Exclusive! Pets Town is coming!


Hi there Pet Society fans!

As The Mayor of Pet Society, I’m constantly asked to attend VIP parties, red carpet events and signings – I’m quite the celebrity don’t you know! But I’m so excited about my next engagement, I could burst! And I’m sure all the Pets out there will be just as excited as I am!

I’ve been invited to open ‘Pets Town’, a brand new and exciting feature coming soon to your Pet’s world! You will soon be able to create, explore and share in a whole new light!

I’d love to tell you more, but I think I’ve already said too much (as usual!). Keep checking back here as more details will be following soon.

The Mayor

72 Responses to “Exclusive! Pets Town is coming!”

  1. BS Z Says:

    can’t wait to see how it works 🙂

  2. joce Says:

    first comment!

  3. mersecentil Says:

    Hooohhhhhh.. I can’t wait.. >.<

  4. mersecentil Says:

    What would it be? =D

  5. rara Says:

    wooowwww!!! that’s wonderfull!! when will it be?? oh pleasee tomorrow!!

  6. Kitty Ky Says:


  7. caroline dy Says:

    what will it do????!!!! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sherine Anissa Says:

    WOW ! Count me in mayor, its mean here in petsociety there’s a party? cool… how about you gave every people in petsociety a invitations ? so that they’re can join us ho known your party/website.. and give em’ all a little surprise !!

  9. Amy Says:

    Can’t wait to see how it works, I wish it will start tomorrow. ^_^

  10. KoKo Says:

    nice. i can’ wait! i’m so excited! :DD

  11. Alicia Says:

    WOW i cant wait :DDDD
    looks so cute ❤

  12. roro Says:

    I wish not to be playfish cash

    Because I do not have the playfish cash


  13. BB Says:

    sounds great ! :DD

  14. eyan Says:

    wooooow greaaat!

  15. febby tia Says:


  16. Alessandra Mayr Says:

    I am in trouble. I created a playhouse which gave me a new room. I decorated it, but then I didn’t want the playhouse. I wanted the room, but not the playhouse… so I sold the playhouse but now my friends can’t see my new room. What can I do? If I build it again will it give me another room, 2? Cuz I only want 1. Help!

    • Coke12345 Says:

      When you sell an item that gives you a room, you loss the room.
      In your case, you need to build another Playhouse to get your room back.
      If you want to show it to your friends also you need to display the playhouse item on your home

    • Choi17 Says:

      If you want to display the room, but not the playhouse, just leave the playhouse in your storage. Your friends should be able to the locate the extra room from the small house map.

    • Katie Simon Says:

      I’m in the same trouble with you, like as Coke12345 said, you have to display the playhouse in one of your rooms, then your friends could see the extra room.

    • creatress Says:

      You don’t have to have the playhouse in your house, your yard will do. But it does have to be out. Your friends can’t see if it you leave it in your chest, or sell it.

  17. Natavin Says:

    Wow , sounds great !
    But more great if didn’t use PFC

  18. thu giang Says:

    yeahhhhhhhhhhh…i love it

  19. audrey pelapory Says:

    Pet Society is the best game! i only need one thing, its little tiny invisible shelf. thank you.

  20. RahimeOzge Says:

    Ha? What is this?

  21. Bonee Says:


  22. Nataša Says:

    Oh can’t wait!!@Amy:and i wish it would start today LOL 😀 i hope ps won’t wait too much to make that because in monday morning im going to ski for 4 days so i can’t go to ps

  23. angel Says:

    i bet it involves playfish cash!

  24. Simona Says:


  25. Alex Says:

    OMG !!!!! I CANT WAIT !!!!! and the pets look SO cute !

  26. Amy Says:

    Pet pet parties? Count me in (sort of) I don’t really OWN a pet, since there has been no point up until this (maybe) I’ll see what it is, and if I want to participate. It sounds intriguing 🙂

  27. LadyPetpaws Says:

    Wow, it looks cute.
    Fingers crossed on it not involving playfish cash ;P

  28. Katie Simon Says:

    Oh I can hardly wait! But I’m sure that there would be a lot of playfish cash stuff… Why can’t The Mayor give us some playfish cash to make us all happy?

  29. apiwat Says:


  30. Prince_of_Ice Says:

    I think it is something global. Hope I can try it out soon. I’m excited!

  31. rachmachan Says:


  32. kin Says:

    i cant wait for this OMG!!!! ♥ love it

  33. sirmata Says:

    this is so cooll!!

  34. shaina Says:

    i cant wait

  35. Chrizt23 Says:

    Oh!!…What’s Surprise will be happen soon…and I’m so very very exited!!!!….
    I want…all PFC on going to GOLD Coins Or Gold coins can change into Pfc Money…with big price…
    hehehe….it’s a big DREAM!!!!….

    add me on FaceBook chrizt23.holbyullets@yahoo.com
    Thanks…. ^_^

  36. Sasha Says:

    i don’t understand

  37. annisa maharani Says:

    i cant wait to see the change in our pet’s world

  38. Suzanne Says:

    too many changes!

  39. anonymous Says:


    can’t wait! 😀

  40. Katie Simon Says:

    Dear Pet Society,

    When I was opening my friend’s facebook and play her pet society game with her, me nor her can’t view my secret room. But when I put it out of the chest, we can view it. Then how can’t we view it when we put it in the chest? Please fix this! Some people just want the secret room, but not the object so they put it in their chest!


  41. Katie Simon Says:


    By the way, I barely can’t wait for the new feature coming up! Please be soon! I can’t wait! What would it be like? A town for our petlings? We could dress our petlings? We could style our petlings? That would be awesome!


  42. wira Says:

    it’s sow good

  43. mariate tiate Says:

    wow! good! we wait it pet society!

  44. Stacy Says:

    it sounds really cool! i am really excited about Pet Town. 🙂

  45. Amanee Says:

    yay i cant freakin wait :))
    i hope its tomorrow!!!! ❤

  46. nancii && Oscar !!♥ Says:

    that’s wonderful

    I can’t wait 1 day more i listen all my friends say pets town!! pets town !!

    and browse me

    i’m in facebook emilia victoria ortega mena plis browse me and invite me to be your friend !!♥♥♥

  47. Melicious Says:

    smells sooo cash

  48. .•:*.•. ][ εïзSεnυяiţa Mόoηaεïз][.•:*.•. Says:


  49. katie Says:

    OF COOOOUUUURSE it will be a cash item…its new, and probably going to be great, so it will cost… 😦

  50. Shafira Says:

    i can’t wait! i can’t wait! i can’t wait! i can’t wait!

    next week??

  51. rayhan Says:

    when it will be arrived? i cant wait 😀

  52. Mikari Says:

    are you going to make your own site? =0 I’ll be happy if you do, since i heard we have to pay for facebook later, xD I rather pay for PG other than facebook xP

  53. Mikari Says:

    sory, I mean PF. typos xD

  54. alanbernal valeboo4@hotmail.com Says:


  55. Cutie Says:

    Whats this pets town? A new game or a game place for our petlings to play in?

  56. Owee Says:

    I hope it isn’t something petling related :/

  57. beacause1 Says:

    Woaaah, Mayor!

    This is looking good, I’m inpressed!

    But ya know, if it’s PlayFish Cash, then I will not be happy!

    Did ya get the messages I sent ya? 😉


  58. boutheina Says:

    trés belle pet soceity ❤ ❤ mais je n ai pas des piéces pour acheter des meubles des vétements the mayor donner des cadaux ou des piéces je suis trés pauvre bye bye j adore pet soceity oh lààà c est mon jeux préfres

  59. Pet Society Palace Says:

    Are you allowed to gift the Hideeni duck costume after you collected all 20 roses? 🙂

  60. Adzra Bela Says:

    What’s your mean?
    i can’t understain!
    please answer!

  61. jijun Says:

    CANT WAIT!!!! >____________<
    wish that the loading won't take a long time anymore ^^

  62. shenelle Says:

    i hate dis stupid new town get to wrok mayor!!….agian!!!!!…..and maybe try givin the pets like a free 1000 coins a day!!!!!!!!!!!…ok maybe 500

  63. mean Says:

    pls mayor you are a best mayor…… and maybe try givin the pets like a free 1000 playcash today

  64. Teddy Says:


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