Treasures from the Past!


Hey Pet Society Fans! Is your pet ready to show off their personal treasures and other artifacts in their very own Museum? That’s right, pet fans! It’s Treasures from the Past Week, so dig out those rare items you’ve been collecting and put them on display for all of your neighbors to gawk at! Enjoy a sneak peek of the items which will be available on Monday, April 4th (12AM GMT)

Our Favorite Items

Every museum needs statues! When you purchase the new Evolving Mystery Statue your pet will be given one of three famous statues from the past: Statue of David, The Thinker Statue, or Venus De Milo Statue. No matter the outcome, your pet will have their very own piece of history to display for all! Check out the Boutique on Monday to purchase your own Evolving Mystery Statue and watch as your marble block transforms into a legendary statue for you to keep!

Evolving Mystery Statue
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Statue of David
(Evolves from Evolving Mystery Statue)
The Thinker Statue
(Evolves from Evolving Mystery Statue)
Venus De Milo Statue
(Evolves from Evolving Mystery Statue)

Final Week to collect your perfume bottles!

We’re finishing up with week three of the great perfume hunt! There are 6 more perfumes to collect, and once you’ve successfully opened, dug up and found all 18 of them you will be awarded with the amazingly stunning Grand Ballroom for free! (See this post for more details and a picture of the room) Remember, if you missed a day, you can always purchase the perfume from the Boutique to help complete the collection!

Tourmaline Perfume
(Free Gift)
Sapphire Perfume
(Weekly Digging Update)
Amber Perfume
(Available March 31st & April 1st)
Emerald Perfume
(Available April 2nd & 3rd)
Blue Topaz Perfume
(Available April 4th & 5th)
Ruby Perfume Available April 6th)

What’s in the Box?

The Mystery Boxes have been stocked with brand new items! See if you can find all four items, starting with the Museum Burglar Alarm to protect your precious goods from cheeky little fellows like the Museum Burglar Plushie ! Fun fact: The SLR Camera is wearable! The sign says “No Cameras Allowed”, but if you’re really careful, you might be able to sneak in a snapshot or two of the Museum Crystal Decor. Good luck (and don’t get caught!)

Museum Burglar Alarm
(Red Mystery Box)
Museum Crystal Decor
(Blue Mystery Box)
Museum Burglar Plushie
(Gold Mystery Box)
SLR Camera Mystery
(Gold Mystery Box)

Win or Lose!

Black Gothic Maid Dress
(Mystery – Win or Lose Box)
Pink Gothic Maid Dress
(Mystery – Win or Lose Box)

Free Gift & Weekly Digging Update!

Don’t forget to collect the Free Gift and Weekly Digging Item this week, as they are both needed to complete the 18 piece collection of perfumes! They’re both only around for a week, so you’ll have to be quick if you want that extra room! As previously stated, if you need some help or somehow miss one of them, they’ll be available in the Boutique for a limited time only!

Tourmaline Perfume
(Free Gift)
Sapphire Perfume
(Weekly Digging Update)

Get yours before they disappear!

Tuesday through Thursday are very important days in Pet Society. For 24 hours on Tuesday only, the Solar System Toy Model (which, by the way is animated and very cool!) will be available in the Market! For 48 hours on Wednesday through Thursday only, the very spooky Haunted Sarcophagus will be available in the Boutique (Please note, we are not responsible for any dry cleaning bills as a result of soiled pants. You have been warned!) Remember, these items will only be available for a LIMITED time only, so get yours before they’re gone!

Solar System Toy Model
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Haunted Sarcophagus
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)

What’s new in the Boutique?

Terrence is quite the history buff, so he knows exactly how to tickle our fancy when it comes to this Museum stuff! The Evolving Dinosaur Egg transforms from a wee little egg, into a sweet and innocent baby dinosaur, straight to a full grown animated Dinosaur! Which color will you receive? Only time will tell, but there are three possible outcomes! Brown, Green and Pink! The Boutique will also be filled with items to help make your Museum become the most interesting spot in town! The Museum Display Cases (Small and Large) can be used to either shrink or enlarge (depending on the size you choose) your most prized items and put them on display! (Note that animated items will freeze when placed in the case, and you cannot take it out once placed inside!)

Evolving Dinosaur Egg
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Baby Dinosaur
(1st stage evolution from Evolving Dinosaur Egg)
Brown Dinosaur
(Evolves from Baby Dinosaur)
Green Dinosaur
(Evolves from Baby Dinosaur)
Pink Dinosaur
(Evolves from Baby Dinosaur)
Grand Museum Wallpaper & Floor
(Boutique – For Your Home) (DIY – Walls and Floors) (Sold Separately)
Small Museum Display Case
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Large Museum Display Case
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Laser Guarded Giant Diamond
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)
Grand Gallery
(Boutique – For Your Home) (DIY – Extra Rooms)
Preview of Grand Gallery Room

We gotta admit, this item is pretty cool on it’s own. The best part is, this must-have piece of history will be available for coins for 3 days only. After that, it will return to the regular PFC price! Make sure you log on to take advantage of this incredible discount!

Dinosaur Skeleton Model
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Toys & Collectibles)

For Your Yard!

Don’t forget to transform the outside of your home as well, using the newest items available for the exterior of your home! These items are available on Monday, so be sure to check the shops!

Easter Island Yard Statue Yellow Flower Box
Grand Museum Window Grand Museum Door
Grand Museum Wall Brown Soil

I’m diggin’ up bones!

Burglars, and Security Guards, and Pet Evolution, oh my! Looks like Hideeni won’t be the only creature of the night you have to worry about anymore. Everything you need and more is available in our friendly town shops this week. Just take a look around, you won’t be disappointed! To share a picture of your own Museum, stop by the Gallery at our Our Official Forum and upload a picture of your room! We’d love to see what you come up with, the possibilities are endless! What kind of Museum will you create? Remember, the items will be available on Monday, April 4th at 12 AM GMT! Any item marked OWO (One Week Only) will be around for one week only, but may return at some point in the future.

Cream Museum Sofa
(Furniture – Living)
Cream Museum Bench
(Furniture – Living)
Red Museum Sofa
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Red Museum Bench
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Museum Bookshelf
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Museum Display Shelf
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures) (OWO)
Security Guard Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Security Pet Scanner
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Tall Item Display Pedestal
(Furniture – Living)
Wide Item Display Pedestal
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Museum Reception Desk
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Museum Bookshelf Ladder
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Museum Guard Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
No Cameras Sign
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Easter Island Statue Decor
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Evolution of Pet Poster
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Museum Rope Barrier
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Museum Announcement Plaque
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Archaeological Dig Site
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Lamp Post with Bins
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Mystery – Glow in the dark)
Wooden Museum Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Blue Rock Candy
(Food – Groceries)
Green Rock Candy
(Food – Groceries)
Pink Rock Candy
(Food – Groceries)
Bottle of Water
(Food – Groceries)
Cream Museum Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Lilac Museum Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Red Carpeted Museum Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Cream Carpeted Museum Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Museum Arch Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Grand Museum Entrance
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Big Museum Wall Light
(DIY – Fiittings & Fixtures) (Mystery – Glow in the dark)
Small Museum Wall Light
(DIY – Fiittings & Fixtures) (Mystery – Glow in the dark)
Round Museum Rug
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Large Museum Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Burglar Black Goggles
(Clothes Girls & Boys)
Burglar Loot
(Clothes Girls & Boys)
Burglar Black Top
(Clothes Girls & Boys)
Burglar Black Pants
(Clothes Girls & Boys)
Burglar Black Skullcap
(Clothes Girls & Boys)
Security Guard Flashlight
(Clothes – Girls & Boys)/td>
Security Guard Hat
(Clothes – Girls & Boys)
Security Guard Top
(Clothes – Girls & Boys)
Security Guard Pants
(Clothes – Girls & Boys)
Security Guard Shoes
(Clothes – Girls & Boys)

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live. Also note that items and themes are created several weeks in advance. Therefore only limited changes can be made at short notice. Thank you for understanding.

80 Responses to “Treasures from the Past!”

  1. gvantsa Says:

    it’s very good week

  2. gvantsa Says:


  3. rara Says:

    by the way playfish, the game is unbelievable SLOW since yesterday. please fix it. it’s no fun to play when the game is so slow. The game is already no fun to play because too many pfc cash. and now it becomes even more boring because the game is so solw.

  4. rara Says:

    by the way playfish, the game is unbelievable SLOW since yesterday. please fix it. it’s no fun to play when the game is so slow. The game is already no fun to play because too many pfc cash. and now it becomes even more boring because the game is so slow

  5. Sabinchen Says:

    This week will be great! Now I just miss one item: A white top hat! *____*
    Why? Because I always wanted my pet to be Kaitou Kid and this theme fits perfect.

  6. gigi Says:

    I hope they fix the carryable camera… doesn’t seem to drag too low on the ground/floor??

  7. Mikari Says:

    Is it just me, or the html kind messed up? o.O some of the things wont load properly.. and I didn’t see the clothes’s shop tab or even my pet D:

    • rara Says:

      i can’t see the sections of the shops… and the game is so slow… it’s not usual. i already use adobe 10.. so it isn’t my computer fault, is it? playfish please fix it

    • rara Says:

      thanks heaven i thought i was the only one.. but the glitch is still there. shouldn’t playfish do something about it??

      • chris Says:

        ya absolutely !! i am sick of this i want to go to the shops and buy the new items. please playfish do something

      • chris Says:

        yaaaaaaaaa the glitch is gone !!!!! thank goodness. hope you get the same rara πŸ™‚

    • aliah Says:

      really… the day before yesterday :the sections of each shops cannot be seen…..yesterday morning: its toooo slowwww….yesterday night: the game would’nt load!!!…. today : stilll would’nt load!!!!…. 😑

  8. Alex Says:

    Booooooring !!!!! i hope next week is better ! 77

  9. Katie Simon Says:

    When will there be The Batman week or any other superhero week?

  10. society Says:

    the mayor sended me a letter and he said “Check back on sunday for a free squirrel tree house” yes its true even my classmates read it!

  11. amnart Says:

    wow the best items during this year thanks

  12. Faye Says:

    Good work, Playfish! Loving the items this week!

  13. chris Says:

    I think perfume hunt is one of the best moves playfish have ever done !! i mean it is super fun and easy to look for animals and the digging oh my goodness it is just extremely fun !! and above all of that you will get a free room !! This a one time offer i tell you πŸ™‚

  14. chris Says:

    I’ve just got the free grand ballroom !!! and i didn’t buy a single perfume. the room is so beautiful. i am so happy.

  15. afik Says:

    grand ballroom

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