Past The Point Of No Return….


Hey Pet fans! Welcome to a brand new week in Pet Society. We hope everyone enjoyed their New Year! We’re looking forward to another great year full of new themes, exciting features and lots of fun inside Pet Society! This week, we’re dropping the scalpels and trading in our operating masks for a different kind of mask…

That’s right! It’s Phantom of the Opera week! Read along if you dare…

Our creepy friend “?” is all over this theme! He’s already hidden 3 new items amongst the Blue and Gold Mystery Boxes. Light up your theater with Gothic Theater Candlesticks and Opera House Candle Pans and spook the audience with authentic Theater Masks! These items are inside of the Mystery Boxes now, good luck!

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

Opera House Candle Pan (Blue Mystery Box) Gothic Theater Candlestick (Gold Mystery Box) Theater Masks (Gold Mystery Box)

Dig up your own Wearable Rose from the Town Forest on Monday. Just a reminder, they will only be around for one week only! Also new this week is the Opera House Red Curtain available to gift your friends for FREE via the free gift feature!

Opera House Red Curtain (Free Gift) Wearable Rose (Weekly Digging Update)

Pie in the face vs Dark Gothic Bonnet or Sweet Pink Bonnet… worth the risk? I think so! The Win or Lose boxes have been updated with these must have headpieces!

Purple Gothic Bonnet (Mystery – Win or Lose Box) Pink Sweet Bonnet (Mystery – Win or Lose Box)

For 24 hours only on Tuesday, you can purchase the Phantom Bear Plushie from the Market! On Wednesday through Thursday (48 hours total) the stunning Portrait of a Mysterious Pet will be available for a limited time only in the Boutique. Make sure you sign on both days to claim your items!

Phantom Bear Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition – Tuesday) Portrait of a Mysterious Pet (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Boutique – Beautiful)

Come Monday, the shops will be filled with stunning gothic items for you to create your very own haunted Opera Theater. The Sewer Floor acts the same as the Ocean Floors do, which means when your pet walks on it, it will create a splashing effect. Do you dare hang the Haunted Opera Mirror in your home? Watch the mirror for a spooky discovery! There are tons of items in the shops on Monday. See below for a sneak peek!

Sewer Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Boutique – Amazing)
Theater Glasses (Clothes – Accessories) (Boutique – Beautiful) Portrait of an Opera Diva (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Boutique – Beautiful) Opera House Chandelier (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Opera House Private Box (Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful) Haunted Opera Mirror (Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Opera House Pipe Organ (Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful) Opera House Gondola (Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful) (OWO)
Opera House Backstage Passageway
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful) (OWO)
Opera House Stool (Furniture – Living) (OWO) Opera House Trunk (Furniture – Bedroom) Opera House Dressing Table (Furniture – Living)
Opera House Screen (Furniture – Bedroom) Opera House Bed (Furniture – Bedroom)
Opera House Table (Furniture – Living) Opera House Sofa (Furniture – Living)
Christine Bear Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) Opera House Mask Stand (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Sheet Music Stand (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Opera House Suit Display (Market – Cool Stuff) Opera House Dress Display (Market – Cool Stuff) Opera House Sign (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Opera House Candle (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Opera House Velvet Rope (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Opera House Wedding Cake (Food – Grocery)

Let the curtains rise, and start the show! Put those final touches on your theater by stopping by the DIY shop. Lights, camera, action!

Opera House Purple Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) Sewer Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) Opera House Black Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) (OWO)
Opera House Entrance (DIY – Windows & Doors) Opera House Heavy Drapery (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Opera House Floor (DIY – Walls & Floors) Sewer Window (DIY – Windows & Doors) Opera House Backstage Wall Crack (DIY – Walls & Floors)

Most importantly, don’t forget to dress the part! Which role will your pet play? Even though the “show must go on”, the show is simply not the same unless the pets are in character! Make sure to stop by the Official Forum to share pictures and thoughts on the new clothing items here in the Pet Society Fashion sub-forum.

Christine Dress (Clothes – Girls) Christine Gloves (Clothes – Girls) Christine Shoes (Clothes – Girls)
Phantom Cape (Clothes – Boys) (OWO) White Mask (Clothes – Boys) (OWO) Phantom Pants (Clothes – Boys) (OWO)
Phantom Shoes (Clothes – Boys) (OWO) Phantom Top (Clothes – Boys) (OWO)
Gold Stage Top (Clothes – Boys) Gold Stage Pants (Clothes – Boys) Gold Rapier (Clothes – Boys) (Clothes – Accessories)

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

34 Responses to “Past The Point Of No Return….”

  1. alien Says:

    Marvellous!! I love this opera and am glad to see the items in PS!!

  2. funny~ Says:

    hehehe….I’m the first to leave a comment~^V^

  3. Heather Says:

    I’m a huge Phantom fan. I love it all but dang so many cc items and I’m so broke. ;_; Why??

  4. Ysa Lonzame Says:

    Too many CC items. 😦

  5. iamsupermarco Says:

    fudge.. what a nice items..

    too bad many of ’em are in pfc..

  6. daffnie Says:

    Nice items..but once again all the best ones are CC items… please cut down the amt of cc items ;(
    & Also, the price of cc items, i find are pretty high too 😦

  7. Tasmia Tasin Says:

    The Portrait of a Mysterious Pet looks handsome;I wish I could buy it.

  8. :( Says:

    😦 all of the good item is cc why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. flamboyant Says:

    why why why many pfc T.T

  10. Archer Says:

    BEST. THEME. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Vindicator Says:

    Great idea, never thought of it.

  12. Kasandra Says:

    Very cool theme.. But again portraits are only for PFC ;(

  13. grifit Says:

    great theme!!!!!
    I love it
    but the most important items are pfc
    The organ was fudamental

  14. Krystel Says:

    YAY!!!! AWESOME THEME!!!!! And finally……my pet has needed a SWORD for AGES!

  15. Charlotte Says:


    But why the best items are with the blue coin!? ¬¬

    i hate that, please leave the blue coins or put an alternative price with golden coin

  16. gigi Says:

    woohooo!!! gold rapier! by jove, I may have my fencing studio after all! 😀 it’s not dead-on, but I’ll take it!

  17. Pebsmum Says:

    Nice items, a lot of pfc though, good thing Pebless has a lot of rich friends, lol. I didn’t like the hospital week it was really depressing, this is very goth and beautiful.

  18. Rachel Says:

    LOVE THIS STUFF. However, too many PFC items. Guess here goes all my Christmas PFC! xD

    SUGGESTION: make the chandelier a collaborative item!!!!!!! Why the frick is it not a collab item??????

    SUGGESTION #2: Make the PFC “backstage passageway” into an extra room!!! 12 PFC for a “door” like that is outrageous!!!

  19. Guadalupe Says:

    muy interesante el juego…

  20. Arina Says:

    Too many PFC items…. D:

  21. shinny Says:

    Very Luxury!!!!!!!!

  22. veronica Says:

    waaa *-* i wanna the wearable rose ❤

  23. Toni Says:

    This looks awesome! Can’t wait until the Phantom is released!

  24. saga Says:

    loove the theme! Finally I can redecorate my pets room!!
    but I have to agree, to many pfc items and both the paintings. why not have one for coins

    • drOGI Says:

      I AGREE 100% WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Faye Says:

    What is going to happen to Pet society after Facebook is erased??

  26. Kate Says:

    I’m loving this week’s theme!!! Too many pfc items as usual though lol

  27. Aimi Says:

    how can I get playfish cash ????

  28. Misha Says:

    i love to wear the ghost’s dress *o*

  29. lavita ebella andinegara Says:

    i like pet societyyyy

  30. sheron ang Says:

    i like it very much my pet is so cute like it

  31. Coyack Says:

    OMG!! I lost this week,please make it once again TAT I need to buy things I couldnt buy TAT
    The only thing I did not like a lot is that most of this things were on Payfish D:
    I am too poor to support it TAT

  32. natalana Says:

    I want play this game, please

  33. joy Says:


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