Hat’s a cool item!


Hey Pet Society fans!

Have you spotted the Mayor wearing a rather fabulous Magical Spring Hat teamed up with the Rapunzel Palace Fountain? Are you uber jealous and want to get your hands on one for your pet? There isn’t long to wait as the Magical Spring Hat will hit the shops on Monday!

Simply buy the Magical Spring Hat and place it in your room. Then pick your favorite item drag it into the hat. Add the hat on your pets’ head and taa-daa! Your item will shrink and appear on top of the bouncing spring!

The Mayor has been having lots of fun with this, but which of the looks below is your favorite for him? Feel free to stop by our Official Forum to discuss!

61 Responses to “Hat’s a cool item!”

  1. paula Says:

    i dont like the hat so much although its cool

  2. paula Says:

    well I love it now perhaps , haha

  3. gravitygrip Says:

    Siriusly getting the toilet hat! 8)

  4. gülay Says:


  5. Stacy Says:

    lol i love the toilet hat 😉

  6. Jen Says:

    so I’m guessing it’s interchangeable unlike the snow globe seeing as you can put anything on top

  7. OMG Says:

    It’s PFC!!! ToT

  8. flamboyant Says:

    look funny

  9. Mariana Says:

    Another useless and ugly cash item XD

  10. Josefina Says:

    I love it!!!! pls one free for all, thanks.

  11. Tiffany Says:

    why pfc item?????????????????????? can’t one for everyone who logs in some other day??????????????????????????????????????????????? like pup tent item??????????????????????????

  12. Brandi Says:

    I wish it didn’t cost PLAYFISH CASH… If it was 10,000 coins, I would be fine with that. >.<

  13. phiniau Says:

    Mayor is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

  14. siramon Says:

    I want to Simply buy the Magical Spring Hat and place it in your room. Then pick your favorite item drag it into the hat. Add the hat on your pets’ head and taa-daa! Your item will shrink and appear on top of the bouncing spring!

  15. rachelle Says:

    its so cool

  16. Natasha Says:

    I would like to have one but I guess it need platform cash…:(

  17. jevera gunadi Says:

    I want this
    Mayor gave me please 😦

  18. putri Says:

    wow i like it pleaseee i want 2

  19. Cookiesweet99ღ Says:

    Lolz!! I like the one with the Hideeni magnet on it!!! And the Coffee and Detergent. But the coffee looks best! Watch your step mayor!!

  20. michael Says:

    i like it like a butterfly that is cute like a pupy’s that is handsam like the mayor 🙂

  21. marylyn Says:

    please don’t use playfish cash to get this hat.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..:(

  22. marylyn Says:

    i agree with josefina.. 🙂 please one free for all.. 🙂

  23. trixie Says:


  24. Joanne Says:

    Is it in normal coins or PFC?

  25. kristijan Says:

    I like to buy hat

  26. haohao Says:

    love love love

  27. masoon Says:

    what is owo

  28. Edelin Jooners Says:

    I love it… how can i get it ?

  29. sirmata :) Says:


  30. Isabella Stewart Says:

    Cool! Maybe I’ll buy it ..

  31. 陳薇 Says:

    very cool!!

  32. Zevania Veda Says:

    cool !!
    but PFC 😦

  33. imank Says:

    the one with the coffe and the cat is the cutest to my taste 😀

  34. Alex Says:

    that’s not fair…. wrrrrr againg PFC!

  35. bella (fake 1) Says:

    i’ll try to buy it, it deppends 😉

  36. yoi bro Says:

    wow I like it !! it’s cool hmmm…. please everyday free for all, thak you The Mayor!!

  37. Lie Any Says:

    Cool… I like it, but it’s playfish, I hope, we are given Playfish

  38. marnie noah Says:

    mayor!!!!!? i request…. to you to gift me a magical spring hat……..?!

  39. Tiffany Says:

    why pfc……i like it a lot

  40. Mikari Says:

    I can’t seems to take a photo of my pet/room lately. I receive lots of error 😦

  41. marylyn Says:

    please don’t use PFC to buy it!! i want it soooooooooooooo muchhhhh!! 😦 😦

  42. Hong Anh Says:

    I’ll buy it and put the Rainbow Poo on it 🙂

  43. jeanne yvesh p. frncisco Says:

    please please please i want one can you at least give every one for free please please please im begging you ive wanted something like that for every single second or give every one that comes online please please please

  44. santiago Says:

    I want a week of concerts, new instruments … I hope you do, thank you very much!

  45. Magdalena Gramala Says:

    I hope it’s going to cost coins not playfish cash because i haven’t got any! :*

  46. lucy Says:

    why it will be a cash Playfish

  47. Popcorn Says:

    Aww, the hot dog hat is soo cute on the mayor!

  48. nelly Says:

    i want one hat pleaseee

  49. Alex Says:

    Great !

  50. Banalata Says:

    Wow I am sooo excited!

  51. mimi Says:

    Where´s hidden and cool hat

  52. ferdinand Says:

    i love you mayor

  53. gigi Says:

    hat’s kinda lame… was this concept big in the 20s or something? I don’t remember reading about this… maybe hiding a gun or some tasty bathtub gin *under* your hat, but springs? feh….. and I think it’s 1 hat, 1 item 1 time like the snow globes, right?

  54. agustin Says:

    soy el mejor

  55. agustin Says:


  56. lucy Says:


  57. ? Says:

    oh great
    playfish cash AGAIN
    yet on the bottom of every single one of these blogs it says “we care about what you have to say”
    yeah right
    if you did we would get less pfc items and cooler cash items
    and the LEAST you could have done is make it interchangeable between items my god its very simple
    but once again all you want is money

  58. valentina Says:


  59. valentina Says:

    anche io lo vorrei x favore!!!!!!!!

  60. agoss Says:

    ta re bueno;)

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