Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous…


Hey there fellow Pet fans! Welcome to a new week in Pet Society! You thought our pets were spoiled before? Just wait til you see the new items! It’s all about Luxury this week, whether you’ll be treating your pet to a Cosmopawlitan or two (or five… who’s counting?) or giving your home an extreme makeover, your pet will truly be “living in the lap of luxury”! Go on, be jealous.. we know we are!

Help Required: The Mayor is Lost for Words!

Before we get to the new items, we’d like to ask for your help! It seems the Mayor has lost his voice, and we need your suggestions about what he should say next! If the Mayor likes your sayings, he may even use them in the game for all to see! Want to know more? Check out THIS POST on our official forum for more information, and to submit your sayings! Have fun!

Item of the Week!

To ensure our furry little friends are not left out, we’re giving our Petlings the most glamorous mansion that even Lady PawPaw would be envious of! Wanna know the best part? For one week only it will be sold a special discounted price! But wait.. it gets better, the Petling Dragon, Instant Growth Potion and Petling Makeover Potion will be on sale for a limited time also! It’s the perfect week to spoil those petlings rotten! To y’know.. make up for all times they ran away and got lost. 😉

Luxury Petling Mansion
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Outdoors – Petlings)

Part two of the Perfume Collection!

The second batch of perfumes is here already! See the previous blog post for more information and pictures of the completion reward, the Grand Ballroom! Don’t forget to collect all 18 for free! But don’t worry, if you miss out, they’re available to purchase in the Boutique as well!

Rose Perfume (Free Gift) Daffodil Perfume
(Weekly Digging Update)
Pink Narcissus Perfume
(Can be earned by completing the Lost Animals Quest March 24th-25th)
Blue Peony Perfume
(Can be earned by completing the Lost Animals Quest March 26th – 27th)
Tulip Perfume
(Can be earned by completing the Lost Animals Quest March 28th – 29th)
Lily Perfume
(Can be earned by completing the Lost Animals Quest March 30th)

What’s in the Box?

Starting today, the search is on for the newest Mystery items! A Modern Luxury Rug, perfect for pets who enjoy that little splash of color and comfort on the floor, a Vase of Purple Tulips(who doesn’t love fresh flowers?), and a Modern Luxury Celebration Table can be yours if luck is on your side! Can you find them all? You’ll have to visit “?” in the Mystery Shop to begin the hunt. Good luck!

Modern Luxury Rug
(Blue Mystery Box)
Vase of Purple Tulips
(Gold Mystery Box)
Modern Luxury Celebration Table
(Gold Mystery Box)


Free Gift and Weekly Digging Update!

As previously mentioned, the Free Gift and Weekly Digging Update items are both needed to complete the perfume collection! Make sure you send the Rose Perfume to your friends today via the free gifting feature, and then hit the Town Forest to find your very own Daffodil Perfume, available for one week only!

Rose Perfume
(Free Gift)
Daffodil Perfume
(Weekly Digging Update)


Get yours before they disappear!

Tuesday through Thursday are very important days in Pet Society. For 24 hours on Tuesday only, the Modern Luxury Stereo System will be available in the Market! For 48 hours on Wednesday through Thursday only, the Mon Petit Cheri Goddess Outfit will be available in the Boutique! Remember, these items will only be available for a LIMITED time only, so get yours before they’re gone!

Modern Luxury Stereo System
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Mon Petit Cheri Goddess Outfit
(Boutique – Featured) (Limited Edition – Wednesday – Thursday)

What’s new in the Boutique?

Five words – Luxury Blonde Wig Dye Table. You asked for it, it’s finally here! So what do you think? Do blonde pets really have more fun? The Boutique welcomes a few extremely cool items to help complete the Modern Luxury feel this week, including the Luxury Presidential Limousine (arrive in style!) and the Luxury Lounge Bar (Shirley Tempaw, anyone?) Make sure you check out the Boutique on Monday!

Luxury Amethyst Rose Bush
(Outcome of Luxury Amethyst Blossom Seed)
Luxury Amethyst Rose
(Outcome of Luxury Amethyst Blossom Seed – Rare)
Modern Luxury Chandelier
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Mystery – Glow in the Dark)
Luxury Lounge Bar
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Party & Gifts)
Luxury Blonde Wig Dye Table
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Clothes – Hair Stylist)
Real Time Luxury Panoramic Window
(Boutique – For Your Home) (DIY – Windows & Doors)
Mon Petit Cheri Little Black Dress Outfit
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Clothes – Girls)
Luxury Presidential Limousine
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff)


For your Yard!

Don’t forget about the outdoors! That’s where you make the first impression, and you’ll want to make sure it matches the luxurious interior. See below for a few examples of just how awesome your house can look, including one roof that is perfect for hosting late night rooftop pool parties! It really doesn’t get much more luxurious than that.

Example House Example House
Modern Luxury Roof Modern Luxury Swimming Pool Roof Modern Luxury Facade
Modern Luxury Glass Windows & Wall Light Modern Luxury Glass Doors Scattered Stone Pathway
Green Potted Plant Modern Luxury Fountain Fern Green Grass


Cosmopawlitan anyone?

The rest of the neighborhood shops have hopped on board and have decided to spoil us too! There are tons of great sleek looking items to help transform our rooms into the classy, modern and sophisticated spaces we’ve only seen on TV. We’re definitely risking more frequent Hideeni visits (I mean really, who could blame him for wanting to visit more with items like these?) But I think it’s well worth it!

Modern Luxury Sofa
(Furniture – Living)
Modern Luxury Armchair
(Furniture – Living)
Modern Luxury Fireplace
(Furniture – Living)
Modern Luxury Side Table
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Modern Luxury Bathtub
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Modern Luxury Mirror
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (Furniture – Living)
Modern Luxury Sink
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Modern Luxury Cabinet
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Modern Luxury White Table
(Furniture – Living)
Modern Luxury Toilet
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Modern Luxury Cushion Set
(Furniture – Living)
Modern Luxury Cushion
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Modern Apple Core Painting
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Modern Tribal Painting
(Market – Toys & Collectaibles) (OWO)
Luxury Flatscreen TV
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Books and Photo Decor
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Modern Luxury Fountain Centerpiece
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Tall Vase of Flowers
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Furniture – Living)
Modern Luxury Wall Mounted Fish Tank
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Outdoor – Fishing)
Bar Olives
(Food Groceries)
Cosmopawlitan Cocktail
(Food Groceries)
Shirley Tempaw Cocktail
(Food Groceries)
Modern Luxury Dark Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Modern Luxury Light Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Modern Luxury Purple Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Modern Luxury Brown Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Modern Luxury Large Ceiling Lamp
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Modern Luxury Hanging Lights
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures) (OWO)
Modern Luxury White Curtain
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures) (OWO)
Modern Luxury Red Curtain
(DIY – Fittings & Fixtures)
Luxury Friday Night Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Luxury Friday Night Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Luxury Friday Night Shoes
(Clothes – Boys)
Luxury Friday Evening Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Luxury Friday Evening Hair Bow
(Clothes – Girls)
Luxury Friday Evening Leggings
(Clothes – Girls)
Luxury Friday Evening Heels
(Clothes – Girls)

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live. Also note that items and themes are created several weeks in advance. Therefore only limited changes can be made at short notice. Thank you for understanding.

75 Responses to “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous…”

  1. iamsupermarco Says:

    loving the new fish tank..♥

    i wish pf makes one item that we can keep our petling..

    but not in cc, just simple coins. -.-

  2. sherwin Says:

    i love the flat screen tv! osegsfa!

  3. sherwin Says:

    i also love the fish tank!!seks!

  4. Nikka Says:


  5. Lidija Says:

    and they should make COIN WIGS too :\
    i only like the mirror here 😀

  6. KARL ISON Says:

    COOL! an new beautiful T>V and aquarium and a fountain..that’s not cc :p

  7. winda Says:

    i love Luxury Friday Evening Dress

  8. Thania Hinata Says:

    hemm.. i’m more of classical luxury type..not modern one..
    like victorian style, baroque, greece theme..

  9. John Arman Arcaya Says:

    cool and i le pfc dress!!!

  10. The Cure Says:

    OMG!I’m Dying..this is the BEST ever Themes so far I’ve seen!

  11. Mikari Says:

    8D! Wall Mounted Fish Tank!! xD I want that! I hope next time is casino! LOL though seriously avoid pink at least once! xD;

  12. JPlayer Says:

    Mounted Best Ever New Unique Fish Tank After Decades?
    Swimming Pool On The Top Of The Roof?
    OMG..Even This is Better Than A Luxury Hotel!
    Guess my pet will not live in the usual room..
    He will live in a Private Apartment in monday 😀 :D!!
    es-tu d’accord?

  13. choconutmilk Says:

    Omg..those are gorgeous. I love them all. But these are way too many cc.. *faint*

  14. sidi Says:

    omg i’m so looking forward to the new dye table!!!

  15. jocelyn Says:

    i am quite pleased that there are some cool stuff for none cash players.but the real dissapointment is that all the pretty clothes are in cash.but thats all i have to complain about.its better than last week for sure!

  16. kira Says:

    Why not make some cute wigs that arnt cash 😡

  17. aina Says:

    I loikee !!
    I must buy all !!!!

  18. noy Says:

    wooow more cash coins items ! never saw that comming.

  19. matija Says:

    I love it!!
    Only wish the paintings were purple or in some other prettier colors 😦 because there is so little art work to buy (for coins) that is nice.
    Vase of purple tulips is so lovely.

  20. Jamie Chen Says:

    Flat screen tv cool ! i also really want the wig dye table. im looking forward to this! 🙂

  21. javiera Says:

    Me no like, aw well.

  22. ray Says:

    there is a glincth in pet society, can someone help me?

  23. Stacy Says:

    i love the luxury week coming up, the wallpaper looks cool and i love the dress. 🙂

  24. Faye Says:

    Can’t say I’m in love with this week’s theme, but the dye table and the wall mounted aquarium certainly caught my eye! Assuming of course, the aquarium allows us to put fish in it.

  25. Josefina Says:

    Me falta el perfume Purple, no tengo cash para comprarlo, por favor podrían regalarme uno muchas gracias.
    No pude conseguirlo ya que era el primero y no sabía como ayudar al alcalde con sus animales.

  26. Will Says:

    OMG The coming up week will be amazing, looks fantastic, and a lot of items can buy with pet society coins!
    I loved the outdoor decoration!
    I didn’t like so much the clothes…
    But that’s OK!

  27. Shivis Says:

    OMG I cant wait 😀

  28. Krystel Says:

    Cool, finally some great shoes for the boys!! Wallpapers are great, and wall mounted fish tank looks awesome. But why does so much stuff have a pale pink instead of cream? The mats on the pictures, the fireplace. That color looks horrid with red and you could have left it cream (or better yet, white for “modern”) and made it more neutral and usable. Looks like I get to save a lot of coins this week.

  29. Roxi Says:

    ok 🙂

  30. Jemm Says:

    OMG!! This is the best week ever!!!! I loooooooove modern furniture,and modern clothes. I’m gonna have to buy new rooms!!! I’m sooo excited!!! xD

  31. ~Piinkiliz Says:

    Wow.. two set of Mon Petit Cheries.. I love it!!^^

  32. Heather Says:

    I like some of it, but I really wish they had used more of that pretty blue instead of red and pinkish tones. I am dying for some darker blue furniture and wallpaper. :\

  33. blueberrybells Says:

    sooooo booooring…..

  34. Lindz Says:

    Boo, I liked the ‘Disney’ themed stuff better. This is… too real life or something.

  35. OMG Says:

    why don’t have a window for coins…
    I don’t like this theme not much.
    I’m glad fish tank and fountain not pfc,
    the cc window is really cool 😦 and you know?
    wallpaper really suck in my eyes. maybe it’s not bad…
    but why playfish make me mad evermore about pfc.
    I’m really bad luck, because the theme and Item in 2010
    really beautiful and not have a many pfc such nowadays.
    at least why don’t you make a cc Item beautiful equally with coins Item
    or make one week where everything is coins
    the players will feel better.

    I started playing this game in 2011 I’m really bad luck,
    I know you don’t care me, but I want to tell you,
    feel bad and waste of time for this game.
    can you make the Japanese week again?
    or resale old Item at a price more expensive. I willing to buy and not PFC.
    just to said. I know it’s impossible…

    hope next theme will better than this…

  36. Francis Says:

    Thank you so much for a “normal” week! I’ve been dying to have some regular household items and this helps a lot. Speaking of dye, thank you for listening to our requests for the blonde dye table! I can’t wait!

    Could you go back to putting more varied items in the mystery boxes? I miss getting things like rugs, lamps, and knick knacks when all other weekly items are very theme-oriented.

  37. jlr92 Says:


  38. jlr92 Says:

    & I love the pink too 😉

  39. Ashe Says:

    Great designs! Hope I can afford everything this week, cause I want them all. (:

  40. MissAujah Says:

    I love the mirror!!

  41. MissAujah Says:

    Just putting it out there, I would like to see white hardwood floors.

  42. lina Says:

    cool!!!!!!!! but kinda similar to the modern thingy theme..

  43. angelica Says:

    great like always good items are in the boutique store, you’re losing fans come on, this is not fair…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  44. Emmanuelle Says:

    At last a break from the fairy tale/pink princess themes! Thank you for this cool week!

  45. Angel Dior Says:

    Will.. it’s pretty quite nice, i am absolutely gonna buy the flat screen tv and Modern Luxury Mirror. Too bad Luxury Amethyst Rose will be play fish cash but i wanna it so badly. Why? pet society cash did not be the same like farm ville each lv will get one 1cash. more fair 😀

  46. humanoid Says:

    finally there’s a new fish tank design. and some stuff that i like that isn’t pfc items.

  47. Kate Says:

    I loooooooooove that fish tank ❤

  48. Panda Says:

    I really haven’t been into the themes since the flapper theme which I loved. I would love some more folkloric themes, Scandinavian would be nice!

  49. nabiila ghaniyya Says:

    i like pet society

  50. Fleurette Says:

    Those r PAWW-some!!!
    I really look 4ward 2 it! 😀

  51. rara Says:

    i like this week theme, although there still many pfc items on the store.
    side table, bathtub, mirror, fountain and all the decor is so pretty, unique and creative!
    the fireplace. the flatsreen tv and aquarium is just GREAT.
    i’m still waiting for pretty wig though, and the day (or week) when all the pfc item can be bought by coins…

  52. ERLINA Says:

    hope no cash…. i loved coins… ^^

  53. Person Says:

    Hope they do a hoover-ville week. Always tottin’ the “being rich is happy” kind of theme with great stuff. How about some harsh reality?

  54. Sarah Hollow Says:

    It´s all great for the coming items! Just got two suggestions: 1. in the feature of the cart to see the price of the items in a friend’s house, it would be great if you could see the price of their clothing too and from where it came, even if it’s still avilable. 2. Fox petling would be awesome xD they don’t exist and I already want two xD

    Have a nice day =D

  55. moxoofficial579 Says:

    i want the limo and the luxury flat screen!! 😀

  56. Asami Ramirez Says:

    Thank you so much for making this week’s items affordable for all pets, it makes me really happy and my friends too. 🙂

  57. anne Says:

    iwant to get a poo

  58. camilla Says:

    whats this suppost to be gossip girl week?

  59. elif Says:

    finally !! ı like this week but l want modern bedroom too =(( you should do the things same still but different colours.. l dont like allice week or bla bla l need real furniture like this week..

  60. olive Says:

    finally, tank without pfc .
    love this week ~

  61. drey Says:

    I wish pf make a beauty and the beast week, or anything that involve disney or fairy tales, not this modern thingy.. Geez..

  62. gigi Says:

    OK, all they need to do now is rewrite the program for the stereo it’s not limited to floor occupancy only [ability to be put on a shelf] and let the TV be interactive. What a rip… they’re basically useless the way are now…. bah

  63. hrychacha Says:

    so cool

  64. laroo Says:

    i really wish you’d give the names of the new blond colors in the new luxery blond wig dye table…i can’t find the official names anywhere

  65. nettie Says:

    i wish all of pet society food market and all of the store is not playfish cash it’s a coin please

  66. Faye Says:

    I hope the last week for the perfumes (or even the week after) is a Beauty and Beast week! The ballroom really looks the part where they do the dance (Tale as old as time).

  67. Kitty Says:

    it’s so perfect design for living room. I want petsociety don’t make a thing to buy with play fish cash.

  68. pet society addict Says:

    really like it
    its more better than pet ville!!!!!!
    boo!!boo!!!! pet ville
    but if u can trade the coins to pcf
    i will online every day!!!!!!

  69. Daisy Says:

    HEE HEE! Check out that awesome burglar outfit!!

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