Indiana Bones… Raiders of the Lost Bark


Hey Pet Society Fans! After a week of love, hearts and all things pink (including poo!), is your pet ready to get down and dirty? Seeking a little adventure? Longing for that lost treasure? Get ready, because your pet has the chance to be a hero, the legendary Indiana Bones…

Our favorite items!

To help find that hidden treasure we’re releasing a handy little tool called the Digging Treasure Detector! It will allow you to save your shovels by improving your chances of finding hidden treasure! (Usable once per session) Another really cool item is the Tempaw of Doom Trap. Your pet will feel like they’re a part of the action with one of these traps laying on the floor! Simply place the trap in  your room and your pet will dodge one of three possible dangerous attacks! Dodge the axe, avoid the arrows and beat the net! Don’t worry… your pet is fully trained to avoid said attacks! They don’t call em Indiana Bones for nothin’.

Digging Treasure Detector
(Boutique – For Your Pet)
Tempaw of Doom Trap
(Boutique – For Your Home)

Explore the jungle in style! Not only are these Elephants incredibly cute, but they’ll lift your pet up on their back and take them for ride. Check out the Jungle Riding Elephant on Monday in the Boutique and give it a try!

Jungle Riding Elephant
(Boutique – For Your Home)

Tempaw of Doom Treasure – get yours for free!

Team up with your friends and this Tempaw of Doom Treasure will be yours for FREE! Ask your friends for the components now!

Tempaw of Doom Treasure
(Boutique – Featured) (Collaborative)
Treasure Chest Wood
(Component for Tempaw of Doom Treasure)
Gold Coin
(Component for Tempaw of Doom Treasure)
Pink Jewel
(Component for Tempaw of Doom Treasure)

What’s the Box?

Good ol’ “?” has a full batch of items hidden amongst the Mystery Boxes this week! I guess he’s testing your hunting skills! Make sure you stop by the Mystery Shop to buy all three colors this week (Red, Blue and Gold) there’s something cool in each of them including the blazin’ Camping Fire Torch and Mayan Tribal Necklace! Can you find all four?

Camping Pepper and Salt Shakers
(Red Mystery Box)
Mayan Tribal Necklace
(Blue Mystery Box)
Mayan Treasure Map
(Gold Mystery Box)
Camping Fire Torch
(Gold Mystery Box)

Win or Lose Boxes

The Win or Lose Boxes have been updated with two very stylish items! See if you can find your very own Black Gothic and Sweet Pink Captain Hat! Good luck!

Black Gothic Captain Hat
(Win or Lose Box)
Sweet Pink Captain Hat
(Win or Lose Box)

Digging update!

Indiana Bones simply wouldn’t be Indiana Bones without the cool accessories! You can get your own Archaeologist Hat with Bow by asking your friends via the Free Gifting Feature! The wearable Archaeologist Whip is part of the Weekly Digging Update and can be found in the Town Forest on Friday, for one week only!

Archaeologist Hat with Bow
(Free Gift)
Archaeologist Whip
(Weekly Digging Update)

Get them before they go!

Tuesday through Thursday are very important days in Pet Society. For 24 hours on Tuesday only, the Voodoo Bear Plushie will be available in the Market! For 48 hours on Wednesday through Thursday only, the very Rare Jungle Riding Elephant will be available in the Boutique! Remember, these items will only be available for a LIMITED time only, so get yours before they’re gone!

Voodoo Bear Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Rare Jungle Riding Elephant
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff)


Cursed Fish!

There’s a brand new fish in the pond this week if you dare reel it in! The incredibly creepy Cursed Fish can be caught with any bait. I’d recommend giving this guy his own tank, the other fish might get scared.

Cursed Fish

Cool new Boutique items!

The Boutique welcomes a few extremely cool items to help complete the Indiana Bones theme. For the first 3 days only, the Jungle Jeep will be on sale for yellow coins! You’ll have to be quick, this deal won’t be around for long.. after the three days are up, it will be sold for PFC! The jungle can be a lonely place, so if your pet needs someone to talk to, the Mayan Talking Tree has a lot to say about, well….everything! You can also turn your pet into a living voodoo doll! Check out the Boutique on Monday!

Tempaw of Doom Wallpaper
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Tempaw of Doom Floor
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Jungle Jeep
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Mayan Magical Crown
(Boutique – For Your Pet)
Mayan Talking Tree
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Grand Mayan Throne
(Boutique – For Your Home)
Voodoo Doll Potion
(Boutique – For Your Pet)
Voodoo Doll Potion (Outcome)
(Boutique – For Your Pet)


Tempaw of Doom Painting
(Boutique – For Your Home)

And the rest!

The stores will be stocked full of every item you could ever need while playing the role of Indiana Bones! Everything from camping tools, to yummy snacks (perfect for having a picnic with your new friend the Talking Mayan Tree!) The rest of the Indiana Bones outfits, for boys and girls can be found in the Clothing shop as well! Be sure to stop by the Official Forum to share stores and/or pictures about how your week as a treasure hunting hero went! We’d love to hear from you!

Camping Folding Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Camping Folding Chair
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Camping Folding Kitchen
(Furniture – Kitchen and Bathroom)
Camping Folding Stool
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Camping Folding Table
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Camping Folding Grilling Stove
(Furniture – Kitchen and Bathroom)
Camping Storage Jars
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Camping Pan
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Camping Stove
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Mining Cart
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Camping Backpack
(Market – Cool Items)
Camping Lunch Box
(Market – Cool Items) (OWO)
Camping Radio Receiver
(Market – Cool Items)
Camping Lantern
(Market – Cool Items)
Indiana Bones Plushie
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Camping Luxury Tent
(Outdoor – Furniture) (Market – Cool Items)
Jungle Mushroom Seed
(Outdoor – Gardening)
Jungle Mushroom
(Outcome of Jungle Mushroom Seed)
Jungle Stone Column
(Outdoor – Furniture) (OWO)
Jungle Waterfall Decor
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Mayan Hanging Swinging Statue
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Mayan Temple Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Mayan Temple Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Mining Shaft Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Mining Shaft Shelf
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Mining Shaft Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Mining Shaft Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Camping Canned Beans
(Food – Groceries)
Camping Breakfast Sandwich
(Food – Groceries) (OWO)
Camping Club Sandwich
(Food – Groceries)
Camping Croissant Sandwich
(Food – Groceries)
Marshmallow Chocolate Cake
(Food – Groceries) (OWO)
Eggs on Toast
(Food – Groceries)
Lady Archaeologist Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Lady Archaeologist Bracelet
(Clothes – Girls)
Lady Archaeologist Boots
(Clothes – Girls)
Archaeologist Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Archaeologist Hat
(Clothes – Boys)
Archaeologist Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Archaeologist Shoes
Clothes – Boys)
Archaeologist Handheld Torch
(Clothes – Accessories) (OWO)
Archaeologist Wig
(Clothes – Hair Stylist) (OWO)

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

43 Responses to “Indiana Bones… Raiders of the Lost Bark”

  1. clare Says:

    not my kind of theme..

    • Alex Says:

      not mine ether , but i gotta say the clothes Indiana Bones Plushie , Black Gothic Captain Hat and the Sweet Pink Captain Hat are cool but the other things are boring . Hope the next week its better ! 😀

  2. alba Says:

    Glad to see that there won’t be any Valentine items next week 😀

  3. Salem Says:

    love them…but would have enjoyed a bit of wwf updates too: indiana bones can’t do without a roaring lion or a white tiger….! 😛

  4. OMG Says:

    Indiana Bones Plushie

  5. Misha Says:

    the wallpapers looks cool 😀
    still, there’re lots of PFC items for next week..

    how about a YELLOW COINS ONLY week?

  6. Chrizt23 Says:

    wOw!…is it COOL,but it is PFC again…can you get some players..wish that will have an YELLOW COINS WEEK ALL OF THEM WILL GLAD TO KNOW IT…WHEN IT IS WEEK FOR ONLY YELLOW COINS…and Me ALso…
    With Free…3 free gift shovelss…haha

    Add me on FB PS Player..
    thanks… ^_^

  7. Orlyloo Says:

    errr… kinda expecting more of Valentines :/ Valentines is next week afterall. 😐

  8. Owee Says:

    Just ok ^^

  9. .•:*.•. ][ εïзSεnυяiţa Mόoηaεïз][.•:*.•. Says:

    aww verry amazing

  10. javiera Says:

    me no like ;_;

  11. Prince_of_Ice Says:

    Err, no valentine for next week? It is… just not right for me… a bit. Oh well, so this year’s Valentine is celebrated at beach and nowhere else….

    But hmm, I think my pet likes digging and ore gathering in mining shaft.

  12. NotFromMars Says:

    This looks spiffy! ❤ Love the clothes!

    • Alex Says:

      me too clothes are the best item of the win i hope winning a Black Gothic Captain Hator a Sweet Pink Captain Hat but i totally buy the Lady Archaeologist Dress
      and the boots

  13. TTTrow Says:

    Way to go guys, its a very original theme(I love Indiana Jones and the temple of doom is my fav) I would say the items r great (maybe a bit much on the camping) but u thought of a compromise for PFC haters! Release for a limited time for IS coins and then go to CC, brilliant! More of this pleez!!

  14. Toni Says:

    Love the idea! cool graphics and should be fun! But do we need two different elephants? Couldn’t you think of something else instead? Horse or mule instead. Anyway I am looking forward to the Indiana Bones stuff!

  15. aikster Says:

    come on, guys! make a philippine theme for once.

  16. Anonymous Says:


  17. katie Says:

    kinda of sad, last weeks vday theme was kinda week, was hoping for some more heart themed items, alas, another week with nothing to spend my coins on 😦 up to 90000 saved non purchased coins, hoping something will spark my interest soon

    • Alex Says:

      you are not the only one how is sad with this theme me too i was hoping to get more v-day stuff and i dont know where to spend my coins on i REALLY REALLY hope the next week its better

  18. Alex Says:

    you are not the only one how is sad with this theme 😦 me too i was hoping to get more v-day stuff and i dont know where to spend my coins on i REALLY REALLY hope the next week its better 😦

  19. Maria clarisa Says:

    Too much CC items again! And we also want new dishes for cooking!

  20. Ray Says:

    Hi Ryan, can u tell me which bait can I use for the cured fish cause I cannot catch it! Thanks!

  21. Ray Says:

    Sorry! I mean Alex! Do you have any Idea?

  22. Maria Kirana Says:

    awesome!!!! >.<

  23. mary Says:

    I love the theme, Playfish!

  24. Popcorn Says:

    Oh, my gosh, I love the theme~! This may be the best week yet. I can’t wait to get the Mayan Magical Crown!

  25. AlienNinjaPirate Says:

    FINALLY!! valentines over. pink burns my eyes… and so does cyan and those bright yellows…

    Anyway cool theme, rly like the fish 🙂

  26. Alexandria Says:

    I don’t like this theme. Yet again, way too many PFC items. Has anyone else noticed that the only people that have Playfish Cash are those obsessed Japanese/Mexican/Chinese girls?

  27. Richelle Says:

    i like pet society!

  28. princess Says:

    i want this all

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