Take the Stadium Turkey Challenge this Thanksgiving!


So, you thought you knew the Stadium. The adrenaline rush, the photo finish, the bright lights, the tragedy of the banana skin. Pet versus pet. Well, my (feathered) friends, it’s time to think again.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we invite you to enter the Stadium and pit your athletic might against the leanest, meanest, tastiest raciest Thanksgiving turkeys this side of Pet Society!

That’s right – from tomorrow, the Stadium’s being overrun with some seriously competitive poultry. Each time you race, your usual fellow pet competitors will be replaced by high-speed turkey athletes who will go all out to beat you by a feather’s breadth. Can you take on the might of the racing turkeys? Do you have what it takes to become Best among Birds?

To experience the thrill of a turkey race, head along to the Pet Society Stadium from Thursday 18 November to see the turkeys in action and take part in a pet vs. turkey racing showdown!

Hurry though, they won’t be around for long!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get warmed up and start racing!

38 Responses to “Take the Stadium Turkey Challenge this Thanksgiving!”

  1. merchas Says:

    Finally an update on the Stadium! 😀

  2. ksuc Says:

    wish a bigger money I win if I’m at 1st

  3. annniee Says:


  4. SK7 Says:

    HAHAHA…cool…hope we get more money!

  5. Zeus David Says:

    Hope this would be FUN!

  6. creep Says:

    duuuudes. be sensitive. promote love between all animals. don’t encourage eating turkey.

    4real, you are making us chase with them. that makes us and the turkeys bros. we can’t deal with the “tasty” stress.

  7. IrisHanniw Says:

    Ok… The stadium changes like every 10000 years

  8. Gypsy's Momma Says:

    That is too cute 😀

  9. plusleg1rl Says:

    Im hungry!

  10. Deagol Says:

    Do we get to eat them after catching them?

  11. funny~ Says:

    WOW!!!i’m looking forward for thanksgiving~:D

  12. jamil Says:

    tnx 4 upgrading d stadium!!
    i wish the winning price is pfc!!
    # 1 petsociety

  13. Prince_of_Ice Says:

    Errrr…. LOOOOOL!!!!!

    Now that’s a very great thing they made!!! LOL!!! wkwkwkwk!!!

    I can’t wait!!!

  14. Stansome Says:

    How about the new update of sticker album?

  15. shella Says:

    but how????

  16. alien Says:

    Seem interesting! But my pet has not raced for ages… wonder if it can beat the turkey!!!!

  17. ps fanatic Says:

    niiiiiiice!!!!!! XD

  18. Zevania Veda Says:

    I hope I win against turkey

    ‘Pet society’ best game on Facebook
    Number 1

  19. sabrina-san Says:

    I hope my pet can beat the turkey !!

  20. ozzy Says:

    where i can find him in the pro race?/?

  21. WE WANT DOUBLE PFC!!! Says:

    Omg The prize I want it to Be A Turkey!!! pet!

  22. Miki Says:

    This week is not thanksgiving week? :(((( Its thanksgiving week coming or not?

  23. Allison Says:

    Turkeys way too fast. Only won 1 race out of 5. =P

  24. cindi Says:

    I’m glad that you have done something different with the stadium… but seriously, where are the Thanksgiving items??? Any, anything at all??? Very disappointed.

  25. vanessa Says:

    any price??? ):
    a turkey plushie maybe..

  26. Windswept Says:

    Wish I could keep a turkey, they’re adorable!!

  27. Pijan Says:

    i beat the turkey!

  28. Reiia Says:

    It had been so long time i don’t play petsociety.. Will my pet angry to me?? I wonder… -.-

  29. Gayl3r0cks Says:

    I tried it… and i lost man those are tough turkeys to beat :/

  30. Momoko Says:

    im so hungry and i wish i was the frist so im the winner now and i beat the turkeys Horay!!! 😀

  31. Kamile Says:

    Haw haw! I beaten 10 times these turkeys. But i lost on pro race with them :/ ( 2nd place )

  32. jessica Says:

    I WANT A HELLO KITTY WEEK, PLEASE plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  33. WE WANT DOUBLE PFC!!! Says:

    I want a Vocaloid week!!! With Miku Clothings!!!

  34. 3bdullh barjs Says:


  35. gigi Says:

    those turkeys look like they’re passing gas

  36. Camilla Says:

    Why didn’t thanksgivin items came out?

  37. niebell Says:

    i want THE BEATLES theme..

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