Santa Paws is coming to town…


♫ ♪ You better watch out, you better not pout!
You better not cry, I’m tellin’ you why!
Santa Paws is comin’ to town ♪ ♫

Hey Pet Society Fans! The Holidays are just around the corner, which means Petmas in Pet Society is starting to wrap up. (Har har!) It’s been a festive past 3 weeks. We’ve had a blanket of snow cover our town, the opportunity to play with toys galore and even a festive toilet for the Holidays! What possibly could the amazing Pet Society team come up with next?! Well, let’s just say they’ve done it again! Santa Paws is comin’ to town! It will be a Merry Petmas indeed.

If you want Santa Paws to fill your stockings this year, you’d better pay our good friend “?” a visit in the Mystery Shop. He’s got loads of other festive goodies hidden amongst the piles of boxes. Remember, all of the Holiday items from the past three weeks as well as this week are considered “Holiday Special” and will be leaving us soon! Make sure you find yours while you can. Good luck!

Any items marked (Holiday Special) will be available until December 26th, however advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

Petmas Card (Red Mystery Box) Pink Petmas 2010 Stocking (Blue Mystery Box)
Hanging Golden Star Decor (Gold Mystery Box) Green Petmas 2010 Stocking (Gold Mystery Box)

Someone has been burying Santa Paws hats in the Town Forest, and they won’t be around for long! You have one week to pick up your own Crooked Santa Hat, so get digging! When you’re finished, you can ask your friends for help building the amazing Gift Wrapping Machine , which can definitely come in handy if your Christmas list is as long as Bella’s!

Cute Sailor Boy Top (Free Gift) Crooked Santa Hat (Weekly Digging Update)
Gift Wrapping Machine
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Holiday Special) (Collaborative)

We can’t possibly imagine this cute little guy wreaking havoc on our town, but he does look vaguely familiar. Whoooo can guess the resemblance? 😉 Some of you may have caught the sneak peek on the Pet Society fan page, well… the secret is out! The fourth and final item in the Snowy Collection is the Snowy Palace Real Time Wallpaper! I hope you’ve been collecting over the last 3 weeks! This fourth piece to the puzzle will unlock a stunning snowy effect in the room that you place all four items in. Remember, these items are only available for a limited time only. The Grinch Bear Plushie will be available on Tuesday for 24 hours only, and the Snowy Wallpaper is available on Wednesday and Thursday for 48 hours total. Don’t miss out!

Grinch Bear Plushie (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Limited Edition Tuesday) Snowy Palace Real Time Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Limited Edition Wednesday/Thursday)

Still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite neighbor? Fear not! We’ve got you covered. You can’t go wrong with one of the Petmas 2010 Mystery Box Items, plain and simple. You choose which item you want to send to your friend (or yourself) and it will be sent to them fully wrapped. (Hey! No peeking before Petmas! Santa’s rules!) The special gift will open itself on December 25th 2010. Which one will you choose?

Petmas 2010 Mystery Gift (Market – Party & Gifts) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Holiday Cuckoo Clock (Buyable as part of Petmas 2010 Mystery Gift) Festive Carousel (Buyable as part of Petmas 2010 Mystery Gift) Ornate Clockwork Egg (Buyable as part of Petmas 2010 Mystery Gift)

If you’ve ever wanted to kidnap one of Santa’s reindeer to keep for yourself (Wait, what? You mean that’s not everyone’s childhood dream?!) Well anyway, you can now own your very own Reindeer Petling, available at the Boutique on Monday! If Petlings aren’t really your style, and growing facial hair is (Bobo, I know you’ll like this one!) you can grow your very own Santa Paws beard just in time for the holidays! The beard grows in stages, so don’t get too down on yourself if you can’t grow a mustache to save your life at first, give it some time! Check out the rest of the items coming to the Boutique on Monday!

Petling Reindeer (Outdoor – Petlings) (Boutique – Amazing) Pelfy the Helpful Elf (Market – Toys & Collectibles) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Holiday Special)
Growing Santa Beard (Clothes – Accessory) (Boutique – Amazing) (Holiday Special) Snowy Bonsai Pot
Flying Sleigh (Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Amazing) (Holiday Special)

The days before Petmas are chaotic and busy for Santa Paws. I’m sure he receives a ton of fan mail (okay, beggar notes..) and checks the naughty and nice list a few times over to make sure Sirius isn’t pulling Kooki’s hair on Petmas Eve or something! He’s very thorough you know. 😉 Hmmm, I wonder if Mrs. Paws does the gardening? Their garden is full with beautiful Homegrown Holiday Poinsettias which you can grow in your own garden come Monday! Make sure you check out the rest of the items from the Furniture Shop, Outdoor Shop and Market! There’s something for everyone.

Santa Paws Bed with Letters (Furniture – Bedroom) (Holiday Special) Santa Paws Chair with Letters (Furniture – Living) (Holiday Special)
Santa Paws Table with Letters (Furniture – Living) (Holiday Special)
Santa Paws Lamp Post (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Santa Paws Mailbox (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) Petmas 2010 Snowflake Stocking (Market – Party & Gifts) (Holiday Special)
Holiday Poinsettia Seed (Outdoor – Gardening) (Holiday Special) Homegrown Holiday Poinsettia (Outcome of Holiday Poinsettia) (Holiday Special)

The DIY store is fully stocked with everything you need to live like Santa Paws himself. I heard that the door was specially engraved by the Petmas elves themselves! Incredible craftsmanship! Deck your windows with curtains that will fit on both sides of the window! (Yeah, we listened!) Festive fun for everyone!

Green Petmas Curtain (DIY – Windows & Doors) Red Petmas Curtain (DIY – Windows & Doors) (Holiday Special)
Santa Paws Door (DIY – Windows & Doors) (Holiday Special) Santa Paws Home Wallpaper (DIY – Walls & Floors) (Holiday Special) Santa Paws Home Floor (DIY – Walls & Floors) (Holiday Special)
Snowy Window (DIY – Windows & Doors) Snowy Palace Floor (DIY – Walls & Floors) (Holiday Special)

We all envy our pets since they can scarf down as many Petmas Cake and Yule Logs as they want and they don’t have to worry about their figure at all! (Maybe it’s from all the running they do when trying to escape Hideeni? It all makes sense!) Either way, scarf away Pets! These Holiday treats look as delicious as ever. Omnomnom!

Petmas Cake (Food – Grocery) (Holiday Special) Petmas Yule Log (Food – Grocery) (Holiday Special)

Lily has truly outdone herself this week. She’s spoiled us rotten just in time for Petmas! Which festive outfit will you choose? The adorable Santa outfit, or the stylish Elf costume? No matter which you choose, boys and girls everywhere will be looking dashing for the Holidays! Please make sure you show off or discuss your outfit in the new sub-forum located right here at the official forum. Don’t be shy! Strut your stuff!

Cute Elf Boy Top (Clothes – Boys) (Holiday Special) Cute Elf Boy Pants (Clothes – Boys) (Holiday Special) Cute Elf Boy Shoes (Clothes – Boys) (Holiday Special)
Cute Elf Girl Dress (Clothes – Girl) (Holiday Special) Cute Elf Girl Shoes (Clothes – Girl) (Holiday Special)
Cute Santa Boy Pants (Clothes – Boys) (Holiday Special) Cute Santa Boy Top (Clothes – Boys) (Holiday Special)
Cute Santa Girl Dress (Clothes – Girls) (Holiday Special) Cute Santa Girl Shoes (Clothes – Girls) (Holiday Special)
Cute Santa Hat (Clothes – Accessories) (Holiday Special) Cute Elf Hat (Clothes – Accessories) (Holiday Special)

Make sure you check out the new Christmas Card feature that allows you to design your very own Christmas Card for family and friends! You can explore this feature by click on the envelope icon beside the Notice Board on your Pet Society Screen. Have fun!!

Just a friendly reminder, that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

29 Responses to “Santa Paws is coming to town…”

  1. Aimee Says:

    WoW! I love it!!!

  2. Ricky Says:

    Too many pfc items

  3. Veronica Says:

    I like them but dont like the 4th LE CCs item 😦

  4. Anouk Says:

    Aww, these are really cute. 😀 Thank you PlayFish!

  5. Zaida Says:

    too many cash iteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!!!!
    i havent cashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee pfc itemsssssssssssssssssss

  6. sean Says:

    God damn it Playfish enough with the cash items already!!!

  7. flamboyant Says:

    why pfc is always is the beautifull stuff It’s not faire 😦

  8. Sonya Says:

    Sirius would just like to assure her good friend Kooki, and also Santa Paws, that she would never ever pull Kooki’s hair on Christmas eve, or any other time for that matter! 😉

  9. daffnie Says:

    So many cash items, it’s really unfair that all those beautiful and pretty items are all pfc….please cut down the amount of pfc items…. ):

  10. Krystel Says:

    A few more PFC than we should have at this time of year, really. It actually feels like a small release (coin-wise). I’m going to reiterate that I’m cutting back on PFC purchases until Playfish lets us play the game on their server and not ONLY through FB. If we spend real money, we shouldn’t be tied to FB as our only way of playing!

  11. Pebsmum Says:

    Wow almost all PFC, that’s a shame.

  12. Poisonapple Says:

    The Petmas items have WAY too many PFC items. What a rip off. I really wanted the carousel, but I can’t get it because it’s PFC. What a disappointment.

  13. rebecca Says:

    Is this stuff an endorsement of the character Santa Paws in “The Search for Santa Paws”, the movie? Awfully good timing, though I’m sure the reference will be lost on most people, especially those without kids.

  14. Says:

    urm..i think i have a problem here o.o i already leveled up but my ranking between my friends doesn’t change o.o

  15. Person Says:

    I’d like to see more of the deer petlings… they do not look very cute from what is shown so far. Very Disappointed.
    Maybe introduce fawns with small antlers? That’d be cuter then the creepy clown looking reindeer.

  16. 2ne1 Says:

    why hasn’t the weekly digging item changed from the artic dog to the crooked santa hat?! it’s sunday! i usually get all the mystery items and the weekly digging item on friday for the next week. but i cant get the weekly digging item for next week if it doesnt change 😥

  17. Toni Says:

    Can’t wait until time to get the new stuff! You really did good on the clothes. But I want the Mayor’s outfit! It is soooooo cute and that monocle is very good also! Merry Christmas!

  18. amnart Says:

    bad christmass items, while is everything good in boutique ???

  19. AimEe Says:

    i have nO pfc !!’s really unfair that all those beautiful and pretty items are all pfc.. ..what a bad xmas for my pet.. >,<

  20. Mila Says:


  21. wenona bea Says:

    cool stuffs who designed it???♥♥:D

  22. Dee James Says:

    Why are all the clothes “Cute”? Why can’t they just be clothes?

  23. funny~ Says:

    I can’t believe the tables and chairs were cheap dirt!!!!!XD

  24. funny~ Says:

    oops, dirt cheap!!!XD XD XD

  25. jlr Says:

    sorry to say, but i am very disappointed with the outcome of buying all of the limited edition pieces. the secret “snowy surprise” was nothing but snow, cool, yes, but worth the ploy of making you guess and buying all of the pieces like pf wanted?? no. not at all. i think that i spent a whole bunch of money on a lot of expensive items (some of which i didnt even like) to unlock something that was supposed to be really cool, and it ended up doing the same thing as the snow machine, which was less than even ONE of the limited edition items. i was hoping for a winter/snowy garden, another room for the two snowy trees. maybe that’s why i am very annoyed. but it would have been a little bit more worth it and understandable for such high prices on four expensive and limited edition items.

  26. ali jesus Says:

    that was very thin and encreible

  27. Adriana Says:

    El PetSociety está cada dia mejor, y con la llegada de la Navidad mucho mas aun ¡¡es lo mas groso!!

  28. alex ponce Says:


  29. aguijose lrrxz Says:

    esta padre

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