Hoppy New Year!


Hey Pet Society Fans! Valentines Day is just around the corner, have you found your Valentine yet? That’s not the only thing we’ve got planned for you though, this week you can prepare for Chinese New Year before the love fest begins! This time we’re celebrating the Year of the Rabbit! It’s no surprise that we’re doing it in style with luxurious colors, delicious flavors and festive clothing!

One of our featured items, the Rabbit of a Thousand Faces is the perfect item to get the week started off right! This adorable, cuddly little guy will not only look great on display, he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve too! Each time you load the game, your bunny will have a new color, bow-tie and face! Make sure you visit the Gallery to show off your outcomes!

Rabbit of a Thousand Faces
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectibles)

Best way to celebrate Chinese New Years? By riding a ridiculously colorful dragon that glows in the dark of course! The Chinese Flying Dragon will be available in the Boutique on Monday, and for one week only we’re lowering the price to give you a bit of a “pre-sale”. After a week, the price will go back to it’s original price. Will your pet soar to new heights on this very special Flying Dragon?

Chinese Flying Dragon (Boutique – Featured) (Market – Cool Stuff)

On Monday, the WWF section of the Boutique will be welcoming some new members to the family! The Panda! Each Panda bought separately will have it’s own animation, but if you simply cannot choose just one and wish to buy all four, together they will unlock a new animation.

WWF Panda Family Collection
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Toys & Collectibles)

Once you’re all done “Oohing” and “Ahhing” over the items coming on Monday, don’t forget that you can pay out friend “?” a visit to get the Mystery Boxes today! From the Blue Mystery Box, you can get the Blue Chinese Teapot and from the Gold Mystery Box you can find the mouthwatering Roast Suckling Pig Decor and luminous Chinese Red Lantern . Best of luck during your hunt! See if you can collect all 3!

Blue Chinese Teapot
(Blue Mystery Box)
Roast Suckling Pig Decor
(Gold Mystery Box)
Chinese Red Lantern
(Gold Mystery Box)

Rabbit is the word of the week! You can send a Rabbit Red Packet to your friends for free via the Free Gifting Feature, or dig something up to keep for yourself. The Chinese Rabbit Wall Decor will be available on Friday for one week only in the Town Forest. How many can you dig up before they’re gone?

Rabbit Red Packet
(Free Gift)
Chinese Rabbit Wall Decor
(Weekly Digging Update)

What do you get when you mix a Mahjong Piece, a light bulb and wood? (Sorry, it’s not a machine to trap Hideeni!) When your friends gift you those three items you’ll be able to build your very own Mahjong Table for FREE! Alternatively, you can purchase the item for PFC if your friends are being a bit stingy.

Mahjong Table
(Boutique – Featured) (Furniture – Living) (Collaborative)
(Component for Mahjong Table)
(Component for Mahjong Table)
Mahjong Piece
(Component for Mahjong Table)

You’ll have to be quick when trying to buy these two special items! Each are around for a limited time only. The Chinese Hanging Lantern (available in the DIY or Mystery Shop on Tuesday) will only be available for 24 hours only. The Chinese Serene Garden Gateway (available in the Boutique on Wednesday through Thursday) will be available for 48 hours.

Chinese Hanging Lantern
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Mystery – Glow in the Dark) (Limited Edition – Tuesday)
Chinese Serene Garden Gateway
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Furniture) (Limited Edition – Wednesday – Thursday)

The Boutique will be filled with gorgeous, ornate items on Monday including a Chinese Grand Entrance and stunning (yet yummy) Chinese Chocolate Ingot Tree. As mentioned above, the WWF section is welcoming a whole lot of Pandas including a brand new Petling! Show your support and help save the Pandas by paying a visit to the Boutique on Monday.

Chinese Chocolate Ingot Tree Seed
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Garden)
Chinese Chocolate Ingot Tree
(Outcome of Chinese Chocolate Ingot Tree Seed)
Chinese Grand Entrance
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Furniture)
Spectacular Chinese Firecrackers
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Party & Gifts)
WWF Petling Panda
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Petlings)
WWF (Adult) Petling Panda
(Boutique – Featured) (Outdoor – Petlings)
WWF Sleeping Baby Panda
(Boutique – Featured)
WWF Anniversary Celebration Cake
(Boutique – Featured) (Market – Party & Gifts)

So much to do, so much to see, so little time! All of our stores will be updated on Monday with items for you to decorate with, sit on, eat off of and even ride on! (How’s that for variety? Not bad eh!) Pay close attention to items labelled OWO (One Week Only) as these items will only be around until February 7th 12 AM GMT.

Chinese Black Cupboard
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Chinese Black Screen
(Furniture – Bedroom) (OWO)
Chinese Gold Chair
(Furniture – Living)
Chinese Gold Side Table
(Furniture – Living)
Chinese Guqin Instrument
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Chinese Moon Guitar (Market – Cool Stuff)
Chinese Banquet Table
(Furniture – Living)
Chinese Luck Wall Decor
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)
Blue Chinese Teacup
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Chinese Fish Banquet Decor
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Chinese Bunny Figurine
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Chinese Dim Sum Decor
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Chinese Unity Platter Decor
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom) (OWO)
Chinese New Year Wall Decor
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Chinese Toy Windmill
(Market – Toys & Collectibles) (OWO)
Chinese Traditional Drink Jar
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Tangerine Basket Decor
(Furniture – Kitchen & Bathroom)
Chinese Garden Bench
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Chinese Garden Pagoda
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Chinese Vase with Flowers
(Furniture – Living)
Chinese Stone Lion
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Chinese Flower Plant
(Outdoor – Gardening) (OWO)
Chinese Tricycle
(Outdoor – Furniture)
Chinese Tangerine Plant
(Outdoor – Gardening) (OWO)

Complete the theme with your favorite Wallpaper & Floor from the D.I.Y Depot! Just what you need to finish off a great room, which one will you choose?

Chinese Garden Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Chinese Garden Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Chinese Garden Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Chinese Room Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors) (OWO)
Chinese Room Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Chinese Room Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)

Mystery Basket full of food means you can have a Mystery Picnic in the park and have fun guessing which food your pet will eat next! In my opinion that Chinese New Year Cake is looking mighty delicious to me!

Chinese New Year Mystery Food Basket
(Mystery – Mystery Boxes & Eggs)
Buddhas Delight Chinese Dried Fruits
Chinese New Year Cake Ingot Dumplings Longevity Noodles
Melon Seeds Raw Fish Salad
Tangerines Turnip Cake

And last, but certainly not least… your pet will wish to celebrate in style wearing his/her very own festive costume. Chinese Lion Dance Mask, anyone?

Chinese Festive Blue Hat
(Clothes – Boys) (OWO)
Chinese Festive Blue Shirt
(Clothes – Boys) (OWO)
Chinese Festive Blue Pants
(Clothes – Boys) (OWO)
Chinese Festive Blue Shoe
(Clothes – Boys) (OWO)
Chinese Lion Dance Mask
(Clothes – Boys)
Chinese Lion Dance Top
(Clothes – Boys)
Chinese Lion Dance Pants
(Clothes – Boys)
Chinese Lion Dance Shoes
(Clothes – Boys)
Chinese Double Bun Wig
(Clothes – Girls)
Chinese Festive Pink Dress
(Clothes – Girls)
Chinese Festive Pink Bracelet
(Clothes – Girls)
Chinese Festive Pink Shoes
(Clothes – Girls)

46 Responses to “Hoppy New Year!”

  1. Orlyloo Says:

    Oh my! I am so much in love with the theme this week and it is not even Valentines yet ! I love the Chinese New Year ❤

    Happy Chinese New Year to everyone ! 😀

  2. clare Says:

    Love it! I’m impress! 😀

  3. Fitzcairn Says:

    Pretty week; too much cash. Glad we can build the table, though.

  4. sophiscated.me Says:

    YAYYYYYYY!!!happy chinese new year 😀 cool stuffs 🙂

  5. cURLYgIRL Says:

    I love the items! great job!

  6. karmazyna Says:

    Finally some nice items that are not entirely PFC :3

  7. Rico Says:

    This has got to be the best theme of 2011 yet!

  8. Pijan Says:

    love the Rabbit of a Thousand Faces!

  9. OMG Says:

    oh! really cool stuffs

  10. Pooo Says:

    ohhhh~ i like this a lot~ i was actually waiting for this 😀 happy chinese new year

  11. katie Says:

    i like the little bun…i will admit i was hoping for valentines day stuff already 🙂 but this is nice too

  12. TTTrow Says:

    This is a great theme I love it! some of the items are too similar to the japanese garden mystery egg but thats ok i guess more items for a beautiful garden 🙂 Kudos on the bunny of a thousand faces and the flying dragon they r beautiful.

  13. bebew Says:

    ohhhhhhhh WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait for next week!!!
    it is gonna be very nice and awesome!!!!!!!

  14. Mariana Says:

    This is just awwwsooomeee!! that is what i spected from you guys!

  15. saga Says:

    love it!
    only to bad the the only tree sead is pfc!
    but still great week and love the itimes ^^!

  16. anseb Says:

    Wow thanks Pet Society…!!!!!!!!!! Is my year…the Year of the Rabbit…!!!!!!! Love it ♥

  17. anseb Says:

    And Happy Chinese Year for everyone…!!!!♪♫

  18. Addy Says:

    OMG!!!!! I freaking love the girls outfit!!!!!!!!!! thank goodness its not cc, that wig looks uber cute!!!! xD

  19. Zeus David Says:

    FINALLY… CHINESE clothes! I’ve been waiting for these.

  20. Maddy Says:

    Nice :]

    But the dead pig makes me sad ;~;

  21. acboyyy21 Says:

    OH YEAHH!!! I WWILL SO ❤ This week!!

  22. Mariana Says:


  23. gigi Says:

    well dang… I wish the red packet did more stuff, but at least they’re worth 66 coins lol this theme is cool! glad my pet’s got his tang jacket from back in the day

  24. lilbug2229 Says:

    love the clothes and rabbit of many faces XD

  25. alien Says:

    Good. I am a chinese and really love the items PS created for our festival!

  26. shinny Says:

    Happy chinese new year It’s so cute!!

  27. Alex Says:

    wow they are a lot of cool stuff !! i wonder whats hapenning next week ?

  28. pika!envy Says:

    OMG! THE WIG! THE WIG!! ❤ It's squee material~

    I love the new "pre-sale" feature that PS is trying out. I'm sure that dedicated players will enjoy it.

    I'm also happy that there are lots of coin items for this week.
    This is such a nice change. Hopefully, the PFC items won't be expensive because of it.

    (: So far, I approve.

  29. .•:*.•. ][ εïзSεnυяiţa Mόoηaεïз][.•:*.•. Says:

    aww that verry pretty ❤ look forward to that ^_^

  30. Chrizt23 Says:

    WOW!!…That was awsome!!….:D
    There’s have Least PFC items adn more coins items…
    and The Collaborative items….I LOVE IT!!……whoa!!…
    Next Week I wissh the new Items or patch will named am…..


  31. Hui Ning Says:

    Xing Nian Quai Le
    Wan Shi Ru Yi
    Happy Chinese New Year everybody

  32. Stacy Says:

    i love the petling panda, i hope it won’t be a pfc item. 😦

  33. Ukiin123 Says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!!!!! 😀

  34. Lucie Says:

    Does the Chinese Fish Banquet Decor looks like the Shashimi Boat ?

  35. rozelle Says:


  36. amnart Says:

    nice items

  37. Ivana Kangansjah Says:

    BeAuTiFuL!!! ~ I So ❤ PeT sOcIeTy

  38. Cookiesweet99ღ Says:

    Happy CNY everyone!! Love the Thousand Faced Rabbit. Really does have more than the usual 3 outcomes!! ❤

  39. dinda Says:

    i love pet society !!!!

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