The Great Petmas Giveaway!


Hey there Pet Fans!

Santa Paws is coming early to Pet Society this year, and he’s bringing gifts for all! Make sure you sign on to Pet Society everyday from December 23rd 2010 until January 2nd 2011 to claim a FREE cash item from Santa Paws himself.

It doesn’t stop there, we’re giving away an extra room completely FREE to all players that log in on December 26th 2010. No catches! (Seriously, Hideeni won’t be waiting under a mistletoe inside. We aren’t that generous. 😉 )

Stop by the official forum to discuss with fellow players the items you’ve received! We hope you will enjoy the Great Petmas Giveaway 2010!

Happy Holidays,
The Pet Society Team.

571 Responses to “The Great Petmas Giveaway!”

  1. agostina Says:

    como se consiguen los play fish

  2. abril Says:

    ammmmmm…deveria estar en español seria mejor revajar varios precios y tener cosas nuevas pero artas y no tan caras…

  3. Akiel Says:

    quiero mi cajita…buu

  4. alex perez Says:


  5. 2 Says:


  6. aja Says:


  7. akbarmiko Says:

    i like pet sosiciety

  8. Guadalupe Says:

    Feliz 2011… gracias por los regalos.-

  9. Alejandra Says:

    :- )

  10. PUPE Says:


  11. Akiel Says:

    feliz año 2011

  12. petra škrlec Says:


  13. analiz Says:


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