Get stoked up for Steampunk Week!


What would the future be like if everything was steam-powered?

Retrofuturism is the name of the game this week (well actually the name’s still Pet Society, but you get the idea). We’re taking a flight of imagination into a world where everything’s wind, water or steam-powered. If it’s fantastical and mechanical, we’re serving it up during Steampunk Week!

Vintage Books
(Blue Mystery Box)
Vintage Leather Hat
(Gold Mystery Box)
Floating Island Decor
(Gold Mystery Box)

The Cute Sailor Hat is FREE to gift this week! We’ll be adding a new free to gift item each week to make up the full Cute Sailor outfit, so check back regularly!

Cute Sailor Girl Hat
(Free Gifts)

Every pilot needs their own vintage goggles. (Especially if you don’t want to get flies in your eyes!) Stop by the Town Forest and pick up a pair of your own before they’re gone! They’ll be here for one week only!

Vintage Goggles Headband
(Weekly Digging Update)
Mechanical Bird
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Limited Tuesday)
Mechanical Wings
(Clothes – Accessories) (Boutique – Beautiful) (Limited Wednesday)

You can expect to see weird and wonderful inventions, flying contraptions and some out-of-this-world outfits as inspired by the Steampunk movement in science fiction and fantasy. Think time-machines, magical airships and amazing, intricate clockwork machinery

For example, Brass Bob the robot will perform a mechanical dance, you’ll be able to take sepia-toned old fashioned-style photos with the Mechanical Camera, and hook yourself a Mechanical Fish from the pond. (Naturally it’s rust-proof.)

Mechanical Fish

If decoration’s your thing, you’re in for an amazing surprise with floor and wallpaper designs that change to reflect the time of day, and some beautiful brass furniture to take pride of place in your home (or your steam-powered spaceship, depending on how much you get into the theme!)

Airship Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Airship Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Airship Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Airship Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Airship Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Brass Computer Unit
(Furniture – Living) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Mechanical Camera
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Amazing)
Brass Robot Market Toys & Collectibles) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Red Flying Airplane
(Market – Cool Stuff) (Boutique – Beautiful)
Vintage Brass Staircase – Left
(Furniture – Living) (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (OWO)
Vintage Brass Staircase – Right
(Furniture – Living) (DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Vintage Brass Bed
(Furniture – Bedroom)
Vintage Brass Chair
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Vintage Brass Table
(Furniture – Living) (OWO)
Airship Cabin Inside Door
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Airship Cabin Curtain
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings)
Airship Cabin Window
(DIY – Windows & Doors)
Airship Cabin Wallpaper
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Vintage Brass Ceiling Light
(DIY – Fixtures & Fittings) (Mystery – Glow in the dark)
Airship Cabin Floor
(DIY – Walls & Floors)
Airship Cabin Outside Door
(Outside – Furniture)
Brass Telescope
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Brass Astrolabe
(Market – Cool Stuff) (OWO)
Flying Bird with Goggles
(Market – Cool Stuff)
Brass Motorcycle
(Market – Cool Stuff)

Expect to dress the part, with leather and brass outfits plus some amazing Victorian-style accessories (monocle, anyone?). There’s even a potion that will transform your pet temporarily into a retro-cyborg!

Vintage Leather Dress
(Clothes – Girls) (Outcome of Vintage Leather Girl Outfit)
Vintage Leather Shoes
(Clothes – Girls) (Outcome of Vintage Leather Girl Outfit)
Vintage Leather Gloves
(Clothes – Girls) (Outcome of Vintage Leather Girl Outfit)
Vintage Leather Top
(Clothes – Boys) (Part of Vintage Leather Boys Outfit)
Vintage Leather Boots
(Clothes – Boys) (Part of Vintage Leather Boys Outfit)
Vintage Monocle
(Clothes – Accessories)

Stop by the Food Shop AND the Cafe (Yes, Cafe! Yippie!) for the latest yummy treats!

Vintage Drink Bottle
(Food – Grocery)
Mechanical Potion
(Food – Magic)
Vintage Drinking Glass
(Food – Grocery)
Raspberry Cupcake (Cafe) Chocolate Caramel Torte (Cafe) Chocolate and Creme Cupcake (Cafe)
Iced Mocha (Cafe) Iced Latte (Cafe)

Don’t forget to pick up Hideeni’s Old Arabian Mirror from the Market to show off your gem collection!

(Preview of Hideeni’s Old Arabian Mirror Completed) Hideeni’s Old Arabian Mirror
(Market – Toys & Collectibles)

Sound exciting? Put on your goggles and get ready to take a ride into the unknown…

Please note that advance information about game items is accurate at the time of writing, but may change when the game goes live.

172 Responses to “Get stoked up for Steampunk Week!”

  1. lalala-kkk Says:

    nice week.

  2. zizo007 Says:

    cool,i cant wait for this

  3. iamsupermarco Says:

    so is this the items for next week.? 😦

  4. BOOHOO Says:

    AM I FIRST???

  5. Gianne Says:

    whats this?

    only a few photos?


    no more spoilers :((((

  6. Misha Says:

    uuh… o,o
    only this?

    wait wait, so PF keeps secret about the new item until monday now ??

  7. Owee Says:

    Huh… just this :S

  8. Colette Says:

    Wow, amazing

  9. agnes Says:


  10. tigerlily Says:

    so does this mean we no longer get spoilers except for sneak peeks?

  11. Minch Says:

    I know one of their secrets! You can get a cc item when you log in 5 times in a row 🙂 Yay playfish! And you get the money and the item!! And even if you only get 200 coins you still get a cc item! I got a petling cookie!!!

  12. Stefani Says:

    No!! I liked being able to see every item that would be available to us the next week! Why on earth have you changed it? This is so much less exciting than being able to see all the items we have to wait a few more days to be able to purchase. I love the theme, but the way you’ve displayed the teaser this week is extremely disappointing.

  13. drOGI Says:


  14. Michael Says:

    Indonesian week?

  15. Sookie Stackhouse Says:

    WTH is This PF? Did you stop at McDonald to get a bite? Continue your writing stop Munching…

    Half a Blog? Pffftt ,,,, Not Happy Jan!

  16. Zaida Says:

    Its all???
    I want more spoilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Veronica Says:

    Ohhhhhh, so now, just PF cash items can be seen there?:))

    • Clover Says:

      Looks that way. Makes sense, get people excited about the things that will make EA Games oh sorry *ahem* “Playfish” .. money!

  18. Paula Says:

    Only this? Oo

  19. Canan Says:

    If this is all it’s definately not the best week..!

  20. funny~ Says:

    …..just 3……T^T….no weekly digging stuff?

  21. yodha Says:

    only week???????????

  22. sidi Says:

    most people come here to know in advance what they can expect from the upcoming week, those who want a surprise won’t read that blog, so please bring the usual information and don’t think that this teaser-thingy will please the players!!

  23. Luśka^^ Says:

    Only few pics? why?

  24. yodha Says:

    oh nooooooooo……
    just 3?????????
    no Limited Edtion?????????

  25. Berta Says:

    i totally agree, i want to see all the new stuff

  26. Paul Says:

    Like next week items!!!!

  27. C Says:

    What about the rest of the items? I like looking at the new items before it goes out to decide which to buy.

  28. Glamour_88 Says:

    PPL, I think that new items will be shown later… You see, this is posted in UNCATEGORIZED… New items are usually in NEWS section… 🙂
    I hope I’m right ♥ I like to know about next week CC items, so I can earn enough currencies in the forum to buy them ♥

  29. PauL Says:

    It dowsnt say iif they are pf casg items or coins items

  30. Daffnie Says:

    Just like that? What about the rest of the items?

  31. Noa Says:

    Looks beautiful. But like all the others said, we come here to look at all the new items. That’s the whole point.

  32. Aagnes Says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! As a huge fan of Miyasaki – this theme is totally for me!!! 😀 I love all the machinery in Laputa, Nausicaä and of course – Howl the moving castle!!!
    Saving up all of my money already ❤ This theme will be great!!! 😀

  33. PauL Says:

    It doesnt show the free gift and the weekly item,

  34. Natalia Says:

    Wait, what?
    Are you freaking kidding me?
    I usually come here excited, expecting to see the new things.
    And this… Is not funny!

  35. Michin! Says:

    I love the items next week!.
    But they are the only ones who will get the sale?, there will be no clothes?
    Of course I wondered if the posion, the robot and the camera of photos will be with normal coins …

  36. ge Says:

    is just this things ?

  37. Abrajam Says:

    yeah the theme is the best since halloween, the last two were not so good but what the … with ALL the items

  38. elwing Says:

    I come here to see the new items too, but before I first stepped this blog I only saw the new items in-game and it was more enjoyable: checking out every single store, with surprise on every one, instead of just a big surprise on this blog. I wouldn’t spoil myself if I could be more patient, but I can’t : P

  39. Cassie Says:

    im totaly not stoked for this, COME ONE! get GOOD IDEAS!!!!!!

  40. Ava Says:

    Hooray for the best theme ever!
    Boo for a lack of information.

    Please consider that we look forward to Thursdays almost as much as Sunday/Mondays! The sneak peak you used to give us was almost as exciting as seeing the items in store shelves. And why not at least tell us what the new mystery box items are so we know what to look for? Or whether the fish in the pond you mentioned has been released yet?

  41. TTTrow Says:

    Oh come on PS! This game is for fun and ppl love it, dont go all corporate on us, not showing us the upcoming items is not gonna make us buy more in fact i imagine it will have the opposite effect. U heard the players we come here to get excited and prepared for the upcoming week!

  42. Mii Says:

    Yay: Steampunk week!
    Nay: Keeping us in the dark about the new items. Totally kills the excitement.

  43. David Says:

    Er, okay, is that all you’re willing to show? I found discovering items in advance built the excitment and anticipation. I like the items but I’m bored, not excited or anticipating. No more guilty pleasure peaking at the new items? Yes, I’m bored with Pet society.

  44. marina Says:

    quite dissapointing…i came for updates and only show this?…where is the rest?….

  45. yhana Says:

    that’s it??? it’s really disappointing..PS getting more boring and boring..

  46. gigi Says:

    they’ll probably add more — on facebook there’s a whole bunch of stuff, clothes, etc… I love this theme! futuristic industrial age rules!

  47. Fede Says:

    Bahhhh! only this

  48. doompicnic Says:

    Yay! Awesome theme 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

  49. Fabian Says:

    Is nice

  50. Krim Says:

    Yay! I love steampunk 😀 Excited for the new stuff.

  51. GreenArt Says:

    I am beyond excited for steampunk week!!! 😀
    One of the best themes so far.
    I really wish you would show us everything available. I need to know how many pets to wash so I can save up enough coins, lol.

  52. ikbah Says:

    Is this all it? LOL

  53. I.N. Says:

    Umm… this is it? I srsly come here every week to see all the new items. Now I don’t think I’ll follow this blog anymore…

  54. NotFromMars Says:

    Oooh, this looks awesome! 😛

  55. Maddy Says:

    I love Steampunk, but I WANT TO SEE THE ITEMS!! :[

  56. Faith-WithPoppy. Says:

    Well I think they should put all of the items, it helps us build the money up for certain ones.

  57. PauL Says:

    It has more items but it doesnt show them all!/Unofficial.Mayor

  58. NeeCh Says:

    Is this EVERYTHING??????

  59. Fender Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a steampunk week for forever!

  60. veronica Says:

    really cool!!! i think they are not the only items we’ll see the next week (yn)

  61. Nadia Says:

    ugh what’s the point of this website if you guys won’t even show upcoming items??

  62. cutopia Says:

    Oh wow! This is going to be my favorite week ever! I absolutely adore steampunk!

  63. lulu Says:

    what’s up with all the secrecy… really lame…
    please update…

  64. Huney Says:

    NOOO!!!!! I wanted to see all the items!!! 😦 This is not fun X(

  65. Missi Says:

    Eww. Steampunk is boring 😦 I also agree with the majority about showing all the new items. If it weren’t for you showing what we could get in mystery boxes, I wouldn’t even waste my coins. However, when I DO see something I want, I pay all the coins I can get until I luck out & get the item. Please show all new items.

  66. Toni Says:

    Can’t wait until these items come out! looks like lots of fun!

  67. Hayley Says:

    Sort of reminds me of Treasure Planet…

  68. Bianca Says:

    Wow, love steampunk! But I’d like to actually see more spoilers :((

  69. pris Says:

    that’s it? :C i love to see every item, this is so not exciting! hope this isn’t the new method :[ im sad

  70. juli Says:


  71. georgitoo Says:

    hmm only this!! wata!

  72. Star Says:

    I already caught the mechanical fish with the fruit from the spirit tree!

  73. Fiona Says:

    So far I have got a Vintage Leather Hat (Steampunk style top hat, brown with doo dads) from GMB and a Vintage Books from the BMB.

  74. JT Says:

    Like everyone else I come here to plan my shopping/savings for the next week. Bad move keeping it secret. If they keep their secrets I’ll keep my cash seeing as I’ll have no time to plan/save.

  75. V Says:

    I really hate not seeing every item and which are PFC. If you don’t change this back to the old way of showing all Items with stores and PFC/Coins, I’m not visiting this blog anymore. That’s the only reason I come here, obviously, and I’m clearly not the only one pissed off by this sudden unnecessary change.

  76. Pebsmum Says:

    ACK! Where’s the rest of the items?! Don’t tease us!

  77. lalala Says:

    this isnt all the items lol 🙂

  78. july Says:

    YOU’RE MEAN!! 😦

  79. Jojo Says:

    I must admit, it’s slightly disappointing not to see what’s coming in the stores! To know what’s coming makes people want to start collecting coins for Monday, by hugging and washing etc. Now, I don’t get that same reaction, and instead will just wait until Monday ~ coins or no coins!

  80. Giraki Says:

    This is an awful new way of doing the blog.

  81. Johnjohn Says:

    Sepia tone camera is already for sale…when you take a photo the option comes up. I bought on already. ^__^

  82. senam Says:

    cliffhangers.. lol.
    but i really like the theme next week.

  83. Hotaru Says:

    We need to at least see the mystery box items and weekly digging items – I won’t even try for them unless I can see whether it’s worth it! I guess a lot of people are going to go back to relying on the unofficial sources, so this was a pretty silly move.

  84. Debbie Says:

    What is going on here?? That’s all you’re going to show us?? I look forward to seeing the new items for the next week!!! Why are you doing things this way??

  85. WTC! Says:

    Wher are the rest of the items! This is cheep!

  86. Lindz Says:

    What the heck? Please show us the entire list of new items.

  87. Lis Says:

    plz bring back the complete list of items 😦

  88. Poisonapple Says:

    Not showing all of the upcoming items is going to be a detriment to Pet Society. If the players don’t know what all the new items are, then we will potentially miss out on buying some special items.

  89. Bryan Says:

    So little item:(

  90. BreeBreeTM Says:

    wtf? this is annoying that all the other items arent showed here.
    this blog is on my favorites for the fact of seeing all the times before they come out.
    not to mention, let me know if i need to save my money for OWO items, or if i can spend all i want. im very disappointed.

  91. Mikari Says:

    Uhh I seems to receive errors lately u_u is PF changing something? and what’s this new update.. DD: I want mowwr..!


  92. Wasabi Says:

    i don’t think i’ll love next week….

  93. Paul Says:

    THIS IS NOT ONLY THIS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. nattie Says:

    Seeing the pictures usually makes me excited to buy stuff. The lack of pictures leaves me disappointed. Are all future posts going to end up this way?

  95. Ibrena Says:

    i like is week …

  96. Kim Says:

    A whole list of the new items available in the next week is usually posted on Friday afternoon, it is Friday morning here. Be patient, pets. I’m sure more is coming! =)

  97. WE WANT DOUBLE PFC!!! Says:

    Come on!! Relax!! You will see the items that are not shown here!

  98. deather Says:

    you want to get any information….. ? maybe pet society friends “facebook” can help- you

  99. vidya fishera Says:

    i want ittt.

  100. Sophiamonica99 Says:

    oooohhhhh…..playfish has secrets about this week’s theme!!…interesting….

  101. vidya fishera Says:

    @paul. i know

  102. queenhoneeybee Says:

    superrr cool! different but unique!

  103. BitterSweet Says:

    this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O-O

  104. sushicore Says:

    BEST. WEEK. EVER!!!! still hating the amount of pfc-items though.

  105. JT Says:

    Yay, they updated it! A few really cool items, but I’m still waiting for the wig dye stations in the colors I like (white mostly, & red). Hopefully they’ll come out with those soon.

  106. LadyLuck Says:

    You guys are making too much cash shop items lately…

  107. merchas Says:

    Thanks Pully for updating it with all the images and taking on our feedback! 🙂

  108. IlyKitten Says:

    I am so in love with the new wheel, im gonna visit everyday until i get all the stuff 😀

  109. javiera Says:

    I know there’s a lot of wigs to match the outfits,but a cool one that stands out with this style would’ve been nice.

  110. javiera Says:

    …and the search bar on the chest don’t work.

  111. abcdefg123456 Says:

    Thanks so much for the complete list!

  112. Mariana Says:


  113. Gab Says:

    Thanks for the rest of the photos 😀 We still love you pullyourtangles 🙂
    This blog is #1!

  114. gigi Says:

    I can’t wait until next week!! hm… you guys are a hair away from clockorange-ish stuff [dare I dream!!!!] 😀 come on you guys, a cute little pair of white pants & suspendered shirts with black bowlers & a lovely cane? lol yeah I know, not the right message…. ::sigh::

  115. gigi Says:

    oops, got excited & didn’t know WHAT I was typing! meant: *clockwork orange-ish stuff

  116. Krystel Says:

    Thank you for fixing the blog and giving us our accurate preview back!

  117. christianpauldelrosario Says:

    still, the nicest items are sold pfc…T_T

  118. ian Says:

    will the mechanical wing be a PFC item??? (HOPE IT’S NOT!! :((( ) but all in all its COOL!!!! ;D

  119. Gio Says:

    How to catch a Mechanical Fish?

  120. Sherly Says:

    whoa, the items are AWESOME. Can’t wait for the next theme!!

  121. Jay Says:

    This is quite possibly the best theme ever…at least for me, ‘cuz I’m a steampunk junkie like that xD

    Also, managed to find the floating island decor already (<3), its so incredibly….tiny! D: I guess the only real place you could place it is against the airship deck wallpaper so that it looks like its far away instead of just being tiny xD

  122. Mae Says:

    Steampunk is love!

  123. Veronica Says:

    Wow! just can’t wait for nest weeks items!

  124. marwin pet lover Says:

    if you want to see if its play fish or money only look at the bottom of it if its botique it means playfish!!!!!!
    i wish there were no playfish
    and i love the new roullete playfish items every 5days log in WOW!!!!!!!
    love it

  125. flamboyant Says:

    beautiful I love those color especially is the wing I will get it haha

  126. Says:

    awesome awesome 🙂 i love vintage stuffs!

  127. Miley Says:

    Why not give something light Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?

  128. line Says:

    love this week and lots of cc’s items again 😦

  129. ksuc Says:

    ONG I love the Iced Latte and Iced Mocha!

  130. Clau* Says:

    ohhh . i would like that you make a fashion week .. that would be AMAZING!

  131. petskuam Says:

    How much will the wings cost???? O_o I know its blue coins for it says: Boutique – Beautiful
    But I olny have 12 blue coins :S I don´t think will be enough T-T … sad… can´t buy blue coins by now

  132. audrey Says:

    wow! i love it…. love it… love it…..

  133. Gio Says:

    How to catch the Mechanical Fish

  134. Inkie Says:

    thanks for taking on board what we said and putting all images up! I use it as a referance when shopping (as I can never find everything) so I’m glad you changed your mind 🙂

  135. Near Says:

    ANIME WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  136. Snarf Says:

    Wait, does this mean that there’s no display case for the jewels that Hideeni gave out? Also, I’m in love with the computer kit! :3 Hopefully that also means getting a cyberpunk week. I want Spider Jerusalem’s glasses~

  137. zYn Says:

    i love it so much ^^

  138. ? Says:


  139. aaron! Says:

    oh.. i have a cuestion.. the flower is from playfish cash?
    I hope no ^^

  140. smilezam Says:

    the flying bird its like twitter bird 🙂

  141. alien Says:

    Wonderful theme that we did not have in the past! Well done!!

  142. sabrina-san Says:

    Oh, my!
    The mechanical potion looks cool !!

  143. bhen Says:

    Anybody knows what bait to use for catching the mechanical fish? thank you.

  144. shinny Says:

    Look luxuary!!!!!

  145. Andrew Says:

    Can you gift the wallpaper?

  146. Nick Says:

    Does PS know that steampunk isn’t just brown??
    And the goggles are in the forest? why do I get nothing but dinosaur pieces there?

  147. Rina Cat Says:

    Oh wow! I’m glad they finally made a Steampunk week!

  148. annie Says:

    I like every update of yours, but I think we’d like a harry potter week..
    Since the movie is coming to its end and its kinda sad.. plus, I think the HP week would be the best week of all the weeks.

    I just really hope you do that week because I would LOVE to see HP on pet society and in my pet’s house.

  149. sapi gila Says:

    Awesome!!! But now almost all pet society things was sold in Play Fish Cash 😥

  150. Sapphire Shine Says:

    Cute!But I think that the Flying Blue Bird will be sold for pfc next week,since it will fly around your room.I bought 3 today.I want to buy all of the birds I can!3 by my arabian princess bedroom,3 by the forbiden castle room,3 by the kitchen,3 by the room of sweet dreams,garden 1 and 2 will also have 2 each.Wow,better buy all that i can before time runs out!Like pets who don’t need to be fed.;

  151. Arantxa Says:

    The floating Island looks like Gorillaz video “Feel Good Inc.” you know? I LOVE IT!

  152. Mapache Says:

    So awesome items. You playfish people shoud do another steampunk week.

  153. azri Says:

    why not titanic movie week? 🙂 please… because i love this movie! 😀

  154. Toni Says:

    love the steam punk style this week. But how come we cannot gift the newest wallpaper and floor? thanks,

  155. JD Says:

    Why are the red, yellow and blue mystery boxes so lame now? There’s only a few good things in them now. The yellow boxes used to have a lot more 999 objects in them. Now you show us new high cost yellow items in the blog but come to find out they aren’t worth very much at all.
    Come on, bring back the good stuff.

  156. Allison Says:

    Argh…. help help I’m still missing the orange gem. Tried sooo many times.

    i don’t want to miss out on the monkey suit. =(

  157. ariel Says:

    wow!!! the bird is cool….

  158. airajane Says:

    i like pet society

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