Off with their heads!


Hey there Pet Society Fans! Have you enjoyed the Carnival theme and all of the show stopping surprises the Mayor has brought us this week? I sure hope so! It’s time to leave the circus ring behind for just a moment, and take a look at what’s in store for us this week. I promise you, it will not disappoint..

Imagine with me by taking a tumble down a rabbit hole and realizing you’ve just stepped foot into an amazing fantasy world filled with all kinds of peculiar and mystical creatures. This week we’re bringing that feeling into our Pets neighborhood as the wonderfully weird characters of Alice in Wonderland come to visit Pet Society! Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting! We’d better get started!

Our Favorite Items

Get in character! The Wonderland Mystery Outfits will get your pet looking and feeling like they’ve walked straight out of a storybook. Which one suits your pet best? Can you collect them all? Stop by the Boutique on Monday to start hunting for your favorite costume! (Cheshire Cat, anyone?)

Wonderland Mystery Outfits
(Boutique – For Your Pet) (Clothes – Girls + Boys) (Mystery – Mystery Boxes/Eggs)
Alice Bundle
(Outcome of Wonderland Mystery Outfits)
Alice Outfit
Cheshire Cat Bundle
(Outcome of Wonderland Mystery Outfits)
Cheshire Cat Outfit
Mad Hatter Bundle
(Outcome of Wonderland Mystery Outfits)
Mad Hatter Outfit
White Queen Bundle
(Outcome of Wonderland Mystery Outfits)
White Queen Outfit
White Rabbit Bundle
(Outcome of Wonderland Mystery Outfits)
White Rabbit Outfit
Red Queen Bundle
(Outcome of Wonderland Mystery Outfits)
Red Queen Outfit

What’s in the Box?

No tricks here, just the same old “?” hiding interesting (but awesome) items inside of the Mystery Boxes again. Teacups and pincushions and hearts on a stick, oh my! The boxes are updated now, so try your luck at finding all three!

Alice Teacups Decor
(Blue Mystery Box)
Mad Hatter Pin Cushion
(Gold Mystery Box)
Baton of Hearts
(Gold Mystery Box)

Get them before they disappear!

We’ve got three Limited Edition items this week! The pressure is on! On Tuesday, the Dormouse Plushie is fighting his way into the shops for a 24 hour stay in the spotlight! He can be found in the Market for 24 hours only. Wednesday, the seemingly displeased (yet still gorgeous and elegant) Red Queen Portrait will be coming to the Boutique for 24 hours only, followed by the more cheerful White Queen Portrait on Thursday.

Dormouse Plushie
Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Red Queen Portrait
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Wednesday)
White Queen Portrait
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Thursday)


Free Gift & Weekly Digging Update!

What’s better than a heart on a stick? A Spade on a stick of course! The Baton of Spades is the newest free gift, available now for you to gift to your friends for FREE! Once you’re done spoiling them with awesomeness on a stick, head on down to the Town Forest and dig up your very own Pink Flamingo Croquet Mallet (available Friday) You too, can accessorize like the incredibly stylish Mad Hatter. It will only be around for a week, so get digging!

Baton of Spades
(Free Gifts)
Pink Flamingo Croquet Mallet
(Weekly Digging Update)

Ace of Hearts Fish!

There’s a new fish in our pond, and he’s called the Ace of Hearts Fish! Head on down to the pond and see if you can reel him in! He can only be caught with Mad Card Suits Cake and Mad Tea Party Shortcake (see below for pictures)

Ace of Hearts Fish

New Carnival Collection item added!

Did you take advantage of the Carnival Collection for 4 PFC this past week? If you did, there is one final piece to the collection that will unlock a special animation for all five animals! (Don’t worry, if you missed an animal, they’ll still be around for a week)

Magical Pink Elephant
(Boutique – Featured) (Part of Exclusive Carnival Collection – Unlocks new animation if you own all five animals)

What’s new in the Boutique?

Have you ever wished to see your pet big? HUGE even? How about small? Say.. the size of a poo. Well, wish no more, pet fans! These potions will do just that. Upon drinking (or eating) these potions, your pet will be taken to new heights. Literally. The Drink Me Potion will shrink your pet, and the Eat Me Mushroom will make your pet grow, grow, GROW!

Drink Me Potion
(Boutique – For Your Pet)(Food – Magic)
Eat Me Mushroom
(Boutique – For Your Pet)(Food – Magic)

There are lots of great items including the Cheshire Cat Tree, full of surprises at the Boutique come Monday. Stop by and pay Terrence a visit to see for yourself!

Cheshire Cat Tree
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor- Gardening) (Mystery – Glow in Dark)
White Rabbit Hole
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO)
Red Queen Castle Balcony
(Boutique – For Your Home) (DIY – Windows & Doors)
Blue Caterpillar Decor
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Mystery – Glow In Dark)
Tea Party Teapot Plot
(Boutique – For Your Home) (Outdoor – Gardening)
Wonderland Forest Wallpaper
(Boutique – For Your Home) (DIY – Walls & Floors)
Wonderland Forest Floor
(Boutique – For Your Home) (DIY – Walls & Floors)

For Your Yard!

Continue the fun outside in your house exterior and yard! They can both be given a makeover, Alice style, so make sure you check out the new items available Monday!

Example House
Wonderland Yard Tree
(Yard – Luxuries)
Wonderland House Facade
(House – Facades)
Wonderland House Roof
(House – Roofs)
Wonderland House Door
(House – Doors)
Wonderland Red Rose Bush
(Yard – Plants)
Wonderland White Rose Bush
(Yard – Plants)
Wonderland Green Grass
(Yard – Landscapes)
Wonderland Stone Pathway
(Yard – Landscapes)
Wonderland House Window
(House – Windows)

Down the Rabbit Hole!

Getting curiouser and curiouser yet? Want to see what else we’ve got coming on Monday? See below, and you will not be disappointed! A Mad Tea Party Table fit for tea buffs alike! Color Changing Rose Bushes that change color on command! Flowers with attitude! Cakes that look like the should be on an episode of Cake Boss, and the most amazing collection of wearable hats I’ve ever seen! The name Mad Hatter is very fitting.

Mad Hatter Mystery Egg
(Clothes – Accessories)
Mad Hatter Mystery Egg
(Mystery – Mystery Boxes & Eggs)
Teacup Time Hat
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Red Heart Hat with Feather
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Fancy Black and White Hat
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Red and Black Crown Hat
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Hearts Clubs and Diamonds
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Multi Tiered Card Hat
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Hearts Ring Hat
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Round Roses
(Outcome of Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
White Rabbit Top Hat
(Completion Reward for Mad Hatter Mystery Egg)
Mad Tea Party Blue Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Mad Tea Party Purple Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Mad Tea Party Green Stool
(Furniture – Living)
Mad Tea Party Table
(Furniture – Living)
Red Queen Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Red Queen Throne
(Furniture – Bedroom) (Furniture – Living)
Red Queen Side Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Red Queen Wardrobe
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Pile of Books
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Giant Mushroom Decor
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Running Fast Clock
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Color Changing Rose Bush
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Cast Iron And Stone Heart Fence
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Cast Iron Heart Lamp Post
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Cast Iron and Stone Heart Gate
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Talking Flower Seed
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Talking Daisy
(Outcome of Talking Flower Seed)
Talking Rainbow Flower
(Outcome of Talking Flower Seed)
Talking Rose
(Outcome of Talking Flower Seed)
Talking Sunflower
(Outcome of Talking Flower Seed)
Talking Tulip
(Outcome of Talking Flower Seed)
Mad Card Suits Cake
(Food – Grocery) (Market – Party & Gifts)
Mad Tea Party Shortcake
(Food – Grocery)
Red Queen Castle Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Red Queen Castle Stained Glass Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Red Queen Castle Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Red Queen Castle Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Red Queen Castle Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Little Door Behind the Curtains
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Garden of Roses Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Garden of Roses Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Mad Hatter Hat Mannequin
(Clothes – Accessories) (Mystery – Mystery Boxes & Eggs)
Victorian Gentleman Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Victorian Gentleman Shoes
(Clothes – Boys)
Victorian Lady Hat
(Clothes – Girls)
Victorian Lady Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Victorian Lady Stockings
(Clothes – Girls)
Victorian Lady Boots
(Clothes – Girls)
Victorian Gentleman Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Victorian Gentleman Top Hat
(Clothes – Boys)

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

77 Responses to “Off with their heads!”

  1. OMG Says:

    nice week!!!!!
    love it ><

  2. allyx Says:

    all the best items always on cash…

  3. Salem Says:

    alice again……why I am not surprised?……..

  4. Heather Says:

    I love it all but way too many cc items. ;_;

  5. jijun Says:

    a lot of CC’s….

  6. Bandarrita Says:

    They are pushing CC items way too much!

  7. Popcorn Says:

    I hate to be rude, because I know it takes a lot of work for a new themed week, but haven’t you done Alice in Wonderland before? This week was definitely done a lot better then the previous Alice in Wonderland week, but why not listen to the players for once? They have ideas, and a lot of people agree with them. Maybe, you could make a whole bunch of extra weeks, and then have the players take an in-game poll before you update the game? Then you would be sure what the players would actually want, and then save the other themes or change them a bit to use for later. I love this week, but there are too many cash items.. Maybe you could make some coin for part of the time, like in the week Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark, when you let players purchase the Jungle Jeep for coins for a few days. I’m not surprised that you used the Alice in Wonderland theme once more, as it is difficult to come up with more ideas. For this week, I say you were very creative and artistic, with plenty of items this week, but you were also repetitive and ignorant.

    • OMG Says:

      oh I agree with you…
      I don’t want them make a lot cc Item
      but impossible because nowadays play fish is…. 😦

    • SophiaMonica99 Says:

      yeah..they are so REPETITIVE,IGNORANT,PATHETIC,SELFISH theme makers!!!!

    • Katie Simon Says:

      Agree! Many PFC items made me feels a little bit bored of Pet Society. Note this too: They’ve made an Alice in Wonderland theme before, why can’t they just make an ‘Alexander Mcqueen’ themed week?

      And please make our petlings be more useful, for example, what about dressing our petlings with clothes? That would be a lot more interesting that just letting our petlings being naked. The only thing that they can do is to JUMP and EAT and SLEEP. Why can’t you just make them wear clothes as well?

      By the way, I’ve tried to buy playfish cash once with mobile phone but it kept rejecting the message.

    • Salem Says:

      I agree with you….It seems like since they have changed the design of the items (which now are more refined and detailled than in the past) they are replacing ALL the old themes with the correspondent new look. IN other words: we should aspect PS to feature AGAIN themes like: babies, pirates, beach parties, western and many others that are almost unknown to new players.
      But…what about the bunch of old players?? So many themes to features, you are ALWAYS sending us emails to participate to your surveys and give our opinion…and then?? SAME THEME AGAIN! AND CC!!!! WE WANT NEW FEATURES AND NEW THEMES!!!!!

  8. Owee Says:

    Wow so many cc items 😦

  9. iamsupermarco Says:

    wow.. on the time ive seen the title of the theme.. i knew itll gonna be the alice in wonderland theme..

    way better than the last theme of alice,

    and its one of my fave movies. so i effin love it..

    love the hatter sets.. ❤

  10. erica Says:

    why no cute clothes for regular coins

  11. Says:

    oh..boy ): the nice outfits are in CC,i knew it =_=”” there’s too much CC T___T

  12. javiera Says:

    Don’t brag people,this is like the people-movie-version-alice geezuz.

    p.s. too much cc

  13. Tareq Says:

    how about make all the game cash coins ?

  14. rara Says:

    yeah, i think someday pet society will be a cash game.. 😦
    and I WANT A NEW ROOM with NON CASH COINS please…
    by the way, love the hats…
    i wish there is new and girly wig though.. for non cc player..

  15. rara Says:

    and when will you update the expanding of our yard?? for the sake of of the players please let it be in yellow coins…

  16. katie Says:

    im starting to think the ps creators dont read the comments on their own blog, because there is no way they could ignore the displeased customers. Thats what we are, their customers. The customer is always right i thought…apparently that saying doesnt apply here.

    When the pf items first started appearing it was ONE item. NOT over half of them. This is starting to get very disturbing. I am slowly losing interest in the game because I know i can not afford to buy things and as a result, i can not make my house how i want it…a very depressing thought.

    When the game was originally all free it was amazing and fun and finding out what the new themes were was a blast. Now its ugh, what nice stuff cant i afford this week? Kind of like real life, those that have money get to have nice stuff, so im now officially middle class in real life and in my shopping habit saving game as well,


    • Katie Simon Says:

      Oh I totally agree with you! I don’t have much money in real life as well and it also deserted me that now I have to let go the fun of buying awesome items in pet society, remembering that I couldn’t afford any of the PFC items!

      And I’m so the third paragraph, by the way, did you realize that our name is almost the same? Hi! I’m Katie! 🙂

  17. Duncan Says:

    Alice in Wonderland again?
    Are you sraping the bottom of the barrel now? Run out of original ideas?
    Try looking in the suggestions forum for some bloody brilliant ideas… WAY better than a repeated theme!

    Sorry PF… I realise it takes a lot of work to make all the items, but why not put that effort in to something new rather than just rehashing an old idea?

  18. gigi Says:

    frankly I welcome the challenge of making my pet’s house cool WITHOUT pfc stuff… it’s sorta like ‘…and what PF??’ which isn’t the best way to enjoy the game, but they won’t get to me! and I do have some generous friends who gift some of the fancy stuff… but that’s kinda lame too….. speaking of lame, that yard decor feature has to go– the word here is: UNNECESSARY. btw, deja-vu theme anyone? sure there’s more stuff this time around, but feh… and see the STILL don’t have a Cheshire cat plushie that actually disappears at will, leaving only a smile… now *that* would be cool!

  19. BitterSweet Says:

    YEESSS great week. And for all the people complaining about repetiveness> NOT EVERYONE HAS BEEN PLAYING PET SOCIETY THAT LONG! I have not, so I dont have any old items. Really, there is no point in complaining.

  20. :) Says:

    Please make the Wonderland Mystery Outfits to be purchased by coins, at least for one day, because I can spend my money and buy, but I just want the chesire cat outfit, I don’t want to spend it, and then don’t get what I want, I can’t affort to spend money until I get the outfit that I want. Or sell them by separate.

  21. anseb Says:

    Nice theme…I love it!!!! ♥

  22. Lindz Says:

    What’s with all the cash items?! BS. This game is starting to suck.

  23. Chrizt23 Says:

    I’ve seen that WEEK last year Alice and Wonderland Theme..
    I have many Items in that time but i was sell So.
    The Outfit Please make it Yellow Coins and also all new room and items…all of players in PETSOCIETY are wishing that i could make happen..soon…I Hope the u will Make it..Thanks.. 🙂 :* 😀

  24. Mae Says:

    I’m part of the team complaining about the repetitiveness but I like the fresh new items like the cake, hats, and furniture. Please have Beauty and Beast next week as you have already themes similar to Snow White, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan.

  25. ash Says:

    finaly a good week

  26. Leslie Says:

    I love the theme, but it would be nice to bring back the old Alice in Wonderland items, for those of us who haven’t played that long. I want the teacup & the polka dotted table. Also, everyone is complaining about PF cash items. What are you basing this on? From what I see, the blog doesn’t tell what items cost???

  27. Heather Says:

    Anything marked “Boutique” means it’s pfc.

  28. shinny Says:

    wow!!I love flower seeds!!!

  29. Mikari Says:

    =S you are just improving previous items theme… and how about making the yellow coins more expensive other than putting all of them in PFs? and it will last like… 3 days only… that way, either we can get the clothes or not it depends on how we play… =.= it will be more fun that way.. T_T

  30. agni Says:

    no bad

  31. Katie Simon Says:

    By the way, I’ve been buying more than 96 gold mystery boxes but I can’t find ANY Mad Hatter Pin Cushion. Is there’s one of you that have the cushion? If yes, would you please be my friend on facebook and give it to me?

    I’ll give you something that you want in return. As long as it’s not PFC items 🙂

    My name is Katie Simon on facebook, here is my link

  32. pika!envy Says:

    So many CC items! >w<;;

    I really enjoyed the system they implanted for the Indiana Bones Jeep purchase.
    It was a coin item for a few days, although pricey, it was an AMAZING opportunity for non cc players to have nice items without going broke in real life.

    I believe that that system was highly successful and will help keep players playing.

    P.S I LOVE the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland theme! So much better than the last one!

  33. ladyluck Says:

    So many cash items, that’s why my best friend quit the game and if things keep going this way, i will also 😦

  34. marylyn Says:

    love it.. ❤

  35. Kate Says:

    I actually like the new hats and flowers lol, I wasn’t expecting so many complaints from everyone…there have been worse PF cash weeks lol

  36. Nieves Says:

    obvio que el juego se volvio negocio, ya que ahora abundan los elementos de cash, aunque la variedad de sombreros me encanto, al igual que el jardin de rosas, felicidades

  37. nana Says:

    everyone complains about pfcc what about give us pfc in lottery even one day every week or every level or something like that.i think alots will be satisfied .really all other games make that or n the digging that we can get a golden chest we can find some pfc .we all feel disappointed about that complains to each others .others quit the game & pf must take a step it is not enoght to give us pettling biscuite or fish bait when we complete the lottery for 5 days .wish pf team take any action about that

  38. Yasmin Says:

    I hope we all will get one billion PFC for FREE!

  39. Poisonapple Says:

    This is why I don’t play Pet Society anymore. A waste of my time. If I can’t earn PFC, I’d rather have more time earning money in the REAL world and buy real goods.

  40. javiera Says:

    the should be a holdable teddy bear D:!

  41. ira Says:

    the items are beautiful..but it’s too expensive to the people that can’t afford the playfish cash..hope that one day we can buy it too

  42. angie mcCarthy Says:

    when I load my page, it only shows a small area, you can’t go anywhere on the map. The only store it shows is the furniture store but you can’t enter it. Please help this is my favorite game

  43. pao21 Says:

    my talking plants are cying!!! wth! and i dont tink it would bear fruit, but when im about to buy it, it says that it would bear fruit every once in a while.. its too expensive!!

  44. fadeli Says:

    Where is the House shop!!???
    I Hate the PF Cash, it makes this game so boring!

  45. fadeli Says:

    I hope I have a PF Cash Free from Pet Society!!

  46. jonah Says:

    how could I decorate my room if there are so many cc items?!I am not satisfied about my room themed alice in wonderland because there are only a few decorations! 😦

  47. Drey Says:

    Please next week, give me cinderella week with no pfc!!

  48. kiko sisko Says:

    i want ittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. ray Says:

    I wish I wish to all my heart, to have no playfish cash items anymore…

  50. M Says:

    Boring! all PFC items that r nice

  51. Wangi Says:

    This is so UNFAIR!!! There are to many cash items! I wish Playfish didn’t invent that.

  52. niebell Says:

    i love those hats from mystery eggs! thank you!

  53. kris kaezer Says:

    hi pet society!
    i hope that you will create a POP MONSTER or LADY GAGA WEEK!!!!!!!
    i will be glad if my request will be realized and i hope that it will happen!
    thank you!

  54. laura Says:

    i love ps and i play every day. i have bought cash, and will continue to buy it if theres an item i really must have 🙂
    but i do agree here.
    there are FAR TOO many pfc items, and the items that there are are TOO expencive. if you charged maybe 5pfc instead of 20 then i think people would be alot more happy with the amount of pfc items you produce. i must admit you are becoming abit greedy lately :/ for example its 20pfc for a cow? and you even make us use pfc for some items like the hedgehog and flowers? O_O
    pfc should be for super special items, like it used to be.
    i would also like to suggest making this into a DS game 🙂 so people can buy it and maybe using their email adress download the items they already own on their account online, so people can ACTUALLY own what they have bought from you. it would make me feel alot happier buying cash items, so happy that i wouldnt mind the prices they are now 🙂
    and im sure if all ps players bought the game for DS you would make a profit too. so please take this into consideration.
    thanks for reading playfish 😀

  55. LOLZ Says:

    i say that pet society is a nice game and it gives u a great emotion but we have to tell the creators to give us pf cash when we level up it’s too much money to buy pf cash so it means we have to give up all our money to a game?! so it means their tryin to get our money just to earn playfish cash! i’d rather pay fb credits for 100 cash! why does it have to be so expensive! rather than level up to earn plyfish cash why not send us 20 playfish cash every week or to the others who was playfish cash why not lessen the amount?! i’m just saying that u have to be fair wid others!who care!

  56. Linda Says:

    ok petsociety. I think you have done a better job at keeping the items almost 50-50% in gold and blue coins… but can you some weeks give us some really cute items in golden coins too and not all the great stuff all the time for cc?

    Also, your big flop this week? not one decent outfit for non-cc players. this really sucked!

    thanks thought for doing one wp and floor and cc and at least one in golden coins, but again, could you sometimes make the better one in golden coins? i mean, just once a month at least!

  57. sparkles Says:

    when will they tell us about next week’s theme? i usualy found new themes on thursday, anyone knows what the next theme is?

  58. Diegonious Says:

    I like very much this topic… I hope someday playfish will put some stuff that isnt now pet society like older stuff !!!! and also (this for the people who published ) do not be so rude, playfish i doing what he can :3

  59. Person Says:

    Love the hats, but for the life of me, the one hat i wanted – the teacup – is impossible to get!

  60. Amanda Says:

    I like that not ALL of the items are Playfish cash. I enjoy the challenge of earning enough coins to buy the stuff I really like and gain points by selling fruits and vegetables grown on the trees in both of the gardens(I don’t know if there are more gardens- I’m a little more than halfway through Level 26). I don’t know if it’s from this Alice in Wonderland theme or the last one but I was able to get the Alice dress and a blonde wig with cash coins instead of Playfish coins. Of course, I wasn’t around for the first Alice theme since I’ve only been playing since January of last year. It is possible to get the nice cash coin items if you really work for those items…which will happen if you really want them.

  61. bryo cahyadi Says:

    why not have a god of war game day day where boys become kratos,hades,poseidon and zeus and girls become athena,

  62. nicko salamera Says:

    i love all the alice in wonderland items in this game but its so unfair because some of the items are in cash. my request is: some of the alice in wonderland items in this game all are in coins and some of the items like furnture, and etc. are now already gone. please back all the items that are already gone. PLSSS!!!

  63. aka-chan Says:

    aaaa do not put so many things to play fish playfish hate hate hate me and I like Mayor ¬ ¬

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