Get Pet Society message notifications in Facebook!


Sharing messages with friends in Pet Society is now even easier!

From Thursday 25 November, you can keep up to date with your Pet Society inbox, right from your Facebook home page! You’ll see a notification in your Bookmarks every time you get a new message from a friend.

See whether you have any messages waiting for you in the counter above the game window. Just click on it to see your Pet Society Inbox!

You can also check your Pet Society Inbox when you see the free gifting window! Just click the tabs at the top to switch between “Free Gifts” and “Messages”.

Have you received any messages today? Play Pet Society and find out!

6 Responses to “Get Pet Society message notifications in Facebook!”

  1. Fede Says:

    Oh!This is fantastic.I like this.Is more easy than before to see messages!
    Thank you

  2. jamil Says:

    tnx 4 d upgrading petsociety!!!
    and i very like this blog ever bec. i can see petsociety notifications in my facebook!!!
    tnx and can u give some playfish?
    for christmas?????
    2 have more petsociety lovers !!!
    and they are become more happy!!!

  3. iamsupermarco Says:

    just a problem of mine..

    after the *LiKiNG FEATURE THiNG* in pet society

    i cant play/load pet society.. my browser alway crashed when im loading the game..

    so sometimes when i play with in the net shop.. i have to resell my items so pages will be lessen..

    hope yah can give me some advice about it..


  4. Camilla Says:

    I too have problems, when I help friends with collaborative and I haven’t got the lottery it always crashes!Like it has problems calculating the sum.

    Also I click a lot of collaborative/finding petlings/gift coins from my friends and everytime the entire game loads (big stress for my notebook) wouldn’t be easier to not enter in the game but having a “thank you” page like we have in country story?

  5. pets Says:

    when will the new $999 come out?????????????????????i wan to get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. javiera Says:

    Why’d you have to get the gazebo out?! =___= depressing man,atleast leaving it like the halloween collection would’ve been fine..>.>

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