Hat’s a cool item!


Hey Pet Society fans!

Have you spotted the Mayor wearing a rather fabulous Magical Spring Hat teamed up with the Rapunzel Palace Fountain? Are you uber jealous and want to get your hands on one for your pet? There isn’t long to wait as the Magical Spring Hat will hit the shops on Monday!

Simply buy the Magical Spring Hat and place it in your room. Then pick your favorite item drag it into the hat. Add the hat on your pets’ head and taa-daa! Your item will shrink and appear on top of the bouncing spring!

The Mayor has been having lots of fun with this, but which of the looks below is your favorite for him? Feel free to stop by our Official Forum to discuss!

61 Responses to “Hat’s a cool item!”

  1. mimi Says:

    Where´s hidden and cool hat

  2. ferdinand Says:

    i love you mayor

  3. gigi Says:

    hat’s kinda lame… was this concept big in the 20s or something? I don’t remember reading about this… maybe hiding a gun or some tasty bathtub gin *under* your hat, but springs? feh….. and I think it’s 1 hat, 1 item 1 time like the snow globes, right?

  4. agustin Says:

    soy el mejor

  5. agustin Says:


  6. lucy Says:


  7. ? Says:

    oh great
    playfish cash AGAIN
    yet on the bottom of every single one of these blogs it says “we care about what you have to say”
    yeah right
    if you did we would get less pfc items and cooler cash items
    and the LEAST you could have done is make it interchangeable between items my god its very simple
    but once again all you want is money

  8. valentina Says:


  9. valentina Says:

    anche io lo vorrei x favore!!!!!!!!

  10. agoss Says:

    ta re bueno;)

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