Tree Home on 9th April GMT!


Hi there Pet Society fans!

I have exciting news!

On Saturday 9th April GMT, I will be giving away a FREE Squirrel Tree Home to everyone ! All you have to do is play Pet Society on this day and you will find your free gift waiting for you.

Owning the Squirrel Tree Home means you will unlock your house exterior and yard. You’ll be able to decorate and show off to all your friends!

Plus! If I get 20,000 people joining the Facebook event by 12pm Friday 8th April GMT, I will post a link on the event page that will entitle you all to 2000 FREE coins! So spread the word and ‘Share’ this awesome event!

See you Saturday fans!

The Mayor x

8 Responses to “Free Squirrel Tree Home on 9th April GMT!”

  1. alien Says:

    I like the idea of 2000 free coins!

  2. aliah Says:

    iI’d love to get FREE squirel home….!!!!!

  3. rara Says:

    2000 free coins is very nice indeed.. nicer than free squirrel tree home cause i already have one.. next time give us free treehouse the secret room???? 😀
    by the way, there’s glitch in ps. i can’t open another sections of all the shops… and the game is extremely slow.. why can’t u fix it? it’s happening since saturday…

  4. petsocietyaddict1213 Says:

    no ones gonna beat club penguin

  5. jocelyn Says:

    what? so i work soo hard to get my friends to give me the things…and you give it to other lazier ps players for FREE!?
    sorry,just trying to express my thoughts (thats what comment boxes are for,right?!)

  6. Susan Shaw Says:

    Over half the items are PC now…good thing I’ve been playing since the game’s creation so that I can use stored items for alien week. I feel bad for the newbies who don’t have that option yet and are being corralled into the cash only option. It was much better in the first couple of years before greed took over. But it’s still a cute game and a way to interact with other players…which is the entire reason I continue to play.

  7. rara Says:

    thank you for fixing the shops glitch but i have a new one. the chest is a mess. please fix it as soon as possible

  8. monse Says:

    thanks a bunch!!

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